PC Richard Turnham

Portrayed by: Chris Humphreys

First Appearance 1990

Final Appearance 1993

Call Sign


PC Richard Turnham was a step apart from his uniformed colleagues at Sun Hill. Yes, he liked to get stuck in to the action and bring the baddies to account but he also enjoyed a gentile cup of tea with Chief Superintendent Brownlow. Richard was never going to stay long at Sun Hill, walking the beat was a necessary step up the career ladder. Off screen Richard was described as a seagull, he flies in, craps over everyone and flies back off again! In his last station he did just that, leaving after having an affair with a senior officer’s wife. PC Dave Quinnan learnt of this affair and took enjoyment in bringing it into conversation. Of course it wasn’t long before Richard left Sun Hill, after passing investigation by MI11 he left to join Special Branch. There is no doubt that in TV world, Richard Turnham will be now eyeing up the position of the Police Commissioner for the MET.




IMDb https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0401977/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

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Where Can I See Chris Now?
You can currently hear Chris on a The Bill Podcast.  Chris has also written a plethora of novels, please check his official site for further details.