DCI Gordon Wray

Portrayed by: Clive Wood

First Appearance A Case to Answer

Final Appearance Street Smart

Call Sign

DCI Gordon Wray’s time at Sun Hill was short but a turbulent one. He’d worked alongside Sun Hill officers twice before taking on the role. Although he had ruffled Frank Burnside’s feathers Gordon got the job done, and far more by the rule book than Burnside.  When he arrived on a full-time basis to Sun Hill Burnside was livid. Wray didn’t tiptoe around his superior officer Brownlow, he refused to join in on extra-curricular activities, preferring to keep work and home life separate, or so he said. Gordon’s arrival at Sun Hill did please one officer, June Ackland, before long the pair were in the throws of an affair. Their relationship quickly became station gossip.  His wife got wind of the affair, she complained to his seniors and Gordon was quickly transferred out of Sun Hill with his career in tatters.



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Where Can I See Clive Now?

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