PC Emma Keane

Portrayed By Melanie Gutteridge

First Appearance Episode 380

Final Appearance Frontline: Shockwave

Call Sign 361

PC Emma Keane spent much of her time at Sun Hill proving that she was in the right profession. Her colleagues of course had no qualms, even arriving as a trainee Emma quickly proved her competence: her first ever interview resulted in a breach of the peace suspect confessing to murdering his wife. Emma’s father however, believed his daughter should have taken the fast track option to avoid putting herself in danger on the front line. As a police officer himself, a DCI in the DPS, he understood all about the dangers of policing and even had words with Emma’s supervising officer, Leela Kapoor. Her boyfriend/fiance/husband Matt Hinkley also struggled with her job. At the start of her time at Sun Hill Matt seemed just a bit over protective, later and once married Emma he became vastly over controlling, had Will Fletcher beaten up (after she had admitted to sleeping with him whilst engaged to Matt) and finally attacking her in their home. The fight over Matt’s ex Nina, whose death he had lied about, lead to Emma whacking Matt with a bottle of Vodka. Matt tried to get Emma convicted of Attempted Murder, however his lies caught out with the help of Nina. Life after Matt, Emma flourished, she was a clever cop, who was good at her job. Her relationship with new Sergeant Stone had the potential for becoming more than just professional, everything was going well. Then Emma took on the job to evacuate a building, she was caught in a bomb explosion and died instantly.


Reg Hollis left Sun Hill after hearing the news of Emma’s death.


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