Studio Locations

Over the years The Bill was filmed in and around three different studios in London:

  • Artichoke Hill
  • Barlby Road
  • Deer Park Road


Artichoke Hill

The first studio was in Artichoke Hill in London’s borough of Tower Hamlets .This studio was used in the 1980s and since then the whole area has been completely regenerated, much of the area is completely unrecognisable.  At the time of filming there was a printers strike in Wapping which caused disruption to filming, (leading to the first series of The Bill being one episode short). So decision was made to move the studio.

Below is a Google Map Link to Artichoke Hill.


Barlby Road

After the fiasco of the striking printers the studios were moved in 1987 somewhere a little quieter. Now just to confuse things the studio was in a building in Barlby Road. W10. However, the external shots of Sun Hill Police Station did not actually happen outside the studios but actually in a building on the corner of Freston Road and Evesham Street.

Link to Barlby Road on Google Maps

And if you would like a quick sneaky peak at Freston Road click this link:


Deer Park Road

The studio was moved for one final time due to the threat of building a railway workshop. The final home for The Bill was an old wine warehouse in Deer Park Road, Wimbledon.  Much of the surrounding areas of Wimbledon, Wimbeldon villiage, Morden High Street, Tooting High Street, Colliers Wood (directly outside of the tube station) were used during outside filming.

Google Map Link: