Season 20

Season 20 Episode 1
Episode 181

Having discovered the CCTV tape of PC Cathy Bradford with his wife on the night she died, and the body of Cathy’s fiancé, Max Wyatt, the Murder Investigation Team are called in. DC Brandon Kane is horrified to discover that Bradford (using her police uniform) has abducted his children from their school. Sgt. Dale Smith tries to convince Insp. Gina Gold to tell Sgt. June Ackland of their discovery of Gabriel Kent’s birth certificate reveals that he is June’s son. An old friend of Gina’s arouses suspicion when he is found in a stolen car and then tries to hide a briefcase containing £15000 in cash. As the search for Bradford and the Kane children intensifies, Bradford sneaks the kids into the station under the very noses of the investigating officers – into the Sun Hill boiler room.

Season 20 Episode 2
Episode 182

Leo Price agrees to help Sgt. Dale Smith and CID with some information when his little brother is attacked and left injured. When the information leads to several arrests on the estate, Smithy must take steps to protect Leo from a possible revenge attack. PC Cathy Bradford, still in the boiler room with the Kane kids, turns off the station heating to lure someone down there. An engineer is called to fix the boiler, but he is knocked unconscious by Cathy. When Sgt. June Ackland and PC Honey Harman go looking for the missing engineer, they find him outside the boiler room, they realise what’s going on. Ackland tries her best to coax the rogue copper out, but Bradford refuses to talk to anyone except DC Brandon Kane.

Season 20 Episode 3
Episode 183

Sgt June Ackland has discovered PC Cathy Bradford has barricaded herself and DC Brandon Kane’s kids in the station’s boiler room. When Cathy promises to release the kids in exchange for Brandon as a hostage, Insp. Gina Gold refuses, but Supt. Adam Okaro overrides her decision. Cathy insists Brandon must choose one child, but he manages to negotiate Zoe’s release as well. Forcing Brandon to handcuff himself, Bradford relives the events of the past year, including the death of Brandon’s wife Tanya. The station is evacuated, and the TSG arrive to provide support. Cathy’s stories become increasingly unbelievable, as she tells Brandon that she was abducted by a serial killer as a child. DS Samanatha Nixon and DC Eva Sharpe trawl through Cathy’s belongings and find that was not true. When Cathy moves Brandon out of range of the TSG probe, Okaro authorises TSG to force entry into the room. Brandon manages to overpower Cathy, but she lights a petrol fire intending to kill them both.

Season 20 Episode 4
Episode 184

TSG storm the boiler room and Supt Adam Okaro arrests a screaming Cathy Bradford for murder. Despite his colleagues’ warnings, DC Brandon Kane insists on returning to work at CID, but when he finds himself conned by an elderly woman for an insurance scam, he realises his mind isn’t on the job any more. Kane goes to see Supt Okaro and hands in his resignation, saying he wants to spend time with his kids. PC Gary Best is seconded to CID, and is temporarily partnered with DC Terry Perkins who barely tolerates his new sidekick. The pair investigate the mugging of a city trader by two homeless ex-servicemen. Terry is disgusted by the world the traders inhabit and is frustrated when he learns that the mugging was a revenge attack. When Gary goes out on his own initiative and almost blows the case, Terry takes matters into his own hands and threatens to reveal the trader’s cocaine use. PC Jim Carver’s wife Marie turns up, begging him not to proceed with the trial against her. When he refuses, saying it’s for her own good, Marie goes out on a bender and is once again arrested for drunk and disorderly when she throws a bin through the front door of the station.

Season 20 Episode 5
Episode 185

Marie Carver is in court on charges of domestic violence against her husband, PC Jim Carver. Despite testimony from PC Gabriel Kent, who witnessed one of Marie’s attacks on Jim, Marie and her lawyer manage to turn the case around and plead self-defence, saying that Jim had attacked Marie first. Marie’s son, Ben Graham, takes the stand, and his emotional testimony absolves Jim of any violent actions – Marie changes her plea to guilty, and Jim finds himself tempted to drink again. Supt. Adam Okaro is worried that his job is on the line – the new Borough Commander, Louise Campbell, is on her way to see him, and he blames himself for the Cathy Bradford incident as he had neglected to cancel her keypass to the station, allowing her access to the boiler room. PC Tony Stamp and PC Kerry Young bring in two teenagers, Curtis and Carla, on suspicion of mugging, but when Curtis admits stealing money from Carla’s father, Rev Andho, further investigation reveals that the minister has been skimming money off church funds, and that his theft has been authorised by Denise Okaro, the superintendent’s wife.

Season 20 Episode 6
Episode 186

DS Nixon investigates a DVD counterfeiter. Supt Okaro’s wife is arrested and her financial dealings are investigated. Sgt Murphy thinks she sees Des Taviner outside the station.

Season 20 Episode 7
Episode 187

DCs Sharpe and Perkins help a rape victim who is being stalked by her attacker. Sgt Murphy worries about her sighting of Des Taviner and asks PC Tait to babysit daughter Niamh.

Season 20 Episode 8
Episode 188

PCs Stamp and Harman arrest a retired villain for assaulting his future daughter-in-law. DI Manson pulls rank on DC Sharpe. Sgt Murphy is forced to come to terms with the loss of her daughter. PC Tait blames himself and gets dangerously drunk.

Season 20 Episode 9
Episode 189

When DS Debbie McAllister has trouble with her babysitter, she is forced to bring Andrew into the station. While McAllister is indisposed, DC Eva Sharpe is assigned to what looks like a straightforward case of bigamy when two men are arrested fighting in the local library. After witnessing a fight in custody, the suspect Leonard Noakes, admits to murdering a man many years previously, but Sharpe finds Noakes’ supposed victim alive and not-so-well in St Hugh’s Hospital. As the case gets more intriguing, Sharpe finds herself under scrutiny from her boss, DI Neil Manson who orders her to leave the case to MIT. When Ross requests her help, Sharpe can’t help but close up the loose ends, but a furious Manson warns her that her card is marked. After their night of passion, PC Kerry Young finds PC Cameron Tait is acting coldly towards her. Could it be that Cameron is carrying heavy guilt over baby Niamh Murphy’s death, or is it because Sgt. Dale Smith has warned him of Kerry’s reputation? Sgt Sheelagh Murphy arrives at the station to find that her baby died due to a congenital heart defect, and she apologises to Cameron for blaming him. Consoling herself at home, she is stunned by the surprise arrival of Des Taviner on her doorstep.

Season 20 Episode 10
Episode 190

Sgt. Sheelagh Murphy reports to Insp Gina Gold and DCI Jack Meadows that she was visited by Des Taviner the night before. Having learned of baby Niamh’s death, Taviner finds PC Reg Hollis alone guarding her chapel of rest. When Hollis tries to radio Sun Hill, Des overpowers him and handcuffs him, and Hollis lets slip that PC Cameron Tait was babysitting Niamh when she died. Back at the station, Hollis admits to Insp. Gold that he knew Des started the Sun Hill fire, and he fears for his career as he is questioned by MIT. Following a tip-off from DC Terry Perkins’s snout, DI Neil Manson goes undercover as a hitman when a woman wants her husband killed. As DS Ramani De Costa investigates the domestic violence aspect of the case, the husband’s involvement in an actual murder is revealed. DI Manson is delighted with the result, but DS De Costa is upset when Manson usurps her CSU authority. PCs Gary Best and Tony Stamp trawl internet chat rooms looking for ‘Hotpants’, a suspected fraudster who has ripped off a number of “her” on-line admirers

Season 20 Episode 11
Episode 191

Sgt Murphy is devastated to discover an operation has been mounted to catch Des Taviner at their daughter’s funeral. PCs Tait and Young uncover a shoplifting scandal. PC Carver finds the copy of Gabriel Kent’s birth certificate.

