DS Alistair Greig

Portrayed by Andrew Mackintosh

First Appearance Getting It Right

Final Appearance Cooking

Call Sign

Detective Sergeant Alistair Greg was just the type of officer that the Metropolitan Police Force would be proud of. Smart, educated, meticulous, as straight as a die and ambitious.  The only question we are left to consider is why was Greg never promoted?

From the very first day of his arrival to Sun Hill Alistair stood apart from his other colleagues, whom would have happily moved their desks to bar at the local pub given the opportunity.  Greg, however, was more of a neater methodical worker, he liked his colour co-ordinated charts and filing systems.  Alistair’s supervising officer DI Frank Burnside was rather bemused at being presented with a saxophone playing sergeant who immediately needed time off to play in The Metropolitan Police Band. Yet Greg gained the respect from all who worked with him because he got results, often by interviewing suspects into submission. He lead a Sun Hill team to implement Operation Bumblebee and acted as a mentor to the youngest member of the team: Suzi Croft during the early part of her career. Greg didn’t bring his personal life to work, in fact he spoke about it rarely. He did have a fiancée whom he only awkwardly mentioned to deflect a female witness flirting with him.

For all of his good points, Alistair was passed over for promotion and finally left Sun Hill for another station due to the controversial tenure scheme.



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Where Can I See Now?
We’re afraid you are unlikely to see Andrew on our screens any time soon after his career took a non-showbiz path. However, you can now hear him on The Bill Podcast.