PC Tony Stamp

Portrayed by Graham Cole

First Appearance: Some You Win Some You Lose 28/9/87

Final Appearance: Rescue Me: #017 5/1//09

Exit Storyline: Left to work at the police training school at Hendon as an Advanced Driving Instructor.

Call Sign: 595

When Tony Stamp first arrived at Sun Hill he was one of the quietest officers in the nick. In 1984 Tony (who at that point didn’t even have a name) was only meant to be an uncredited background extra, four years later Tony Stamp spoke his first words. However, when Tony did speak he had a wonderful knack of putting his foot in it, annoying Inspector Frazer on her first day at the station. And if he wasn’t offending anyone, area car driver Tony was running them down. In fact Tony found himself on a charge of manslaughter after hitting a pensioner. Poor June Ackland also took a tumble across his bumper along with a collection of post boxes and lampposts. So inhabitants of London beware because when Tony finally left Sun Hill after nineteen years, he left to teach the young recruits at Hendon to drive!

Tony’s time at Sun Hill was eventful, he’s been shot at, stabbed, rescued kidnapped colleague Reg Hollis, had Viv Martella die in his arms and took on a second job taxi driving to pay for his elderly father’s care.  After being accused of child abuse by a confused teenager, Lee Dwyer, poor Tony found himself the brunt of abuse from both the public and his colleagues which was utterly heartbreaking to witness.  The viewer was lead to believe Tony out of uniform was a fairly lonely fellow.  He never seemed to have a long term partner.  He had a fleeting crush for June Ackland and for a long time Tony’s heart lay with PC Polly Page but this wasn’t reciprocated either.

However busy Tony was kept at Sun Hill, he was a man of integrity who always put himself out to help a colleague, such as the time he read a bible passage at the funeral of PC Ken Melvin to save June the distress. In fact Tony was the type of officer that when in trouble you would want him to come to your aide.



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