DC Gary Best

Portrayed By Ciaran Griffiths

First Appearance # 020 (25/06/02)

Final Appearance # 328 (20/07/05)

Call Sign 149

On the surface PC Gary Best was a happy go lucky Mancunian lad, not altogether bright, with a wonderful ability to put his foot in it. However, look a little deeper and you would discover there was more to Gary Best than meets the eye. Gary had a strong understanding of the difference between right and wrong installed in him from childhood. As soon as he was big enough he stopped his fathers violent outbursts towards his mother and finally shopped him to the police for this behaviour. It caused a rift in the family that took years to heal.

Gary was also ambitious and after his stint in uniform he joined Sun Hill CID as a trainee detective. Gary used his heart rather than his head to guide him at work so although well qualified for the position not all members of CID welcomed his arrival. However, there were officers in CID that Gary could turn too when in trouble. DC Jo Masters for example, whom encouraged Gary to make a complaint about DC Susie Sim when he believed she was bullying him.

It was a drugs operation that lead to Gary’s departure from Sun Hill. During proceedings he was shot and very nearly paralysed. He was visited in hospital by his mother whom convinced him to transfer to a station closer to the family, she took him home, to Manchester.



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Where Can I See Ciaran Now?

Ciaran’s can be seen in the ITV soap Coronation Street.