Guest Stars 1990s



John Alford appeared in Beat Crime.  He also appeared in Discretion (1991) and 017: A Run Of Good Luck (2002).


Paul O’Grady’s final appearance in the episode Information Received.  He also appeared in Personal Imports (1988) and Personal Imports (1989).



Chesney Hawkes played a character called Colin in the episode, Photo Finish.



Emma Bunton in the episode Missionary Work.


Dean Gaffney in Real Villians, he also appeared in Loyalties (1992) and 458: Every Jack Has His Jill (2006).


Catherine Tate in Give and Take.  She also appeared in Fly on the Wall (1994) and A Rock and A Hard Plaice (1997).


Russel Brand in Land of The Blind.



Kiera Knightly in Swan Song.


David Tennant in Deadline.


Ray Winstone played villian Jack Mackenzie in Mitigating Circumstances.  He also appeared in the episode Innocence in 1991.



In 1996 Cathy Shipton played Alice Merchant. She also played Liz Clough in 2003.



Anita Dobson played Jane Elliot in an episode called Has Anybody Here Seen Bigmouth? In 2005 she also played PC Steve Hunter’s mum Lynne Hunter in 326: Dangerous Relationships.


Letita Dean played Amanda Ronson in Playing With Fire.


Rik Mayall played Patrick Massie in Humpty Dumpty Part 2 & Part 3.


Joanne Froggatt in Unlucky in Love


James McAvoy played Gavin Young in Rent.



Martin Kemp played Tom Marsh in The Bus Driver’s Prayer.


Hugh Laurie played lawyer Harrap in Good Faith Part 1.


Denise Van Outen in The Personal Touch.


Emmanuel Petit played himself in an episode called Christmas Star.



Roger Daltry played Larry Moore in Cracked Up.


Omid Djalili played Yilmaz Demirtas.