DC Terry Perkins

Portrayed by: Bruce Byron

First Appearance: #165 (12,11,03) (This date is being checked!)

Terry Perkins arrived at Sun Hill as the resident SORO Sex Offender Register Officer.  He had a personal reason for having an interest in the role after being abused at the age of 9.  Unbeknown to Terry when he arrived at Sun Hill he would also have to deal with another case of abuse within his own family, between his brother Ben and young nephew, Bradley.  Terry was brilliant at his job, however it took its toll therefore he transferred to CID.  Unsurprisingly Terry was a good detective also.  He was honest, kept his head down and was never afraid to get stuck in.  It was unsurprising that he was picked for working undercover.  One memorable undercover role led him to kidnapping a young German girl and accompanying her to Germany, his fathering instincts kicked in taking care of the girl until she was rescued.  Terry was father to two teenagers, their relationship was tumultuous to say the least.  He fought with his daughter Holly wanting to protect her from ‘lecherous’ police constables and then from the job itself when she showed a desire to join the force.

When Terry Perkins name is mentioned, many fans will remember fondly his relationship with his colleague Ramani De Costa and will mention their sadness of how Terry and Ramani’s relationship never moved past the friendship zone.  It was a beautiful friendship, Terry even putting himself in the firing line of a knife wielding mad Margaret Barnes as he raced to her assistance.  Terry stayed honest and caring right up to the end, when we saw him take control of a difficult situation after discovering his sergeant Max Carter had been under the influence of drugs whilst at work.



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Where Can I See Bruce Now?
We are lead to believe that  Bruce is working in a career outside the television/film industry. But as per usual if we hear of any acting projects we will be sure to share.