Season 20 Episode 12
Episode 192

Fugitive Des Taviner holds Sgt Murphy and PC Tait hostage. DS Nixon and DI Manson investigate a cigarette smuggling operation. PC Carver tells Sgt Ackland that her lover PC Kent is her son.

Season 20 Episode 13
Episode 193

Sgt Ackland confronts PC Kent over the shocking discovery that he is really her son. Des Taviner continues to hold PC Tait hostage.

Season 20 Episode 14
Episode 194

PC Kent pleads with Sgt Ackland to keep quiet about his deception. DC Sharpe and DI Manson search for a missing girl. Ex-PC Polly Page returns to Sun Hill as a civilian CAD officer. PC Young gossips about her night of passion with PC Tait.

Season 20 Episode 15
Episode 195

Sgt June Ackland threatens to expose PC Gabriel Kent’s true identity, but Kent insists he loves her and his job. Ackland agrees to a compromise, she will keep quiet about Kent’s assumed identity if he gives her the address of the real Gabriel Kent: her son, Robert Ackland. Kent refuses, but eventually relents when he realises June is serious. Posing as a housebuyer, “June Carver”, an emotional June Ackland visits her long-lost son and meets her grand-daughter, but she is too afraid to tell him her real identity. DS Samantha Nixon grudgingly works with DI Neil Manson to locate dangerous escaped convict Eric Taylor, who has already eluded police twice. When Taylor is spotted, PC Jim Carver pursues him into a swimming pool complex, and the two end up in the water. PC Kent watches as the two struggle, and is going to let Jim drown until other officers arrive. When his former lover, Rachel Heath, arrives at the station on the eve of her trial for assault and pregnant with his child, DCI Jack Meadows is intrigued to discover that DI Manson’s father-in-law, a Deputy Assistant Commissioner with the Met, uses rent boys

Season 20 Episode 16
Episode 196

DS McAllister investigates an attack on two boys. DCI Meadows’s former lover Rachel faces trial for assault, and threatens to tell the court about their affair. DC Sharpe tries to blackmail DI Manson over his fathr-in-law’s fondness for rent boys, while Manson finds out about Meadows and Rachel.

Season 20 Episode 17
Episode 197

PC Andrea Dunbar arrives at Sun Hill and her keenness seems to good to be true, but little do the relief know that they have an undercover reporter among them. When Eva discovers that Debbie told Neil about Jack’s affair she is furious and they fight. Tensions run high between DCI Jack Meadows and DI Neil Manson because Neil wants Eva out, no matter what and just as he is announcing her departure, Jack comes in with an offer for Eva to join MIT. Polly returns to Sun Hill as the new CAD operator but after she is snubbed by Neil during her shift she feels vulnerable and things get worse when she returns home to find the word ‘murderer’ painted across her flat window.

Season 20 Episode 18
Episode 198

PC Nick Klein and PC Yvonne Hemingway attend a disturbance at a funeral home and discover an unusual case: the body and casket of the mother of the Coombes brothers has disappeared – including £350,000. Turning the case over to DS Debbie McAllister and DC Ken Drummond in CID, the officers investigate all the involved parties including the brother, the funeral director and the security guard. Against her better judgement and PC Tony Stamp’s warnings, Polly Page befriends journalist Frank Fisher who helps her out when she cops abuse and vandalism from local youths. PC Reg Hollis and Sgt Dale Smith check out the local swimming pool when the manager reports a break-in. Finding nothing, they return to the station, but when Reg heads back on his own, he is confronted by Des Taviner who wants to tie up the loose ends between them before he disappears for good. Reg’s absence stirs Insp. Gina Gold’s suspicions and she heads to the Lido with an SO19 team who manage to catch and arrest Taviner at last. Sgts Sheelagh Murphy and June Ackland book Des into custody prior to his MIT interview, but when Sheelagh checks on Des and his mentally-ill cellmate, she finds Taviner badly beaten and not breathing.

Season 20 Episode 19
Episode 199

Paramedics fail to revive Des Taviner, and MIT’s DI Madden who has arrived to question Des about the Sun Hill bombing finds himself investigating the suspect’s murder instead. Sgt Sheelagh Murphy comes under particular scrutiny from MIT, given her history with Des, and her decision to place a mentally unstable prisoner in the same cell. Tensions between Sgts Murphy and June Ackland reach an all-time high when June is unable to confirm Sheelagh’s innocence. Supt Adam Okaro is determined to nail big-time criminal Bob Coles, suspected of people smuggling, and DI Neil Manson dangles the carrot of a free trip to Paris for the officer who arrests Coles. With DS Hunter and DC Thatcher both promising their partners a weekend away, DC Terry Perkins eventually wins the trip and auctions it to Hunter and Thatcher for charity. Polly Page ignores PC Tony Stamp’s warnings about journalist Frank Fisher, and begins to feel disillusioned about her return to the Met. Undercover journalist PC Andrea Dunbar’s editor tells her to go after Okaro when DC Thatcher implies that Okaro is racist.

Season 20 Episode 20
Episode 200

PC Klein gets involved in the assault of a man previously convicted for murdering a young girl. PC Dunbar protects a black community leader from a knife attack, and finds he is happy to talk about Supt Okaro. Sgt Murphy, under investigation for Des Taviner’s death in custody, hands in her notice.

Season 20 Episode 21
Episode 201

PC Klein, the only witness to a drive-by shooting, is targeted by Dennis Weaver. Polly Page helps DS De Costa with an assaulted victim. PC Tait courts PC Young, while Page sleeps with journalist Frank Fisher.

Season 20 Episode 22
Episode 202

As PC Nick Klein recovers from his forced heroin overdose at the hands of Dennis Weaver’s henchmen, Sgt Dale Smith and PC Kerry Young try to prove Nick’s innocence beyond doubt as his condition and his previous history with drugs make his testimony unreliable. Nick confronts DS Phil Hunter and accuses him of telling Weaver that he had been a drug addict. Polly Page’s house is broken into, and she begins to suspect that her night of passion with journalist Frank Fisher may have been a big mistake as he is the main suspect, particularly after an expose on her murder trial appears in the local paper. Kerry Young and PC Cameron Tait have a huge row at the pub after Smithy tells Tait that Young has slept with him and Nick Klein. As PC Gabriel Kent watches, Young accepts a lift home with Smithy.

Season 20 Episode 23
Episode 203

With PC Nick Klein in a police safe house, an enraged Dennis Weaver throttles DS Phil Hunter, demanding Klein’s location. Having woken up with Sgt Dale Smith, PC Kerry Young realises she has no memory of the previous night, and is racked with guilt that she has cheated on her boyfriend, PC Cameron Tait. She takes the morning-after pill as a precaution, but is puzzled by PC Gabriel Kent’s intense interest in the evening’s events. Front Desk Officer Marilyn Chambers joins PC Reg Hollis on a train-spotting expedition, but Reg’s passion for locomotives makes way for another kind of passion when the two share a kiss. Polly Page is devastated when the story of her murder trial appears in the papers, and she ends her relationship with journalist Frank Fisher when he offers her money for an “exclusive”.

Season 20 Episode 24
Episode 204

DS Debbie McAllister is determined to investigate links between her boss, DI Neil Manson, and a possibly corrupt magistrate when a drug dealer makes accusations during interview. PC Gabriel Kent plays on PC Kerry Young’s feelings of guilt after her night with Sgt Dale Smith, by suggesting that Smithy may have raped her. Polly Page finds her home trashed and covered in offensive graffiti. She suspects her next-door neighbour, but could journalist Frank Fisher be involved? Out at the pub, PC Cameron Tait sees DS Phil Hunter meeting with crime boss Dennis Weaver.

