DS Jo Morgan

Portrayed By Mary Jo Randle

First Appearance Keeping Out Of Trouble 9/3/93

Final Appearance Bait 12/10/95

Call Sign

Jo Morgan was a woman in a male dominated CID office but you wouldn’t know it if you saw her at work. She fitted well into the team and took no nonsense off nobody, she got results.  Jo transferred away to go to the South East Regional Crime Squad.  Jo then returned to Sun Hill temporarily to give evidence for the trial of a drug dealer. We then saw Jo at Sun Hill when she returned one final time to help find the perpetrator who was threatening the life of June Ackland.  It came as no surprise that Jo cracked the case, however she reached her conclusions a little late as June was preparing to leaving the station, Jo dashed out to warn June of the danger she was in. June was saved but Jo was gunned down and killed in the process.  Jo’s death was doubly tragic for fans, for Jo had just announced her return to Sun Hill CID.



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IMDb https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0709825/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

Where Can I See Mary Jo Now?
We are waiting to hear of Mary-Jo’s next role, please watch this space for more info.