PC Cass Rickman

Portrayed by Suzanne Maddock

First Appearance Borderline (29/06/99)

Final Appearance # 070 (11/12/02)

Call Sign 518 

Cass Rickman, a cheerful, honest Liverpudlian, a hard worker who got on well with other members of the team: an ideal combination to make an excellent police officer. Luckily for Sun Hill Cass arrived in 1999. Although her stay was relatively short in comparison to some officers Cass left her mark with her colleagues and viewers alike. Both Sam Harker and Nick Klein held a torch for Cass but Cass’ tastes were far more complicated. She fell for Leroy Jones a yardie criminal who once took her on a bank robbery, an episode that would put her career in jeopardy. They met for one final time in his cell after his arrest and decided in another life they would get together.

A keen clubber Cass had dabbled with drugs alongside her friend Nick Klein. Unlike Nick who went on to battle with addiction Cass was deterred at an early stage when another friend, Rob Ingram collapsed and died after taking drugs. Worryingly for Cass, Cathy Bradford came across an ecstasy tab in her bag, she flushed it away but not before letting Cass know that she had her in her pocket.

Sadly Cass’ career and life was cut short. Whilst the rest of the station were enjoying the delights of Robbie Cryer’s hard work: a singing competition: Cop Idol, Cass was making her way to meet Simon Kitson to end her relationship with him. Her journey was cut short by Simon’s sister Pat, whom we and Cass later discovered was the Sun Hill serial killer. Cass’ body was found on the banks of the River Thames by a devastated Nick Klein. Sun Hill and its viewers were in mourning once again.



PC Cass Rickman: Smithy thinks the lotus position is having sex in a flash car.

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Where Can I See Suzanne Now?
You can find Suzanne acting in a short film which can be found on The Bill Podcast Patreon channel.