Season 20 Episode 25
Episode 205

DS McAllister investigates an Albanian gangster involved in drugs, prostitution and a passport scam. Dennis Weaver presses DS Hunter to locate PC Klein. PC Kent tries to persuade PC Young that she was date raped by Sgt Smith. Polly Page learns that journalist Frank Fisher is behind the harassment she has been receiving.

Season 20 Episode 26
Episode 206

PC Nick Klein is back in the safe house, but when DS Phil Hunter gives the address to Dennis Weaver, a hitman is contracted to kill Klein. Meeting with the hitman to retrieve the gun and a photo of Nick’s body, Weaver realises Hunter has set him up when the police lead by Supt Okaro and DCI Meadows swoop in on them. Escaping into North Canley Forest, a terrified Hunter barely escapes with his life as a maniacal Weaver swears revenge for his treachery. With Weaver on the loose, however, Nick Klein is relieved of duty and placed in deep witness protection far outside of London, but not before Hunter and Sgt Dale Smith have a chance to clear up their differences with him. Police Staff Polly Page investigates a forged driver’s licence, but is reprimanded for exceeding her remit as a civilian staff member. Polly visits Cathy Bradford in a secure psychiatric unit, where Cathy tells her she is “undercover” in the hospital. Considering recent events and Bradford’s taunts, Polly resigns from Sun Hill to start a new life outside the Met. PC Yvonne Hemmingway and PC Kerry Young investigate a case of abuse in a retirement home, but with Kerry’s belief that she was raped by Smithy weighing heavily on her mind, will Yvonne convince her to speak up before she does something rash?

Season 20 Episode 27
Episode 207

PCs Hemmingway and Dunbar investigate organised fights between tramps. PC Kent tells PCs Dunbar and Tait that Sgt Smith raped PC Young.

Season 20 Episode 28
Episode 208

A major road traffic accident in Sun Hill sees a seriously injured man, Adrian Collins, rushed to St Hugh’s Hospital. When Uniform discover a handgun and balaclava in Collins’ car, and after questioning from DC Terry Perkins and PC Kerry Young, Collins admits he was on his way to a bank robbery. When an alarm is triggered at a nearby bank, Sgt Dale Smith realises the robbery has proceeded without Collins and takes charge of the situation. With SO19 delayed in traffic, Smithy has trouble commanding the respect of his officers with rumours of Kerry’s alleged rape flying around. An angry PC Cameron Tait confronts him and the two nearly come to blows until they agree to concentrate on the job at hand. The lone bank robber is Trevor Willets, and he demands a getaway car. The situation gets even worse when the bank’s terrified manager is pushed out with a bomb strapped to his waist. The bank manager’s partner, and Willets’ ex-wife Louise is brought to the scene, but her hysterical presence doesn’t help matters. SO19 arrive at last, but as Kerry isolates the manager from the scene, Cameron chooses that moment to confront her about the rape allegations. Distracted by Cameron, and watched by PC Gabriel Kent, Kerry fails to notice the bank manager try to remove the bomb which he believes is fake. It detonates, and when the dust and smoke settles, Kerry Young is nowhere to be seen.

Season 20 Episode 29
Episode 209

PC Kerry Young is found injured but alive in the rubble after the explosion behind the bank, but the bank manager was killed in the explosion. As DS Samantha Nixon investigates the aftermath, there is considerable question over where the blame will lie. PC Cameron Tait begs Kerry not to reveal that they were arguing when the bomb went off, but he later reveals this to DS Nixon, as well as telling her about Kerry’s accusation of rape against Sgt Dale Smith. Smithy comes under scrutiny as he was in charge of the operation, and PC Andrea Dunbar admits that she told Louise Willets that the bomb was a fake. Under pressure from her editor, Dunbar may be able to keep him sweet with the date rape story which is now the talk of the station. PC Gabriel Kent steals the CCTV footage that would reveal what happened and could incriminate Kerry Young.

Season 20 Episode 30
Episode 210

With the story of her rape allegation all over the press, PC Kerry Young goes on leave, while Insp Gina Gold is determined to track down which of her officers leaked the story to the press. To take the heat off herself, undercover journalist PC Andrea Dunbar tells Insp Gold that Gabriel Kent may be the leak, and Kent finds himself banished to the Siberia of Sun Hill – the Coal Lane Estate. When he discovers a group of kids harassing a transvestite resident, Kent takes vigilante action when he arrests the ringleader, but the station’s new CPS lawyer, Jonathan Fox, refuses to charge him. A series of professional robberies of vehicles from a transport company baffles CID, and it looks like an inside job. New PC Lance Powell and PC Gary Best blow the CID operation when they stumble upon the criminal’s warehouse. Supt Okaro is furious, and his reaction intrigues PC Dunbar who is trying to prove he is racist. Okaro asks DC Terry Perkins to go undercover in prison

Season 20 Episode 31
Episode 211

DC Terry Perkins is undercover in prison, where he investigates convicted paedophile Charles Mawdsley who is believed to be running a paedophile ring with the help of one of the prison guards. DS Ramani de Costa appears as a prison counsellor, acting as Terry’s contact with the outside world, but when Terry opens up in a group therapy session, Ramani begins to suspect that he was abused as a child. By arresting a corrupt guard who was dealing drugs, Supt Okaro hopes to force Mawdsley to play his hand, but in interview, the guard reveals that the prison’s assistant governor is also corrupt. Okaro and de Costa race to the prison just in time to stop Terry from being killed by Mawdsley. Meanwhile DI Neil Manson gets a call from a prisoner at the same nick who wants to pass on information about a huge planned diamond robbery – the grass is none other than Don Beech, Manson’s former sergeant at Barton Street and former Sun Hill DS.

Season 20 Episode 32
Episode 212

DS Sam Nixon and DS Debbie McAllister investigate when the stolen digger turns up at a transport site. DI Neil Manson’s suspicions are proven correct, but nobody else knows that Manson’s tip-offs are coming from Don Beech. The arrival of DI Peter Cavanaugh, an Australian cop on attachment to the NCIS, sets hearts a-flutter, but DCI Jack Meadows is furious when DI Manson’s liaisons with Beech are revealed. New PC Lance Powell arrests a black teenager on suspicion of shoplifting, but cops a warning from Supt Adam Okaro to tread more carefully with the black community in future. An angry Powell is fair game for DC Rob Thatcher and undercover journalist PC Andrea Dunbar, who are both seeking to prove that Okaro has it in for his black officers. PC Gary Best is stunned when Powell tells him he’s gay.

Season 20 Episode 33
Episode 213

Sun Hill’s CID and SO19 lie in wait for Trevor Little’s team to pull of the diamond robbery, but when the raid is aborted at the last minute, Don Beech’s information to DI Neil Manson isn’t looking so kosher. DCI Jack Meadows warns Manson away from Beech, but Manson goes to see him again when Beech is beaten up in prison. PC Kerry Young is under pressure from Insp Gina Gold to make a decision about whether to make her rape allegation against Sgt Dale Smith official. Kerry assists DS Ramani De Costa when a young Asian girl is raped but refuses to testify, but Kerry’s own experiences come in to play and Ramani reprimands her when she oversteps the mark. Kerry decides not to press charges, and PC Cameron Tait lets her know he feels betrayed by her. PC Gabriel Kent investigates a break-in on the Cole Lane Estate, but when he discovers that the victim was arrested on child sex offences, his vigilante instincts lead him to take the law into his own hands once again. Supt. Adam Okaro is concerned when he receives hate mail – through the station’s internal mail system.

Season 20 Episode 34
Episode 214

After failing to capture Trevor Little and his gang after their aborted diamond raid, DI Neil Manson begins to have his doubts about his Australian colleague, DI Peter Cavanaugh, and suspects he may be leaking information to the gang. The rivalry between the two DIs escalates, but Cavanaugh has his eye set on DS Samantha Nixon, and the two share a passionate kiss. Insp Gina Gold and CPS Lawyer Jonathan Fox’s verbal sparring also turns to passion, and PCs Cameron Tait and Kerry Young decide to give their disastrous relationship another try. PC Gabriel Kent continues his vendetta against Coal Lane resident Roy Stafford who he suspects is a paedophile. When he suspects Stafford has staged a robbery to gain access to the victim’s grandchildren, he crosses the line and attacks Stafford, beating him badly. Supt Adam Okaro sends the hate mail he has received for forensic examination, but with the sender almost certainly an officer in his station, they most likely know how to cover their tracks.

Season 20 Episode 35
Episode 215

DI Neil Manson’s suspicions about DI Peter Cavanaugh continue during an obbo on the diamond heist suspects. When the suspects get away from them, Cavanaugh doesn’t seem particularly concerned. Concerned for the safety of DS Samantha Nixon and PC Cameron Tait who are undercover as waiting staff on the target boat, Manson orders DS Phil Hunter on to the boat as well. PC Gabriel Kent could be in trouble when Roy Stafford turns up at the station to report Kent’s assault on him. Insp. Gina Gold is delighted she may be able to get rid of the evil Gabriel at last, but a Coal Lane resident arrives and gives Kent an alibi. She has an ulterior motive however – as well as approving of Kent’s brutal actions on Stafford, she wants him to enact some vigilante justice on a loan shark on the estate. CPS Lawyer Jonathan Fox asks Gina Gold out on a date, and Supt Adam Okaro continues to receive hate mail from within the station

Season 20 Episode 36
Episode 216

Don Beech has the only evidence that could incriminate corrupt DI Peter Cavanaugh. DCI Jack Meadows is reluctant to have to rely on the slippery Beech, but Supt Adam Okaro insists he is their only choice. DI Neil Manson and DS Phil Hunter take Beech to visit Maggie Black who has the incriminating tape, and Beech asks Manson if he can have ten minutes alone to “say goodbye” to Maggie. Manson foolishly agrees, and when DS Hunter goes to interrupt their little liaison, he finds himself held at gunpoint. Beech is on the run again! DI Peter Cavanaugh contacts DS Samantha Nixon and declares his love for her, begging her to join him on the run. She agrees, but informs DCI Meadows of his plans. Using her mobile as a tracking device, Meadows and his team close in, but when Cavanaugh realises he’s been betrayed he takes Nixon hostage. DS Ramani De Costa requests a profiler when she suspects a serial rapist may be at work in Sun Hill, but is told that another attack must take place before a profile can be authorised.

Season 20 Episode 37
Episode 217

DCs Rob Thatcher and Ken Drummond are on an obbo watching a witness in a fraud case, when Ken’s son Alex turns up on the doorstep in a state of shock. While on a night out with his mates to celebrate his 17th birthday, Alex believes he has killed a prostitute. Drummond leaves Alex with Thatcher, and rushes to the woman’s flat – she is dead, and Ken hastily removes Alex’s hat from the scene. With their obbo blown, and Thatcher suspecting their target has switched places with another person, he and Alex manage to salvage the operation when they find some vital evidence in the target’s rubbish bin. When Ken informs Alex of the death, he runs off and is found the next morning threatening to jump off a building, but he is talked down by his father. Drummond replaces the evidence and reluctantly calls in MIT, and Alex is arrested. DI Neil Manson and DS Samantha Nixon discuss DI Cavanaugh’s corruption and Don Beech’s escape, and they know DCI Jack Meadows will be furious. Meadows and Manson interview Cavanaugh, who offers to spill the beans on corrupt police in the UK and Australia. Insp Gina Gold is both delighted and alarmed when Jonathan Fox offers to take her on safari – it turns out the fearless inspector is a closet arachnophobe!

Season 20 Episode 38
Episode 218

PC Gabriel Kent and PC Kerry Young attend a call to what initially appears to be the case of a “bunny-boiler”, Sharon Wallace, stalking her ex-boyfriend, Chris Loftus. Kent, however, sees the fear in the Sharon’s eyes, and when she is later attacked, he probes further and discovers that the boyfriend is blackmailing her with some nude photos in his possession. Holding the threat of the incriminating CCTV tape of the bank explosion over her, Gabriel convinces a reluctant Kerry to distract Chris while he breaks into his flat and retrieves the photos. Mission accomplished, he tells Kerry he’s wiped the tape, and she is so relieved, she nearly kisses him. Back at the station, PC Cameron Tait stuns Kerry further with a surprise marriage proposal. DI Neil Manson is cleared of any involvement in Don Beech’s escape, but DCI Jack Meadows warns him he’s still on thin ice. DC Ken Drummond is also relieved when his son is cleared of manslaughter. CID’s attention is diverted when a car containing a baby girl is stolen. They find the car and the thief, David McLinden, but David tells DS Phil Hunter and DS Debbie McAllister that his girlfriend Bernadette has claimed baby Emma as her own. When a woman with a baby is spotted at St Hugh’s Hospital, it takes the persuasive powers of DC Drummond to convince her to return the baby unharmed. DS Phil Hunter is alarmed when the mother of his child, Christine Weaver, is found badly beaten in the street. Visiting Christine in hospital, Hunter learns that his nemesis Dennis Weaver is back, and that he has taken Hunter’s daughter Madison.

Season 20 Episode 39
Episode 219

DS Phil Hunter is desperate to find his daughter Madison, who has been abducted by Dennis Weaver. DCI Jack Meadows orders him not to get involved in the investigation, and assigns DS Samantha Nixon to keep an eye on Hunter. Hunter and Nixon investigate when a kilo of cocaine is found in a car after a chase with police, and find the driver Sonny Jonson at the hospital. PC Yvonne Hemmingway arrests a 17-year old girl, Shirley Moss, on shoplifting charges and forms a bond with the girl when Shirley tells her she’s pregnant. Hemmingway convinces the shopkeeper to drop the charges, and when the father of Shirley’s child turns out to be big-time drug dealer Rifkin, Hunter and Nixon organise an SO19 raid on Rifkin’s flat, but with drug courier Sonny and Shirley both in police custody, Rifkin clearly has his bases covered. PC Gary Best is surprised when the SO19 sergeant at the raid turns out to be PC Lance Powell’s partner, Mark Rollins. Yvonne offers Shirley a place to stay at her flat, but Supt Okaro tells her it is highly inappropriate. PC Kerry Young lets slip to PC Gabriel Kent about PC Cameron Tait’s marriage proposal. When the envious Gabriel starts to spread the news around the station, Kerry hurriedly accepts Cameron’s proposal. DS Hunter is delighted when Madison is found unharmed in a playground. One of his informants offers him the location of Rifkin’s drugs stash, but as Hunter and Nixon go to meet the source, a shot rings out and Hunter falls to the ground…

Season 20 Episode 40
Episode 220

DS Samantha Nixon drags a wounded DS Phil Hunter out of the line of fire of an enraged Dennis Weaver, and the two escape into an abandoned Tube tunnel. PC Yvonne Hemmingway is frustrated when police red tape prevents her from helping pregnant teenager Shirley who has been badly beaten. Hemmingway angrily confronts Supt Adam Okaro, and his reaction attracts the interest of DC Rob Thatcher. PC Gary Best tracks down Shirley’s mother, and Hemmingway convinces her to testify against Stuart Rifkin. Realising DS Hunter and DS Nixon are missing, DI Neil Manson and DS Debbie McAllister try to track them down with the help of Phil’s daughter Madison and his informant Stephen Fletcher. Barricaded in a storage room, a delirious Hunter admits to Nixon that he blackmailed and betrayed Nick Klein, but when Nixon tries to get help, Dennis Weaver attacks them. As Weaver and Nixon fight, Hunter manages to get hold of the gun, and he shoots Weaver, ending the ordeal. PC Gabriel Kent visits PC Kerry Young at home, but his friendly visit turns nasty when he attacks and rapes her.

