Guest Stars 1980s


Sean Bean appeared in the episode ‘Long Odds’.


Perry Fenwick played Matty Davis in the episode ‘A Friend In Need’.  He also appeared in Tottering (1989), Empire Building (1991), Ways and Means (1994) and Last Respects (1997).


June Brown played Mrs Doleman in the episode ‘Clutching At Straws’.


John Savident played a video shop owner in ‘Its Not Such A Bad Job After All’.



Alex Kingston made several appearances starting in 1985 (unkown eps). Conflict (1988), Skeletons (1991), To Have And To Hold (1993), In On The Game (1995).



Michelle Collins played Sharon Brand in Loan Shark.



In 1988 Patsy Palmer appeared in two episodes, uncredited in Stealing Cars And Nursery Rhymes and listed as a teenage girl in Tigers. Blue Murder (1990), Shots (1991), Unreliable Waitress (1993).



Leslie Ash in the episode Traffic.


Kathy Burke in Leaving.  Also appeared alongside Roger Lloyd Pack, pictured above, in the episode The Negotiator (1991).