DC Jacob Banks

Portrayed By: Patrick Robinson

First appearance: R.I.P. P.I. #589 (23.4.08)

Final appearance: Respect: Part 2

DC Jacob Banks arrived at policing in his thirties after a career in teaching. He transferred to Sun Hill after spending two years on the beat and then working as a DC for a year at another station. As a detective Banksy displayed many of the qualities found in teachers: good communication skills with all ages; a desire to bring out the best in people and a empathetic nature. He worked well with whom ever he was paired with and could be a trusted confidant of his colleagues. Both DI Sam Nixon and DI Neil Manson, held Banksy in high regard.  Banksy was married a high flying barrister, Naomi, whose ambitions were seen in abundance at Sun Hill.  At times they were at odds with each other in the interview rooms, but managed to keep a level of professionalism throughout.



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Where Can I See Patrick Now?

Patrick can be seen in the final Netflix series of The Last Kingdom.