Season 20 Episode 41
Episode 221

PC Kerry Young is in turmoil after her rape at the hands of the evil PC Gabriel Kent. Naturally, Kent denies the charge, and he insinuates that Kerry has “cried wolf” before, when she accused Sgt. Dale Smith of rape. Confiding in her fiancé, PC Cameron Tait, Kerry is shocked when Cameron doesn’t believe her story. He insists she makes the allegation official if they are to stay together, but Kerry is reluctant to do so after the incident with Smithy. DS Samantha Nixon must decide whether to defend DS Phil Hunter when questions arise over Hunter’s killing of Dennis Weaver. As the only witness, Nixon can clear Hunter’s name if she confirms Weaver was killed in self-defence. Back in CID, DC Jim Carver and DS Debbie McAllister investigate a young man going nuts on steroids.

Season 20 Episode 42
Episode 222

A sceptical DI Neil Manson reluctantly agrees to DS Samantha Nixon’s requests to hire a profiler to help catch Sun Hill’s serial rapist. Nixon and profiler Dr Hugh Wallis review the cases and the locations, and conclude that the perpetrator knows the area very well. PC Gabriel Kent’s vigilante actions on the Coal Lane Estate spiral out of control when he arranges for a skinhead gang to attack two black youths as revenge for mugging an elderly Asian lady. With his former allies on the estate turning against him, Kent must act quickly to ensure his involvement is not discovered. Sgt Sheelagh Murphy is in court in the case of a drink-driving Rastafarian she arrested for refusing a blood test, and is humiliated when the case is thrown out of court, and she is accused of racism and insensitivity to the man’s religious beliefs. Advocate Jerome Taylor alerts the Borough Commander to the case, and Supt Adam Okaro is forced to offer Sgt Murphy a choice between transfer or demotion. PC Honey Harman and PC Cameron Tait attend to a man dressed as a bear protesting for fathers’ rights. Cameron realises the man has booby-trapped his ex-wife’s house, and Sgt Murphy risks her life to defuse the bombs he has hidden. With the situation literally defused, Tait and Harman continue their patrol, but are horrified when a car containing two small children rolls into the Thames in front of them.

Season 20 Episode 43
Episode 223

PC Cameron Tait dives into the Thames to rescue the two children from the sinking car. He manages to get the girl out, but the boy is missing and the girl later dies in hospital. Cameron is deeply affected, and begins to sink into a deep depression, while PC Honey Harman does her best to console him. PC Gabriel Kent’s vigilante actions on the Coal Lane Estate could be his undoing when one of his supporters, Laura Bryant, decides he’s crossed the line, and reports his actions to DC Rob Thatcher. As Thatcher and DC Ken Drummond follow up Laura’s allegations, Gabriel’s accomplice Kev is found beaten and locked in the boot of a car. Drummond sees Irene Radford, head of a ruthless crime family on the estate, and it looks as though the Radfords are running a protection racket. DS Debbie McAllister leads a raid to arrest an aggravated burglary suspect, and DS Samantha Nixon realises he fits the profile of their serial rapist. DS Phil Hunter returns to work, but makes excuses that due to his injury, he can’t do much “legwork”. To his chagrin, DI Neil Manson transfers him to CSU while DS De Costa is on leave. Having just been demoted to PC, Sheelagh Murphy is sensitive to accusations of racism, but PC Lance Powell accuses her of homophobia too when the pair investigate the stabbing of a man at a notorious gay beat in Canley Fields. Powell treads softly when he informs the victim’s partner, who is married with children

Season 20 Episode 44
Episode 224

DC Rob Thatcher is keeping a close eye on the Radfords despite the warnings of his colleagues. He eagerly arrests David Radford for selling bootleg DVDs on the Coal Lane Estate, but when David’s mother Irene turns up with a proof of purchase, Thatcher knows he’s been set up by his nemesis. DS Phil Hunter in running the CSU, and despite DC Jim Carver’s misgivings, Hunter’s forceful manner gets results when he convinces a reluctant pregnant domestic violence victim to testify. When a casino punter is mugged after a large win, Carver organises an undercover operation with PCs Cameron Tait and Honey Harman. Carver wins big on the tables, and sure enough, is mugged as he gets home. The team manage to crack the case when they realise the connection between one of the croupiers and a cab driver, but has Carver’s big win tipped his addictive personality back into overdrive? Despite being on leave, PC Kerry Young returns to the station to declare her love to Cameron, but after being taunted by PC Gabriel Kent, she discovers Cameron and Honey sharing a kiss in the locker room.

Season 20 Episode 45
Episode 225

PC Yvonne Hemingway puppywalks probationer PC Steve Hunter on his first day at Sun Hill. Eager to impress, Steve lets slip some gossip about Phil’s impotency, which soon is all over the station. A furious Phil Hunter demands his brother be transferred, and desperate to make amends, Steve follows up an informant’s info on a bootleg alcohol ring. Finding himself at gunpoint, Steve may not live to regret his indiscretion. PC Kerry Young boldly confronts PC Gabriel Kent at his flat, and records him admitting to her rape. Gabriel is too smart for her though, and takes her Dictaphone and mobile phone. He seems to be showing remorse for his actions, but just as quickly turns and taunts her once again. Kerry takes a pair of scissors and attacks him. PC Sheelagh Murphy and PC Lance Powell investigate when homophobic graffiti is scrawled over a restaurateur’s car and business. The man insists he isn’t gay, and when Murphy and Powell check the CCTV footage, Murphy is shocked when it leads them to a friend of her son, Conor. DC Rob Thatcher tells Supt. Adam Okaro that he too has been receiving racist hate mail in the internal mail. However, Thatcher has been conspiring with advocate Jerome Taylor to bring Okaro down by sending the hate mail and forging it to himself. At the end of the shift, Sgt. June Ackland and PC Tony Stamp pursue some teenage joyriders, but as Ackland pursues on foot, Stamp speeds the Area Car around the block, hitting Ackland with full force…

Season 20 Episode 46
Episode 226

PC Best goes undercover to get information on the criminal activities of his estranged brother Joe. Sgt Ackland is in hospital after being knocked down by PC Stamp.

Season 20 Episode 47
Episode 227

PC Best tries to find his brother Joe before the gang or the police do. PC Stamp is accused of reckless driving. DC Carver declares his feelings for Sgt Ackland.

Season 20 Episode 48
Episode 228

DS Samantha Nixon and Dr Hugh Wallis are concentrating on the Royal Navy link to the serial rapist, and interview a Scottish prostitute whose rape over ten years previously matches the profile and may have started the rapist off. PC Andrea Dunbar hides a press clipping of an article she wrote about the incident, but fears for her cover when a journalist colleague arrives at the station to interview PC Lance Powell as the ‘new face of Sun Hill’. Powell investigates what looks like another homophobic hate crime when a man is bashed after meeting a young man at a gay club. PC Sheelagh Murphy is shocked when she recognises her son Conor on the CCTV evidence, and Powell is forced to arrest Conor for GBH. DC Jim Carver and PC Honey Harman investigate when a fortune teller has her crystal ball stolen, and Jim later visits June Ackland in hospital where he hands her a ring and proposes to her. PC Gabriel Kent all but admits to PC Cameron Tait that he raped PC Kerry Young, then calls off sick. Shortly afterwards, a Norwegian student is raped. When Young receives a list from the MOD police of naval personnel at the bases near where previous rapes took place, she sees Gabriel’s name on the list.

