DC Liz Rawton

Portrayed By: Libby Davison

First Appearance Liar

Final Appearance Slash and Burn

In an era where female detectives had to prove their worth Liz didn’t have to become one of the boys to gain their respect. Liz was a good, honest officer who cared about getting the right result often to the detriment of her own family and personal life. Liz hit the ground running and within moments of her arrival at Sun Hill she was dashing to the aid of her colleague DC Suzi Croft whom was having a difficult day in court. Liz was able to see the potential in younger officers, work alongside more senior ranks as an equal and was one of the very few who took time to listen and assist Rosie Fox during her harassment by Eddie Santini. After surviving a kidnap in 1999 Liz took some time away from the front line and took up a teaching post at Hendon.
This was not the last we saw of Liz, promoted to Detective Sergeant whilst at Hendon, DI Frank Burnside called upon her to assist him investigating some dodgy detectives in Newcastle. Of course things got a bit messy when Liz’ cousin Cheryl was found to be dating a gangster caught up in the investigation, but Liz kept her head and all turned out for the best in the end.
Of course Liz didn’t stay as a sergeant for long and on her final trip to Sun Hill she arrived as acting DI. Working on Operation Magenta Liz and her team worked alongside Sun Hill’s finest to catch a serial rapist who had been attacking prostitutes for many years. Liz left with her love life in tatters after her fiance couldn’t cope with the job finished with her. Really Liz was married to the job and lets be honest the job was lucky to have her.

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We are not too sure what Libby will be appearing in next, it seems as though she hasn’t been in anything in a while, but when we hear of a new project we will be sure to let you know.