Season 18

Season 18 Episode 1

PCs Taviner and Hollis bunk off work to spend a day at the seaside. Back at Sun Hill, SC Knowles tries to take down a blonde’s particulars when she jumps a red light.

Season 18 Episode 2
Not to Praise Him

There is trouble at the funeral of Terry Knowles, where his sister blames the police for her brother’s death. Meanwhile, a massive manhunt is launched with a reconstruction of the murder for a TV programme.

Season 18 Episode 3
Do Not Pass Go

PCs Taviner, Hollis and Klein do a little unauthorised investigation and manage to get a lead on the car used in the murder of Terry Knowles.

Season 18 Episode 4

PCs Quinnan and Page search for a girl with Down’s syndrome who has been reported missing. When she is found it transpires that she is pregnant, raising many difficult issues.

Season 18 Episode 5
Set in Stone

New PC Cathy Bradford makes an immediate impression after overpowering a thug who has escaped Sgt Gilmore’s clutches and made a run for it. Paired with PC Hollis, she investigates vandalism at a graveyard, and has a falling out with PC Quinnan over a suspect.

Season 18 Episode 6
The Bill [ 1 ] 

PCs Bradford and Carver try to catch a petty thief who has been targeting a local gym, but they discover a serious case of steroid abuse.

Season 18 Episode 7
The Bill [ 2 ] 

Sgt. Boyden is called to the scene of a traffic accident involving an overturned lorry containing chest freezers, and uncovers a people trafficking scam.

Season 18 Episode 8
The Bill [ 3 ] 

PCs Quinnan and Page go under cover as a married hoteliers in an attempt to expose an illegal immigration racket. When Page uses her charms on the target, Quinnan cannot disguise his jealousy.

Season 18 Episode 9
The Bill [ 4 ] 

PCs Quinnan and Page come under pressure from Berisha, while PC Hollis helps Petrit rescue his sister from a brothel.

Season 18 Episode 10
The Bill [ 5 ] 

PCs Quinnan and Page find their old passion reviving as they settle into their roles as a husband and wife running a hotel. PC Stamp is shocked to see his colleagues getting intimate by virtue of the CCTV camera in their room.

Season 18 Episode 11
The Bill [ 6 ] 

PC Quinnan gives PC Page an ultimatum: accept his proposal of marriage, or he will transfer to another station. The sting operation draws to a close as officers raid the hotel, but Berisha appears to have made good his escape.

Season 18 Episode 12
Episode 001

Supt Chandler is concerned about a number of attacks and complaints of credit card fraud and orders an undercover operation in a pole dancing club. He then slopes off work to meet up with a mystery woman in a seedy hotel.

Season 18 Episode 13
Episode 002

DS Singh and DC Glaze find guns under the seat of a registered to a recently-released armed robber, but he denies all knowledge and is later found dead. DCI Meadows and Supt Chandler disagree over how to handle a racist march. Chandler continues his illicit relationship with DC Spears.

Season 18 Episode 14
Episode 003

DS Singh appears to have started a race war, and is assigned to investigate the attack for which he is responsible. PC Carver and Sgt Ackland investigate a series of thefts.

Season 18 Episode 15
Episode 004

The race war escalates and PC Stamp comes under petrol bomb attack. DS McAllister suspects that DC Spears is sleeping with Supt Chandler.

Season 18 Episode 16
Episode 005

PC Bradford investigates a jewellery robbery and a spate of petty thefts. Supt Chandler is concerned about the growing racial tension in Canley but sends Ch Insp Conway to a meeting with community leaders so he can entertain DC Spears.

Season 18 Episode 17
Episode 006

Sun Hill is in shock after the death of Ch Insp Conway. DS Singh decides to confront prime suspect Jeff Simpson.

Season 18 Episode 18
Episode 007

PCs Taviner and Hollis catch a teenage drug dealer and Taviner helps himself to the boy’s cash before giving generously to a collection for the late Ch Insp Conway. Racial violence erupts throughout Canley when a march by white supremacists is given the go-ahead.

Season 18 Episode 19
Episode 008

Supt Chandler struggles to coordinate the police response to outbreaks of violence in advance of a white supremacist march. PC Carver has to rescue Sgt Ackland from a masked gang. PC Taviner is anxious to retrieve a forged £50 note from Ch Insp Conway’s collection. Sun Hill station is the target of attacks by gangs of youths.

Season 18 Episode 20
Episode 009

Sun Hill officers attempt to come to terms with the death of four officers after the station was firebombed. DCs Lennox and Glaze track down prime suspect Simpson but he denies any involvement in the bombing. Supt Chandler tells DCI Meadows to rein DC Webb in.