Season 20 Episode 49
Episode 229

DS Nixon identifies a prime suspect for the serial rapist enquiry, although PC Young is determined to prove that PC Kent is the rapist. Kent goads PC Cameron into assaulting him. DC Thatcher continues his vendetta against the Radfords. PC Murphy is furious with PC Powell for suggesting that her son Conor might be gay.

Season 20 Episode 50
Episode 230

The net is closing in on Alan Kennedy, the main suspect for the serial rapes. Kennedy is not at home when the police raid his flat, and several other leads – an allotment he keeps, and his (deceased) mother – also fall through. Eventually he is found through his hobby of falconry and arrested. CPS lawyer Jonathan Fox warns that more than the forensic evidence is needed to prosecute Kennedy, and reluctant witness Khadija Miah is brought into the station to identify him as her assailant. However, when Khadija runs into PC Gabriel Kent, PC Kerry Young could lose her job over the fact that she may have “tainted” the witness by showing her Gabriel’s photograph. PC Cameron Tait’s job is also on the line after his attack on Kent in the canteen. Despite Kent’s agreement to a transfer, Tait decides to leave Sun Hill, London and Kerry Young behind and he catches a cab to Heathrow to fly back to Sydney.

Season 20 Episode 51
Episode 231

With insufficient forensic evidence to charge him, DI Neil Manson and DS Samantha Nixon have 24 hours to extract a confession from serial rape suspect Alan Kennedy. CPS lawyer Jonathan Fox, who previously defended Kennedy on an assault charge, watches the proceedings with great interest, but the stress may be too much for him, and he jeopardises his relationship with Insp. Gina Gold when he makes a comment about her not having children. With police scouring Kennedy’s mother’s flat for forensic evidence or clues which will help, Manson and Nixon continue their interview, but Kennedy is a tough nut to crack. The next day, literally at the last minute, Nixon puts the pieces together and Kennedy finally confesses. Simultaneously, Dr Hugh Wallis finds a knife in the flat. With Kennedy behind bars, the relief attend a community party organised by Supt Okaro, but the fun is quickly over when a massive bomb explodes

Season 20 Episode 52
Episode 232

DI Neil Manson orders PCs Tony Stamp and Lance Powell to stay out of the wreckage of the pub where the bomb has gone off while he summons help. When Stamp realises Supt Okaro is still inside, he risks his life to rescue the Super, and manages to save him in the nick of time. Unaware of the chaos nearby, DC Rob Thatcher slips another racist hate letter into Okaro’s internal mail. When it looks like Okaro was the bomb’s intended target, Thatcher and Jerome Taylor realise their letter campaign could be their undoing when SO13 (the Anti-Terrorist Branch) investigate. Thatcher discovers CCTV footage of on of the Radford boys near the pub at the time of the explosion, and he follows the Radfords into a trap. DCI Jack Meadows takes charge when his baby with Rachel Heath is kidnapped by a religious fanatic, but when the baby is recovered, Meadows is alarmed to find Rachel doesn’t want him involved in their lives. Insp. Gina Gold steels herself to reveal her feelings to Jonathan Fox, but Fox tells her their relationship will never work as Gold is too devoted to her job. DI Manson is showing more than professional concern for the well-being of injured PC Andrea Dunbar. He tries to contact her family, but her contact numbers are all fakes. PC Lance Powell receives a text message indicating that he was the bomb’s intended target.

Season 20 Episode 53
Episode 233

PC Lance Powell tries to work out who sent him the text message about the bomb, and realises only three people had his new number: his family, his boyfriend… and Conor Murphy. Powell tells PC Sheelagh Murphy about his suspicions, and she is disgusted that he could think her son could be capable of the bombing. DCI Meadows leads a search on Sheelagh’s house, and the phone used to send the message is found in Conor’s room. Conor is arrested when he is found brawling with a friend of his. His friend admits to the bombing, and Conor admits to his mother that he is gay. With the bomber found, Supt Okaro must bite the bullet and apologise to Jerome Taylor for accusing him, but Taylor says it’s too late, and he is determined to destroy Okaro’s career. Trainee DC Gary Best goes undercover to catch a drug dealer with DC Ken Drummond and DC Rob Thatcher, but finds himself at the wrong end of a beating.

Season 20 Episode 54
Episode 234

PC Sheelagh Murphy turns to her Catholic faith for guidance after her son Conor’s announcement that he is gay, but the Church is not very helpful to her. She then asks PC Lance Powell for advice, but he tells her it’s up to her to sort things out with her son. Murphy and Powell deal with a domestic violence case between two gay men, but when they hand the case on to CSU, DS Phil Hunter convinces the victim not to proceed. When Conor doesn’t come home, Sheelagh accompanies Lance and Mark on a night out at a gay club to find him, and they witness the domestic violence first hand. DS Debbie McAllister is determined to prove that DCI Jack Meadows is making a mistake by reconciling with Rachel Heath. To prove Rachel is still “on the game”, she gets PC Gary Best to call Rachel and make an appointment at a hotel. Meadows confronts Rachel at the hotel, but she insists she was merely going to hand the client on to a friend. DCs Rob Thatcher and Ken Drummond investigate an arson attack on an ice-cream van, and when the case is linked to the Radfords, Thatcher wants to go in guns blazing until the main witness is killed in a hit-and-run.

Season 20 Episode 55
Episode 235

PC Young agrees to go undercover to help DC Rob Thatcher nail the Radfords. Rachel Heath assaults a man for telling DCI Meadows that she is still an escort. DS De Costa is unhappy at the way DS Hunter has been running CSU in her absence.

Season 20 Episode 56
Episode 236

DS Nixon’s daughter gets involved with a local criminal. Sgt Ackland and DC Carver prepare for their wedding. DCI Meadows decides to apply for custody of his son by Rachel Heath.

Season 20 Episode 57
Episode 237

PC Kent tries to dissuade Sgt June Ackland from proceeding with her marriage to DC Carver, and Marie Carver is an uninvited guest. PC Young gets caught up in the Radfords’ criminal world. DC Thatcher sets up Supt Okaro.

Season 20 Episode 58
Episode 238

PC Young witnesses the death of one of the Radfords’ prostitutes, and is ordered to hit another by Irene Radford. DC Thatcher fears the worst when a body is found in a burnt-out vehicle. DI Manson tells PC Dunbar that Supt Okaro has been caught in possession of cannabis

Season 20 Episode 59
Episode 239

Sgt Smith discovers that PC Young is working under cover with the Radfords, and organises a raid to rescue her. Supt Okaro refuses to accept a caution for possession of cannabis. PC Hollis and SRO Chambers get to know one another in a stationery cupboard.

