DI Neil Manson

Portrayed by Andrew Lancel

First appearance: #178 (24.12.03)

Final appearance: Respect – Part 2

When Neil arrived at Sun Hill he wasn’t the most pleasant of characters.  He was very up-tight and it took a while for his working methods and those of his senior officer Jack Meadows to not conflict.  The pair often disagreed with each other leading to their Superintendent to bring in DC Jo Masters into the CID, with the hope they would join forces to deal with her.  Neil also took a real dislike to DC Eva Sharpe, eventually arranging a transfer for her, Jack Meadows found a more suitable transfer for Eva.  Later we saw Neil relax, although only a little, and he became a much more pleasant officer to work for.

Neil Manson’s time at Sun Hill was rather eventful.  During his long stint in CID Neil had to deal with the fallout of Don Beach fiasco, Don first puppy walked Neil many years ago and now the boot was on the other foot, Neil was in charge, or so he thought.  It was under Neil’s supervision that Don tricked him and escaped.  Neil has also been arrested by Jack Meadows for murder whilst being investigated by the National Crime Squad. Jack, Suzie Simm and Phil Hunter come to his aide and it was discovered that it was Mickey Webb’s then girlfriend who was the mole in the National Crime Squad and Neil had been fitted up. Neil also became heavily involved with the case of a missing child Amy Tenannt Neil promised the father, James Tenannt that they would continue to search for the child, it took a year but finally Amy was found.

Neil’s personal life has been on quite shaky ground, after an affair with undercover reporter Andrea Dunbarr his marriage broke down.  His Father-in-law Deputy Assistant Comissioner Roy Person also put Neil in a more than awkward situation both at home and at work after it was discovered that Person was using rent boys, Person was forced to resign.  However, it was when Neil’s young son, Jake, became ill with leukaemia that Neil’s world fell apart.  He took some time away from the office to spend some time with him. Thankfully Jake was making signs of recovery when we last saw him.  Neil’s personal life was beginning to turn around also, with a burgeoning relationship with DC Grace Dasari.


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