History Of The Bill Quiz

This quiz was originally written to celebrate 25 years of The Bill so there are no questions for the final few years, but its worth a try all the same…. good luck!


1. What was the date that the first ever episode Woodentop was transmitted?
A ) 16th August 1983
B ) 16th August 1984
C ) 16th August 1985

2. Before Christopher Ellison appeared as Frank Burnside, what other character of a very similar name did he play?
A ) Inspector Frank Galloway
B ) Sgt Tommy Burnside
C ) Sgt Freddy Burnside

3. Which Detective Sergeant had an affair with Inspector Frazer?
A ) DS Alistair Greg
B ) DS Ted Roach
C ) DS Danny Pearce

4. Which sergeant got into trouble with Chief Inspector Conway and the navy for arresting a group of sailors the day before their ship was to sail?
A ) Sgt Alec Peters
B ) Sgt Bob Cryer
C ) Sgt Tom Penny

5. Which DI complained that he “felt as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit?”
A ) Roy Galloway
B ) Chris Deakin
C ) Frank Burnside

6. What was Tosh Lines first name?
A ) Albert
B ) Alfred
C ) Anton

7. Woodentop was the first episode that aired, what was the name of the first episode that aired under the series title of ‘The Bill’?
A ) Snouts and Red Herrings
B ) Clutching At Straws
C ) Funny Old Business – Cops and Robbers

8. In an episode titled ‘Don’t Like Mondays’ a police officer was shot trying to stop Tosh Lines from entering a bank to rescue his wife and children. In the next episode officers are seen reading a newspaper stating that ‘Shot PC hangs on’. Years later Thebill.com and other official publications reveal that the officer died from his injuries. But what was the name of the officer that this mystery surrounds?
A ) PC Pete Ramsey
B ) PC Ken Melvin
C ) PC Dave Litten

1. DCI Gordon Wray was transferred out of Sun Hill in 1990 after his wife discovered he was having an affair with a WPC, who did he have the affair with?
A ) WPC Claire Brind
B ) WPC Viv Martella
C ) WPC June Ackland

2. DC Mike Dashwood left in June 1992, where did he go?
A ) Royal Protection Unit
B ) Diplomatic Protection Group
C ) Arts and Antiques Squad

3. In March 1993 The Bill got its highest ever rating when 17.5 million viewers watched an episode called The Short Straw. What happened in that episode to make so many people tune in?
A ) Sgt Ted Roach resigns after punching Insp Monroe
B ) DI Frank Burnside disappears whilst on special duties
C ) DC Viv Martella was shot dead.

4. What musical instrument was DS Alistair Greg occasionally seen playing around the CID offices?
A ) Clarinet
B ) Saxophone
C ) Flute

5. Which officer was nicknamed by Frank Burnside as “the bald headed no swearing please from Barton Street?”
A ) PC Ron Smollett
B ) Chief Inspector Philip Cato
C ) Inspector Brian Kite

6. How did PC Cathy Marshall die?
A ) Shot during a bank robbery
B ) Drowned in the Thames
C ) Killed whilst participating in a charity skydiving event

7. What year did Jack Meadows arrive at Sun Hill?
A ) 1994
B ) 1995
C ) 1992

8. In March 1999 PC Dave Quinnan almost died whilst on duty, what happened?
A ) He was stabbed by a group of youths
B ) He was shot by a group of youths
C ) He took a kicking from a group of youths

9. DS Jo Morgan was shot dead outside Sun Hill station in 1995, she was in the process of warning another officer that she was headed for a trap. Which officer was Jo attempting to save before she was shot?
A ) PC Steve Loxton
B ) PC June Ackland
C ) PC Mike Jarvis

10. In 1999 DS Claire Stanton was sent to work at Sun Hill by CIB to spy on another member of CID whom it was thought was a bent police officer. Who was she sent to spy on?
A ) DS Don Beech
B ) DC Danny Glaze
C ) DC Rod Skase