Season 20 Episode 60
Episode 240

PC Kerry Young and Sgt Dale Smith are minutes away from a bullet in the head from Wayne Radford’s goons, when a raid on Hedley’s Club, lead by Sgt June Ackland and DCs Rob Thatcher and Ken Drummond, takes place just in time to save them. Smithy and Young are unable to say anything about their ordeal, and claim to have been innocently having a drink at the club when the raid occurred. Supt Adam Okaro and Insp Gina Gold are furious that the raid took place without their consent. David Radford is nicked for possession and mentions Kerry’s secret undercover job. Gina confronts Kerry, but unable to prove the claims (which are denied by Wayne and Irene Radford), she warns Kerry she’ll have her thrown out of the Met. DS Samantha Nixon tries files a missing persons report after her daughter Abi has not been seen for days. She tries to stay calm, but her daughter’s clothes and travelcard are found by the side of the Thames. DC Terry Perkins and DS Ramani De Costa rescue a young boy from a convicted paedophile, but De Costa catches Perkins looking at the suspect’s computer files

Season 20 Episode 61
Episode 241

DS Nixon leads the enquiry into her daughter’s disappearance. DS McAllister takes credit for Acting DC Best’s work. DS De Costa catches DC Perkins browsing a paedophile website. Perkins discusses childhood sexual abuse with his brother, Ben. PC Hemmingway struggles to deal with Shirley, who steals money from a colleague then claims to be HIV-positive.

Season 20 Episode 62
Episode 242

DC Perkins tracks down the man who abused him and his brother as children. PC Hemmingway tries to stop a young woman from selling her baby. DS McAllister’s nanny has been working as a prostitute from her flat. DS Nixon is convinced that missing daughter Abi has been taken against her will.

Season 20 Episode 63
Episode 243

Wayne Radford has been found dead in his prison cell. It appears to be suicide, but Radford also has a number of bruises and cigarette burns on his body. Insp. Gina Gold hears from Radford’s cellmate that a copper was spreading rumours that Wayne was a child killer. Malcolm Willard’s garden centre has reported him missing, and DS Ramani De Costa is concerned as she suspects DC Terry Perkins has been to see his childhood abuser. PC Reg Hollis and PC Steve Hunter find Willard alive and well at his home, but are called back later to find DC Perkins’ brother Ben trying to drown Willard, who is later shot dead. PC Andrea Dunbar is on a crusade to clear Supt Adam Okaro’s name, and angers DI Neil Manson when she illegally submits one of Jerome Taylor’s cigarette butts for a DNA test, to prove that he planted the marijuana in Supt Okaro’s car.

Season 20 Episode 64
Episode 244

Malcolm Willard has been shot dead from long range, and once again DC Terry Perkins and his brother Ben are in the frame. Perkins is shocked when he turns up at CID to hear that Willard is dead, and that MIT want to interview him. Perkins and DS Ramani De Costa head to Ben’s lockup, where they find an empty rifle case. Perkins and De Costa head to the old Perkins house where the abuse took place, and SO19 storm in and arrest Ben, but he is later cleared as the bullet that killed Willard was a different calibre. Supt Adam Okaro is on trial for drug possession, and DI Neil Manson’s wife is his defence barrister. His chances are not looking good though, as the prosecution tears through witnesses PC Steve Hunter and DC Rob Thatcher. DI Manson and PC Andrea Dunbar discover that the DNA on the drugs matches that of Jerome Taylor, and they locate the man who sold Taylor the drugs. Needing an excuse to arrest him so they can get a legitimate DNA sample, Manson goads Taylor into attacking him. Okaro is cleared of all charges, but returns to the station to find they may have a serial sniper on the manor, and that Taylor may have had inside help from DC Thatcher

Season 20 Episode 65
Episode 245

PCs Powell and Hunter attend to a carjacking. Supt Okaro briefs the relief that there is a serial sniper on the loose in Canley. DS Nixon continues the search for her missing daughter. Okaro confronts DC Thatcher over planting cannabis in his car.

Season 20 Episode 66
Episode 246

DC Suzie Sim arrives to join CSU, and she excels on her first day when she and trainee DC Gary Best investigate the racial harassment and sexual assault of an asylum seeker. The perpetrator is Bradley Perkins, the son of DC Terry Perkins’ brother Ben, and Sim expresses her concern to DS Ramani De Costa that Ben’s actions may be due to him being sexually abused himself. DS Samantha Nixon is frantic about an apparent suicide e-mail from her daughter Abi, as well as reports that Abi had frequented a suicide website. Profiler Dr Hugh Wallis assures Nixon that the writing style doesn’t match, and one of the website’s users says that Abi was not suicidal. PC Kerry Young is disillusioned with her job and her colleagues, and takes her frustration out on them. PC Steve Hunter gives PC Honey Harman the cold shoulder after he hears she’s been gossiping about their date to her mates.

Season 20 Episode 67
Episode 247

DS De Costa investigates allegations of child abuse against DC Perkins’s brother, Ben. PCs Harman and Hunter attend an incident at a dog track, and see DC Carver talking to Harman’s ex-fiancé, Fletch. PCs Stamp and Hollis are called to an incident of vandalism at a church. DS Nixon and profiler Dr Hugh Wallis are convinced that Abi Nixon has been abducted.

Season 20 Episode 68
Episode 248

DCI Jack Meadows arrives in a sleepy village for the funeral of old friend and colleague Ted Roach, who has been killed in a hit-and-run on a lonely country road. Also attending the service are his former Sun Hill colleagues, Bob Cryer and Alec Peters. Unsatisfied with the investigation by the local police, Meadows decides to do some digging of his own, and has a run-in with the local police sergeant. They discover some startling facts about their old friend: Ted had been having an affair with the sergeant’s wife, and had just discovered he was terminally ill. The trio track down the man who hit him, and Meadows convinces him that it wasn’t his fault – Ted wanted to die. As Meadows prepares to return to London, he suffers a heart attack and collapses. Meanwhile, back at Sun Hill, DC Terry Perkins isn’t handling his suspicions that his brother has abused his children at all well, and puts in for a transfer out of PPU and back into CID

Season 20 Episode 69
Episode 249

DC Thatcher initiates a failed raid on the Radfords’ club. DS McAllister and DC Sim investigate a stabbing. DS Nixon receives a video that suggests that Abi has been abducted. DC Carver organises a collection for DCI Jack Meadows.

Season 20 Episode 70
Episode 250

Insp Gina Gold warns PC Kerry Young that her job is on the line if she continues to consort with David Radford. PC Gabriel Kent and PC Andrea Dunbar find an 11-year-old blind girl who has been seriously assaulted in her own home. A neighbour identifies the mother’s ex-boyfriend as the culprit, but DC Suzie Sim is furious that PC Dunbar has not followed procedure and their only forensic evidence is lost. Their suspect, Christopher Spinks, is in court, but is released on bail. As Spinks leaves the courthouse, he is shot dead – the third victim of the serial sniper. DS Debbie McAllister visits one of DCI Meadows’s snouts for information on a lingerie robbery. DC Jim Carver is up to his neck in gambling debts

Season 20 Episode 71
Episode 251

DSs Nixon and Hunter continue to investigate Abi’s disappearance. Supt Okaro is under pressure to catch the Sun Hill sniper. PC Young gets jealous when she catches David Radford with another woman. PC Dunbar feels threatened by DC Sim’s relationship with DI Manson.

Season 20 Episode 72
Episode 252

PC Young sabotages an armed robbery but is arrested over her involvement. She uncovers PC Dunbar as a journalist and tells PC Kent that she knows his true identity, and gives them both ultimatums. Supt Okaro is under pressure to find the Sun Hill sniper and uncover the station mole.

Season 20 Episode 73
Episode 253

PC Young goes missing and fears for her safety grow after David Radford’s threat to kill her, and a break-in at her home.

