PC Honey Harmen

Portrayed By: Kim Tiddy

First Appearance #098 (20.3.03)

Final Appearance #478 (25.1.07)

Call Sign 158

PC Honey Harmen was once famously described by her Sergent as a ‘bit of a bungalow, shes not got much upstairs’. But Sergent Boyden could have been more wrong. Honey’s bright and cheerful demeanor may have been mistaken by the uninitiated for a dumb blonde in actual fact she was an instinctive, honest and gave her all to the job…. including her life. Working as a uniformed officer Honey did have the odd stint working undercover, at one point she became a single mother trying to catch a loan shark.

Honey’s was a woman to follow her heart and was besotted by her footballer fiance Fletch whom she spoke of endlessly at work until of course she discovered he was cheating on her.  She dated PC Steve Hunter and had an on/off relationship with Will Fletcher, it was more off than on after PC Emma Keane joined the ranks. When working as a family liaison officer Honey fell for Scott Burnett who murdered his wife (unbeknown to Honey), the pair married but the marriage didn’t last long, the case into Scott’s wife was reopened, Honey confronted him with some evidence and after his arrest Scott killed himself.

Honey’s honesty was to be her ultimate downfall and she finally lost her life trying to persuade her colleague Zain not to turn his back on the police force as he tried to run off into the night with his girlfriend Kristen and a case full of Colombian drugs money. Kristen shot her dead leaving Zain to cover up their crime.



“I know what they say about me at the station. A bit 40 watts: Dim.”

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Where Can I See Kim Now?

It has been reported that Kim has a part in The Krays: New Blood, set for release in 2023, although we do not currently have conformation of this.