PC Cathy Bradford

Portrayed By Connie Hyde

First Appearance Set In Stone

Final Appearance #184 31/1/02

Call Sign 570 15/1/04

To write a profile for Cathy Bradford is rather difficult, for where do the lies stop and the truth begin? Cathy arrived at Sun Hill claiming she was previously an inspector with the Hong Kong Police, she wasn’t, already the lies had started. Cathy was manipulative and lies would trip off her tongue to get her what she wanted, unfortunately for Brandon Kane and his family Cathy set her sights on him. To gain sympathy Cathy pretended to be pregnant and suffered a miscarriage, she lied and claimed to have HIV even though the test results said differently, And whilst the likes of Brandon and PC Polly Page sucked up the lies there was one person who didn’t believe Cathy. Robbie Cryer caught Cathy out when discussing her HIV treatment and Robbie rightly never believed a word she said again. Cathy was relentless in her pursuit of Brandon, she fitted up DR Sandra Malik who was getting to close to Brandon and ‘helped’ Tanya Kane take a tumble down the stairs to her death. She was just as heartless to her so-called friend Polly Page when she was found guilty with the murder of her partner Dr Owen Preston, even appearing on television (GMTV) to tell everyone that Polly was a useless police officer. Cathy finally completely lost the plot, beating up Robbie Cryer, kidnapping Brandon’s children hiding out in Sun Hill’s little known boiler room. There, she also managed to stab Brandon Kane before finally being brought out by the TSG. Cathy left Sun Hill to be sectioned for hers and everyone else’s safety.


Quite reliable Internet rumour (although we have no way of verifying this) suggests that the producers first planned the character of PC Cathy Bradford to be that of an ambitious, highly strung officer who would eventually settle down and marry PC Nick Klein. However, Paul Marquess arrived and the character of Cathy took a dramatic turn.


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Where Can I See Connie Now?

Connie can be seen in Panto this festive season, please see theatre listings for further details.