Season 18 Episode 21
Episode 010 

DS McAllister is determined to secure the conviction of a safecracker, despite the loss of evidence in the Sun Hill fire. Sgt Boyden sees an opportunity and gets made acting inspector. PC Taviner maintains a bedside vigil by survivor PC Harker.

Season 18 Episode 22
Episode 011

Officers from MIT arrive to investigate the Sun Hill fire, and suspect it may have been an inside job. PC Carver and Sgt Ackland are caught out in a lie as they try to keep their relationship a secret. DC Webb tries to throw the blame onto Supt Chandler.

Season 18 Episode 23
Episode 012

DC Eva Sharpe arrives at Sun Hill and is thrown in at the deep end as her new colleagues attend the memorial service. PC Carver tries to patch things up with Sgt Ackland. DS McAllister sees an opportunity and offers herself to Supt Chandler.

Season 18 Episode 24
Episode 013

Harry Fullerton confesses to the Sun Hill firebombing and is arrested. DCs Glaze and Sharpe investigate an assault on a taxi driver. DC Webb tries to find evidence against Supt Chandler. Sgt Ackland puts her job before her relationship with PC Carver.

Season 18 Episode 25
Episode 014

DC Sharpe investigates a scam involving stolen girocheques. PC Rickman takes an ecstasy tablet while off duty, only to be called to work. PCs Taviner and Hollis search Hullerton’s apartment. DCI Meadows and DC Webb put Supt Chandler under pressure, while DS McAllister offers some relief.

Season 18 Episode 26
Episode 015

PCs Klein and Rickman deal with a case of domestic violence call. PC Taviner and DC Glaze are determined to prove Fullerton’s innocence. DI Cullen is suspicious of the relationship between Supt Chandler and DS McAllister.

Season 18 Episode 27
Episode 016

Having secured the release of Harry Fullerton, PC Taviner and DC Glaze try to find evidence against Jeff Simpson. DCI Meadows and DC Webb continue to look for scandal in Supt Chandler’s past. Sgt Ackland allows her feelings for PC Carver to compromise an investigation.

Season 18 Episode 28
Episode 017

DS McAllister and DC Sharpe investigate a bungled armed robbery. PC Taviner produces evidence that connects Simpson with the firebomb attack.

Season 18 Episode 29
Episode 018

DCI Meadows agrees to a deal with an old school villain. PC Taviner tries to plant evidence to prove Simpson’s guilt.

Season 18 Episode 30
Episode 019

DCs Glaze and Sharpe investigate an alleged paedophile. Glaze also has to decide whether to back up PC Taviner’s story about Simpson’s confession. Sgt Gilmore is annoyed by the increasingly homophobic Acting Insp Boyden. PC Stamp organises a five-a-side football match against a team of young offenders.

Season 18 Episode 31
Episode 020

PC Stamp puppy-walks new recruit PC Gary Best and they investigate a series of muggings. PCs Rickman and Klein spend another evening on the town with some class ‘A’ drugs.

Season 18 Episode 32
Episode 021

PCs Klein and Rickman attend the scene of a suicide then find children playing in contaminated waste and try to find out where it came from. DC Webb presses PC Taviner for some dirt on Supt Chandler from their time at Hendon. A new police inspector is transferred to Sun Hill.

Season 18 Episode 33
Episode 022

PC Ashton returns to the Met after three years, and gets an unusually hard time from Sgt Gilmore. The new Community Safety Unit finally opens. DC Webb gets some information on Supt Chandler’s past from a former colleague. PC Best rekindles a romance with an ex-girlfriend.

Season 18 Episode 34
Episode 023

PC Ashton and Sgt Gilmore investigate a homophobic assault. PC Rickman gets involved in a bitter row between a father and daughter. PCs Stamp and Best catch Lee Dwyer robbing a newsagent. PC Taviner receives a disturbing letter from Jeff Simpson.

Season 18 Episode 35
Episode 024

DCs Drummond and Glaze investigate an arson attack on flats occupied by sitting tenants. TDC Kane investigates an alleged assault on a teenager by his girlfriend’s father. Insp Gold and PC Ashton are the subject of separate official complaints. DS McAllister has some important news for Supt Chandler

Season 18 Episode 36
Episode 025

PC Stamp steps in to defend Lee Dwyer from accusations of vandalism. PC Taviner receives a series of text messages threaatening to expose his lie. PC Klein is shocked when the previous evening’s conquest turns up for duty at Sun Hill. DS McAllister and Supt Chandler have to deal with news of her pregnancy

Season 18 Episode 37
Episode 026

PCs Ashton and Young are called to a domestic incident at the Dwyer household. Lee runs away and turns up at PC Stamp’s house. PC Taviner receives more threatening text messages. PC Carver tries to save his relationship with Sgt Ackland.

