DC Kerry Holmes

Portrayed by Joy Brook

First Appearance The Cross

Final Appearance All Fall Down, Part Two

Call Sign


Kerry was an officer who knew her own mind. She had no problem fighting her own corner, whether it was with her superior officers or her colleagues. Kerry was quite intelligent and had often been able to put together the pieces of a crime long before her colleagues. This pieced together with enthusiasm and fearlessness made Kerry quite a formidable character. One memorable storyline saw Kerry working undercover in a women’s prison, not only did she piece together the crime but she also gained the trust of the prisoners, one of which later contacted her for help at a later date. Although Kerry would on occasion not follow her senior officers instructions to the letter, she was as straight as they come, so when CIB investigated Sun Hill CID after the Don Beech affair Kerry was highly offended that she was investigated too. She left Sun Hill rather than have her career any more tainted by her Detective Sergeant’s corruption.




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