Witness Statements

Great news everybody! Oliver Crocker, the genius behind The Bill Podcasts is releasing a new book called ‘Witness Statements – Making The Bill Series 1-3’.

“A new unofficial guidebook by Oliver Crocker , that will take fans behind the scenes of the first three series of the long-running police procedural series  The Bill , including the pilot episode ‘Woodentop’. Over 40 cast and crew have shared their memories of working on all 35 of the original hour-long episodes, detailing how this groundbreaking series was created. These in-depth interviews also reveal how these innovative creatives, many being interviewed for the very first time, began their careers in television production.”

The book, released on the very auspicious date: 16th October 2020, can be bought through many of the usual book sellers, ie. Amazon and from the Devon Fire website: https://www.devonfirebooks.com/