Season 18 Episode 38
Episode 027

PCs Stamp and Best investigate the theft of designer jackets from a local store. The Dwyers make a shocking allegation about Stamp. The Sun Hill lottery syndicate celebrates when their numbers come up. Supt Chandler drops DS McAllister off at the abortion clinic.

Season 18 Episode 39
Episode 028

PC Stamp faces allegations that he sexually abused Lee Dwyer. TDC Kane and PC Rickman investigate the disappearance of a teenage girl. PC Bradford tells PC Young’s fiancé about her one night stand with PC Klein.

Season 18 Episode 40
Episode 029

New DS Phil Hunter arrests PC Rickman’s drug drug dealer, who threatens to expose her. The Liz Chambers murder investigation is passed on to Barton Street station. PC Taviner worries that he is being followed. DI Cullen gives DCI Meadows the name of a former colleague with information about Supt Chandler’s past.


Season 18 Episode 41
Episode 030

Cleared of allegations of child sex abuse, PC Stamp cannot forgive PC Carver. TDC Kane takes over as Lee Dwyer’s Family Liaison Officer. Supt Chandler catches DCI Meadows and DC Webb investigating his background. Sgt Gilmore is embarrassed by his boyfriend.

Season 18 Episode 42
Episode 031

TDC Kane deals with troubled teenager Lee Dwyer. DCs Sharpe and Glaze get conflicting tip-offs about a planned bank robbery. Sharpe investigates a case of indecent exposure. Supt Chandler tries to persuade DS McAllister to abort their child

Season 18 Episode 43
Episode 032

PC Young acts as bait to trap a flasher, but the suspect could be a vital witness to a shooting. DI Cullen and Supt Chandler fall out over an assault on DS McAllister.

Season 18 Episode 44
Episode 033

DC Glaze investigates a violent assault. Insp Gold and DCI Meadows clash over the handling of a suspect. PCs Hollis and Taviner are attacked in the Area Car.

Season 18 Episode 45
Episode 034

PCs Ashton and Young are assigned to protect a scientist who has received death threats. There are complaints against both DC Glaze and PC Taviner. DI Cullen gives Supt Chandler an ultimatum.

Season 18 Episode 46
Episode 035

A woman claims to have been robbed by Sgt Ackland. PC Ashton is called to a domestic at Sgt Gilmore’s house. PC Young asks Ashton out. PC Rickman seduces local journalist Simon Kitson.

Season 18 Episode 47
Episode 036

PC Taviner searches for the kidnapped PC Hollis. DC Glaze panics when Tina Pope disappears. PC Ashton asks PC Young out. PC Rickman is hounded by journalist Simon Kitson.

Season 18 Episode 48
Episode 037

Jeff Simpson’s trial begins and, with PC Hollis kidnapped, PC Taviner has to decide whether confess about his falsified evidence. DC Glaze is stunned when Tina Pope is found murdered. Sgt Gilmore is upset to hear that Ashton is dating Young.

Season 18 Episode 49
Episode 038

DS McAllister investigates a complaint of threatening behaviour. DC Glaze refuses to corroborate PC Taviner’s story under oath. Sgt Gilmore is disappointed when he sees PCs Ashton and Young together.

Season 18 Episode 50
Episode 039

DS Hunter sets up an undercover drugs operation at a local nightclub. New DS Sam Nixon is the surprise choice for acting detective inspector. Supt Chandler’s father turns up begging for money for his drug-addicted brother, while DCI Meadows and DC Webb try to track down Chandler’s ex-girlfriend from his days at Hendon. PCs Ashton and Young get intimate.

Season 18 Episode 51
Episode 040

PCs Stamp and Hollis are called to invesigate bizarre events at a local almshouse. PC Klein, working under cover with DS Hunter at a night club on a drugs operation, takes some cocaine. Sgt Gilmore is furious when Ashton and Young are late for shift, having spent the night together.

Season 18 Episode 52
Episode 041

PC Carver and Sgt Ackland investigate murder at the almshouse. PCs Best and Ashton join DS Hunter’s undercover operation. Hunter has CCTV footage of Klein snorting coke. DCI Meadows and DC Webb finally track down Anne Merrick.

Season 18 Episode 53
Episode 042

DCI Meadows demands results after a failed raid on the club. PC Klein’s judgement is badly affected by his use of cocaine. PCs Best and Stamp deal with a couple of feuding neighbours. DC Webb tries to find out more about what happened to Supt Chandler at the party at Hendon.

Season 18 Episode 54
Episode 043

DS Hunter is determined to salvage the undercover operation after PC Klein blows his own cover. PC Young answers a routine call to a house break-in and finds herself in a hostage situation. Peter Marsden confronts Supt Chandler about the alleged rape of his sister.

