The Bill Bingo

:party: How To Play :party:

:birthday8 Take a screen shot of all 4 of the bingo cards.

:birthday8 Either print off the cards and glue the cards on cardboard (the back of a cereal box will do, it really doesn’t have to be a big effort) ready to play at home with friends and family, or if playing with friends on the internet attach/save them to a paint programme.

:birthday8 If playing with friends on the internet email them their card. If playing with people at home get in the wine, crisps and dips and prepare for a The Bill marathon.

:birthday8 Decide between you how many episodes you want to watch, this game can be played over an afternoon, days, weeks or until there’s a winner you decide.

:birthday8 Its bingo, the first person to finish their card is the winner, easy peasy!

:birthday8 Have fun!!