Season 20 Episode 74
Episode 254

After being gunned down by PC Gabriel Kent, PC Kerry Young is left fighting for her life in the arms of Sgt Dale Smith. Moments after declaring their love for each other Smithy cradles Kerry’s limp and dying body as she struggles for breath and to stay awake. She is taken to hospital where she loses all consciousness, and Smithy looks on helplessly as doctors try to resuscitate her. But Kerry is tragically pronounced dead. Gabriel breathes a sigh of relief knowing she can no longer reveal his darkest secrets. But how will he react to the revelation that Kerry was pregnant with his child when she died?

Season 20 Episode 75
Episode 255

PC Hemmingway’s sister is badly beaten and Shirley Moss returns. PC Dunbar fears that her role as an undercover journalist is about to be exposed. DS Nixon puzzles over a cryptic message left by Abi’s abductor. PC Kent tries to cope with the news that PC Young was carrying his child.

Season 20 Episode 76
Episode 256

DCs Carver and Drummond investigate the collapse of a drugs mule. PC Hemmingway reports her brother-in-law for assault. Sgt Ackland confronts Carver over his debts. DCI Meadows returns to duty after a heart attack.

Season 20 Episode 77
Episode 257

PC Roger Valentine returns to the Met and immediately makes an impression by cracking down on muggings. DC Carver persuades Sgt Ackland to lend him £3,000. DS Nixon fears for her daughter after viewing CCTV footage of her abduction.

Season 20 Episode 78
Episode 258

Members of the relief pay their respects at PC Young’s funeral. PC Kent delivers a eulogy, while PC Dunbar takes photos of the event. DC Carver is afraid that an investigation into an illegal racing scam will uncover his ownership of one of the dogs. DCI Meadows and DS McAllister get close when investigating a case

Season 20 Episode 79
Episode 259

DS McAllister leads a major drugs investigation. Sgt Smith doubts PC Kent’s assertion that PC Young was carrying his child, but PC Dunbar tells him that Young had claimed that Kent raped her.

Season 20 Episode 80
Episode 260

Sgt Smith and PC Kent are paired on a case. PC Young’s father collects his murdered daughter’s belongings. Acting DC Best believes he’s stumbled across a dismembered body.

Season 20 Episode 81
Episode 261

Insp Gold uncovers the truth about the murder of DC Thatcher’s father when a man is shot after vandalising Wayne Radford’s grave. Sgt Smith tries to gain PC Kent’s trust while urging PC Dunbar to expose him. DS Hunter catches DI Manson in a passionate embrace Dunbar.

Season 20 Episode 82
Episode 262

DC Thatcher seeks vengeance for the murder of his father. DS Nixon receives a series of macabre messages from her daughter’s abductor. DS Hunter taunts DI Manson over his affair with PC Dunbar.

Season 20 Episode 83
Episode 263

DS Nixon leads a frantic search for her daughter, held captive in a freight container

Season 20 Episode 84
Episode 264

DS Nixon is appalled to discover that she has been set up by Dr Hugh Wallis and daughter Abi. Meanwhile, Peter Baxter is charged with the abduction. Probationary PC Amber Johannsen has an unimprssive first day at Sun Hill. DS De Costa deals with a woman who claims to be the victim of domestic abuse.

Season 20 Episode 85
Episode 265

DC Carver tells Sgt Ackland about his debts, but understates the extent, spoiling her retirement party. PC Johannsen seduces PC Hunter. DS De Costa is appointed head of the new Vulnerable Persons Unit.

Season 20 Episode 86
Episode 266

DCs Perkins and Sim investigate an assault on a child. DC Carver reveals the full extent of his gambling debts, but is promptly abducted by a loan shark. PC Hemmingway discovers that her sister has been attacked and suspects Shirley Moss. PC Johannsen keeps her distance from PC Hunter.

Season 20 Episode 87
Episode 267

Yvonne has to deal with her niece when she is found unconscious having taken ecstasy pills left lying around her flat. Jim returns to work telling his colleagues that the trip has been delayed following an outbreak of legionnaires disease. Andrea tells Gabriel that it wasn’t her who told MIT about Kerry’s rape allegation but Smithy

Season 20 Episode 88
Episode 268

A new PC Leela Kapoor is transferred to Sun Hill but she finds it hard to get on with her partner PC Sheelagh Murphy because she was involved in the suspension of one of Sheelagh’s old friends. After no sign of the promised money from his wife June, DC Jim Carver steals a watch which is evidence from a burglary. Sgt Mark Rollins is assigned to Sun Hill after a suspected sniper shooting but tension soon arises between him and boyfriend PC Lance Powell when Mark is uncomfortable with Lance’s openness about being gay.

Season 20 Episode 89
Episode 269

DC Jim Carver gambles the proceeds of the stolen watch on a horse. DC Ken Drummond is furious when he finds out but he manages to get the watch back and June clears Jim’s debts. PC Andrea Dunbar’s editor receives a grilling from Superintendent Adam Okaro. Her editor warns her to walk away while she still can but Andrea convinces him that there is still so much for her report. The net is closing in on the sniper and Smithy finds his rifle. Gabriel phones the sniper to warn that the police have come to get him but it’s too late and Gabriel ends up pushing the sniper to his death but is seen by PC Steve Hunter

Season 20 Episode 90
Episode 270

Sgt Mark Rollins surprises his boyfriend PC Lance Powell with a shock marriage proposal. PC Amber Johannsen kisses a barmaid at the Christmas do and PC Andrea Dunbar kisses Smithy, oblivious to the fact that DI Neil Manson has seen them. Shirley is found in a car crash and a stash of cocaine is found in the vehicle. She refuses to talk and PC Yvonne Hemmingway can’t help but think the worst of her but after eventually hearing the whole story she realizes she may have judged Shirley too harshly.

Season 20 Episode 91
Episode 271

Shirley finally accepts PC Yvonne Hemmingway’s apology but Shirley takes a turn for the worse and Yvonne has to face up to the uncomfortable fact that she could be responsible for Shirley’s death. Yvonne refuses to pull any strings to help her sister, who is suspected of possession of cocaine after her part in Shirley’s downfall. PC Lance Powell accepts Sgt Mark Rollin’s proposal. PC Andrea Dunbar is injured at the club and DI Neil Manson rushes to her bedside only to find Smithy has got there first

Season 20 Episode 92
Episode 272

Insp Gold is determined to convict Irene Radford, who returns to Sun Hill claiming to have cancer. Acting DC Best follows a lead about a robbery at a freight yard. DS Hunter monitors a prison meeting between Irene and son David, but is distracted by an old flame. PC Harman is upset that PC Johannsen has taken PC Hunter’s innocence. DS Nixon tries to accept that daughter Abi has chosen Hugh Wallis over her.

Season 20 Episode 93
Episode 273

Inspector Gina Gold is taken prisoner at gun point by Irene Radford. The two women talk and realize they have more in common than both of them had realized but Irene orders the death of Jack Gaunt to show Gina she means business. Irene arranges for a plane to come and help her escape just as the police arrive. Gina tries to reason with Irene who says she will never go to prison and she looks like she’s getting there when DC Rob Thatcher turns up and shoots Irene dead. Meanwhile Sam finds out about Phil and the prison Liaison officer and Honey has it out with Steve about having sex with Amber in a pub toilet!

Season 20 Episode 94
Episode 274

DS Ramani de Costa is left to cope with the new Vulnerable Persons Unit which is low on staff while most of the other officers are dealing with a robbery so DCI Jack Meadows assigns DC Terry Perkins to assist Ramani on a case concerning a young man suspected of being a paedophile. Meanwhile it’s Lance’s stag do and after talking to Sheelagh, Lance decides he’s doing the right thing in marrying Mark but in his stag do he goes out to make a phone call and is kidnapped by a group who put a bag over his head and pull him into the back of a van. Phil apologises to Sam about the prison liaison officer.