PC Reg Hollis

Portrayed by Jeff Stewart

First Appearance: Funny Ol Business – Cops and Robbers 16/10/84

Final Appearance: Heat On The Beat #580 12/3/08

Exit Storyline: Reg resigned after the death of Emma Keane

Call Sign: 171

Reg Hollis, a bit of a station joke or a police officer to be reckoned with? Take your pick; my money is on the latter of the two. To the uninitiated viewer Reg may come across as a little geeky: a keen train spotter, he was given charge of the station garden (has anybody ever seen the station garden?) and the designer of Sun Hill’s website but there is far more to PC Hollis. On one occasion he tackled an armed gunman single handed with only a truncheon to use in defense and on another instance he ended up chained in a warehouse held hostage, he could thank Des Tavner for that. Reg’s contact with a local prostitute got him into trouble.. he ended up on a murder charge until he finally admitted to visiting the prostitute in question for nothing more than a chat. Before the murder inquiry Reg was ready to leave Sun Hill to join the Royal protection unit however feeling he had tarnished his career honourable Reg then withdrew his application.

Reg has been at Sun Hill since the very start, there was a mention of contacting Hollis on the radio in Woodentop, although we didn’t actually meet him until the Funny Ol Business – Cops and Robbers episode. Kept well away from the public for a time Reg worked as Sun Hill’s collator before finally convincing Inspector Frazer to allow him to return to the streets of London. Reg also worked as Fed Rep mainly because nobody else wanted to do the job.

We waved a sad goodbye to Reg after the death of PC Emma Keane, it was one too many deaths of his colleagues Reg had witnessed and Reg had witnessed many, including that of the love of his life Marilyn Chambers.



PC Haynes: “When there’s smoke theres fire, when theres gossip theres Hollis.”

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