11. Which two police officers fought over a nurse called Jenny?
A ) PCs Jim Carver and George Garfield
B ) PCs Dave Quinnan and Jim Carver
C ) PCs George Garfield and Dave Quinnan

12. Which police officer applied to SO14 to become a Royalty Protection Officer?
A ) PC Tony Stamp
B ) PC Jim Carver
C ) PC Reg Hollis

1. In April 2000 we saw the Trial of Eddie Santini, what was Eddie Santini accused of?
A ) The manslaughter of Jess Orton
B ) The Murder of Jess Orton
C ) The rape of Jess Orton

2. Tony Stamp hit and killed a pedestrian when answering an emergency call. He was accused of racing to the scene, but which area car driver was he supposed to be racing against?
A ) PC Vicky Hagen
B ) PC Steve Loxton
C ) PC Des Taviner

3. The Sun Hill syndicate thought that they won the lottery back in July 2002 as they began to celebrate they discovered they hadn’t won. Why didn’t they win any money?
A ) Tony Stamp had the winning ticket stolen along with his wallet
B ) Jim Carver used the money to spend on the ticket to buy a bottle of whiskey
C ) Reg Hollis changed the numbers after a series of co-incidences

4. Who shot Bob Cryer in April 2001?
A ) SGT Matt Boydon
B ) PC Tony Stamp
C ) PC Dale Smith

5. Who was Ramani De Costa’s stalker?
A ) Marie Graham
B ) Margret Barnes
C ) Jenny Delaney

6. Before Cathy Bradford arrived in Sun Hill, she claimed she was a police Inspector in which county?
A ) Hong Kong
B ) Bermuda
C ) Australia

7. Inspector Gina Gold had a romance with a CPS lawyer what was his name?
A ) Warren Fox
B ) Christopher Fox
C ) Jonathan Fox

8. Which police officer was finally about to declare their love to Cass Rickman just before she was murdered by the Sun Hill serial killer?
A ) PC Gemma Osbourne
B ) PC Ben Haywood
C ) PC Nick Klein

9. In the year 2000 Wendy Kweh played a kidnap victim, she later returned as a police officer in 2004, which police officer did she play?
A ) DS Ramani De Costa
B ) DC Susie Sim
C ) PC Di Warrell

10. Why did PC Cameron Tait leave Australia and join the British police force?
A ) To search for his missing sister.
B ) To meet his long lost mother.
C ) To see more of his daughter.

11. What was the name of Jim Carver’s first wife?
A ) Pat Kitson
B ) June Ackland
C ) Marie Graham

12. Sergeant Stone wanted rid of PC Leela Kapoor and so in 2007 he opened the way for her to transfer to a new job? Where did Leela transfer to?
A ) The Foreign office
B ) C.I.B.
C ) Drugs Squad







And the answers are as follows:

1. A ) 16th August 1983

2. B ) Sgt Tommy Burnside

3. B ) DS Ted Roach

4. A ) Sgt Alec Peters

5. C ) Frank Burnside

6. B ) Alfred

7. C ) Funny Old Business – Cops and Robbers

8. A ) PC Pete Ramsey


1. C ) WPC June Ackland

2. C ) Arts and Antiques Squad (never had there been a job so suited to a person)

3. C ) DC Viv Martella was shot dead.

4. A ) Clarinet

5. B ) Chief Inspector Philip Cato

6. B ) Drowned in the Thames

7. C ) 1992

8. A ) He was stabbed by a group of youths

9. B ) PC June Ackland

10. A ) DS Don Beech

11. C ) PCs George Garfield and Dave Quinnan

12. C ) PC Reg Hollis


1. B ) The Murder of Jess Orton

2. A ) PC Vicky Hagen

3. C ) Reg Hollis changed the numbers after a series of co-incidences

4. C ) PC Dale Smith

5. B ) Margret Barnes

6. A ) Hong Kong

7. C ) Jonathan Fox

8. C ) PC Nick Klein

9. B ) DC Susie Sim

10. C ) To see more of his daughter.

11. C ) Marie Graham

12. A ) The Foreign office