DS Max Carter

Portrayed by Christopher Fox

First appearance: Assault On Sun Hill: Part 1

Final Appearance: Respect

Call Sign:

Max arrived at Sun Hill straight from CO19, he brought with him all the stresses that the job of working with firearms can bring. He had taken out two different targets on two different occasions and although wasn’t found to have any wrong doing he was transferred to Sun Hill as a Detective Sergeant.  Max was a hard worker, determined to get the job done, he wouldn’t allow anything like political correctness to stand in his way.  Max made good use of his Polish heritage and knowledge of the Polish language when investigating attacks upon Polish businesses.

It was whilst he was undercover alongside Mickey Webb we first saw Max take cocaine, in time his drug use began to effect his work.  DC’s Terry Perkins and Mickey Webb tried to help Max, locking him out of interviews.  Terry insisted that Max spoke to DI Neil Manson about his problems, before he spoke to him on his behalf.  Sneaky Max told Neil that he needed a break and he took enough time off for the drugs to work their way out of his system.

Max did have one fan though, always championing his cause: PC Millie Brown who held an enormous unrequited crush.  It took a long time for him to see Millie as a useful member of the team, it may have took him several more years for him to notice her feelings.



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Where Can I See Christopher Now?

All seems to be a bit quiet atm we will let you know his next project when we hear of it.