An Extra Quiz For Those Who Are Feeling Clever

1. Name the 5 Inspectors that have been stationed at Sun Hill.

2. Name the six officers who died during the firebombing of the station at Sun Hill in April 2002.

3. Who was the probationer who arrived at Sun Hill on the same day as PC Emma Keane in 2006?

4 Can you name the 3 spin off series that have spun off from The Bill?

5. Who was Jim Carver speaking about when he asked this question? “How is the dragon this morning? Is she breathing fire or smoking it?

6. The show has travelled abroad three times in the past twenty five years. Can you name the three countries that the show has visited? (NOT including any episodes that may show later in the year!!)

7. What was the name of Chief Superintendant Charles Brownlow’s secretary?

8. Who drove a van loaded with petrol cans into the front of Sun Hill station killing Andrea Dunbarr, Ken Dummond and Marilyn Chambers?

9. DC Rob Thatcher was sent in a spin when the Radford family arrived in Sun Hill. But why did he hate the Radford family so much?

10. What television show did Cathy Bradford appear on to talk about Polly Page being imprisoned on a murder charge?

11. Whose call sign is Sierra 1?

12. What was the name of Phil Hunter’s brother who came to work in Sun Hill?

13. PC Luke Ashton got caught up in a love triangle, who were the two other officers that he got entangled with?

14. Which two CID officers fell for Superintendant Tom Chandlers charms?

15. Can you name 3 officers who have battled addictions?

16. How did PC Honey Harmen first meet Scott Burnett her husband-to-be?

17. The Bill had its first live episode to celebrate to celebrate 20years of the show on our screens in 2003. In 2005 The Bill had its second live episode. What special occasion was being celebrated at this time?

18. Which PC joined Sun Hill in 2004, answers to the call sign Sierra Oscar 275 and has suffered from post traumatic stress?




The Answers to the quiz… let us know how you got on.

1. Inspector Sam Deeping
Inspector Brian Kite
Inspector Christine Frazer
Inspector Andrew Monroe
Inspector Gina Gold

2. PC Di Worrell, PC Ben Hayward, DC Paul Riley, Inspector Andrew Monroe, PC Sam Harker and DC Kate Spears

3. Lewis Hardy

4. Burnside
Beach is Back
MIT: Murder Investigation Team

5. Inspector Gina Gold

6. France (1999)
Australia (2001)
Romania (2006)

7. Marion

8. PCSO Colin Fairfax

9. Rob’s policeman father Brian was shot by the Radfords in 1983 whilst trying to stop an armed robbery.

10. What television show did Cathy Bradford appear on to talk about Polly Page being imprisoned on a murder charge?

11. Inspector Gina Gold

12. PC Steve Hunter

13. PC Kerry Young and Sergeant Craig Gilmore

14. DC Kate Spears & DS Debbie McAllister

15. PC Nick Klein (drugs 2003)
PC Jim Carver (drink & gambling 2004/5)
DS Phil Hunter (sex addict 2005)

16 She met him as she was the family liaison officer assigned to him after his wife Karen disappeared, (we find out in later episodes Scott killed her, that’s his first wife not Honey!).

17. ITV celebrating its 50th year of broadcasting.

18. PC Roger Valentine