Beech Is Back

EPISODE 1 (21/08/2001)
EPISODE 2 (24/08/2001)
EPISODE 3 (28/08/2001)
EPISODE 4 (31/08/2001)
EPISODE 5 (04/09/2001)
EPISODE 6 (07/09/2001)

Corrupt copper, D.S. Don Beech (Billy Murray) was one of the best characters that ‘The Bill’ ever had. He left on an aeroplane to Australia when D.S. Claire Stanton (Clara Salaman) exposed his corruption to the world after he killed her boyfriend, D.S. John Boulton (Russell Boulter)… This brilliant series sees Beech’s return to England, after escaping an assassination attempt by Stanton in Australia, along with new girlfriend Frankie (Miles Paras). They commit a number of crimes, and some people get killed- basically everything that makes a good thriller series.