DI Samantha Nixon

Portrayed By: Lisa Maxwell

First Appearance: #038 (27.8.02)

Final Appearance: To Die For #673 (18.6.09)

Call Sign Sierra Oscar 75

Samantha Nixon, a criminal profiler, with a real cop instinct and laced with ambition, was headed for the top. Her journey may not been as quick as she would have liked, she was sidelined by Superintendent Okaro after a stint of working as DI, but before long she had become the new DI, Neil Manson’s equal.

Sam Nixon was never going to be the most popular member of Sun Hill CID. She worked along side her acquaintances with professionalism however her aim was to get the job done rather than being the most popular in the office. She had a couple of friendships including one with Gina Gold and of course there were the relationships with Phil Hunter and Stuart Turner (who fought like school boys for her attention) but most people in Sun Hill would treat Sam with the respect that she earned.

Although totally professional Sam wasn’t able to keep her home life out of the office. Her way-ward daughter Abi took a liking to Sgt Matthew Boydon much to her mother’s horror. She had to deal with her daughters kidnap, pregnancy and Abi’s discovery that her father was a child murderer.

Sun Hill finally waved goodbye to Sam in 2009 when she joined the Child Exploitation Unit.

An extra scene of Sam Nixon’s episode was filmed but never shown over British television, it was shown on The Bill’s official website however. The scene in an office saw Sam Nixon talking to Phil Hunter on the phone leaving viewers to believe that the pair were in a relationship out of work.


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