DC Suzie Sim

Portrayed by: Wendy Kweh

First Appearance: Episode 246

Final Appearance: Episode 415 

Call Sign

Suzie Sim was never destined to stay as a DC at Sun Hill for long.  She ambitious, confident and wasn’t going to allow any young DCs to get in the way of her career progressing.  Suzie was a hard worker and rather get her head down than socialize with other officers down the pub.  In a previous position Suzie had already worked with her superior officer, DI Neil Manson. They made a great team for they had the same work ethos. Viewers were lead to believe that Suzi’s family disapproved of her career choices, yet she continued to work hard to gain approval.  When the position of Detective Sergeant arose in Sun Hill CID, Suzie applied for the position.  DCI Jack Meadows decided she wasn’t ready and gave the position to DS Stuart Turner instead.  At this Suzie saw no other option but leave Sun Hill to join the kidnap squad.



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Where can I see Now? 

Wendy can be seen during the summer of ’22 in Much Ado About Nothing. Please see theatre listings for further info.