DC Rod Skase

Portrayed by Iain Fletcher

First Appearance He Who Waits

Final Appearance Streetwise

Call Sign

Love him or loathe him DC Rod Skase was a memorable member of Sun Hill CID. Whether he was memorable for his ability to strut around CID in his suave suits like he owned the place, or for his determination to bring villains to justice is open to question. At times his character was almost comic, Rod’s huge self-confidence never quite matched by ability, especially with the ladies. There were times when he showed a softer more vulnerable side, such as the time he was kidnapped by a group of girls. At times Rod acted as if he in CID was above his colleagues the plods in uniform, tormenting Jim Carver of his return to Uniform was an example of this. However, for all his flaws Rod got results and he put many criminal behind bars, he cared that they were punished for their crimes. Unfortunately there were occasions when Rod forgot the rules given to officers were put in place for a reason. He bullied a witness into lying in order to get a much wanted result, the delay caused by the lie ultimately led to the death of a child. Rod resigned before a furious Jack Meadows could see him booted out of the force.



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IMDb https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0282022/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

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