Season 18 Episode 55
Episode 044

A drugs shipment is due at the club. Another body is found on the bank of the Thames. PC Ashton arrests Sgt Gilmore’s boyfriend. Supt Chandler visits Anne Merrick, determined to prove his innocence. FDO Cryer tells journalist Simon Kitson about the allegations against PC Stamp.

Season 18 Episode 56
Episode 045

Supt Chandler is arrested for the rape of Anne Merrick, and tries to persuade DS McAllister to give him an alibi. PC Stamp is named as a paedophile in the local newspaper, leading to angry protests outside his home.

Season 18 Episode 57
Episode 046

TDC Kane and PC Bradford search for a missing Asian teenage girl. Supt Chandler takes extreme measures to secure an alibi from DS McAllister. PC Best’s sister and nephew arrive in Sun Hill. Sgt Ackland and PC Carver ask PC Stamp to keep quiet about their affair.

Season 18 Episode 58
Episode 047

The Murder Investigation Team arrives at Sun Hill to investigate the recent series of murders. Anne Merrick is found dead after a fall, and Supt Chandler asks DS McAllister to provide him with another alibi. TDC Kane and PC Bradford continue their search for the missing teenager.

Season 18 Episode 59
Episode 048

PCs Stamp and Best try to locate the missing wife of a man found dead in his flat. Supt Chandler is unable to prove his whereabouts at the time of Anne Merrick’s death. Sgt Ackland discovers that PC Bradford passed on information that led to Samina’s abduction.

Season 18 Episode 60
Episode 049

DC Lennox and A/DI Nixon get a potential lead on the serial killer when a man comes in to report his neighbour. PC Bradford and TDC Kane are called to a domestic dispute and asked to arrest a wayward daughter. DCI Meadows and DC Webb follow Supt Chandler as he meets former colleagues to discuss the night of Anne Merrick’s rape, and visits his brother.

Season 18 Episode 61
Episode 050

It is the day of Anne Merrick’s funeral and her daughter Jennie is further distressed when some uninvited guests make an appearance. DCs Drummond and Sharpe investigate a violent assault and robbery. PC Young’s ex-fiancé is taken in for questioning in connection with the serial killer enquiry. PC Best is concerned that his sister has been reunited with her violent boyfriend.

Season 18 Episode 62
Episode 051

MIT have a new suspect for the serial killings – Martin Porter, duty solicitor and former fiance of PC Kerry Young. Young and PC Ashton are kept in the dark about Porter’s arrest, as they deal with a case of criminal damage in an off-licence perpetrated by none other than James Chandler. Thrown off-kilter by his brother’s arrest, Supt. Tom Chandler blows a vital transfer interview at Scotland Yard, whilst DCI Meadows convinces James to make a statement accusing Chandler of raping Louise Marsden at Hendon. Chandler is rapidly running out of options, but he still has one card up his sleeve – his imminent marriage to Debbie McAllister. Insp. Gold fears a conflict of interest due to PC Cass Rickman’s relationship with reporter Simon Kitson, and takes her off the case. Tension flares between Kitson and Nick Klein when Kitson interrupts a night out. DC Duncan Lennox attempts to get A/DI Nixon appointed to the MIT team as a profiler, but DCI Ross has other ideas.

Season 18 Episode 63
Episode 052

Tom Chandler tries to maintain some respectability by marrying Debbie McAllister. Jack Meadows tries to stop Debbie walking down the aisle, and Mickey Webb finds out that his boss has betrayed him.

Season 18 Episode 64
Episode 053

DS McAllister is still in a state of shock after being raped by new husband, while DCI Meadows and DC Webb prepare to reveal the truth about the rape of Louise Marsden.

Season 18 Episode 65
Episode 054

After Tom turns the gun on himself, Jack Meadows and Debbie McAllister emerge in shock from Chandler’s office. Tony Stamp then takes Debbie to the hospital, so she can give birth to her premature baby. Amid all of the chaos, PC Gemma Osbourne arrives for her first day at Sun Hill, and is immediately sent on the beat with PC Cass Rickman. But later, on a ladies night out, the girls of Sun Hill are in for a big surprise! On the way home, Cass is surprised to meet an old friend’s sister, who starts following her the next day. Luke and Kerry find Craig’s car in connection with a robbery, and they suss out that it must be his boyfriend responsible, so they keep quiet. But after winding Luke up, he threatens Craig’s boyfriend and tells him to stay away from him. Craig confronts Luke, and Luke tells him about the robbery, and reveals that he didn’t want him to be caught up in the embarrassing situation. Craig takes it as a sign that Luke still has feelings for him, and tries to kiss Luke. Outraged, Luke lies to him, saying that he and Kerry are engaged.

Season 18 Episode 66
Episode 055

As he’s the one bearing the brunt of Des’s temper, Reg Hollis wonders if Taviner’s stress leave helped at all. But for a moment Taviner’s mood does lift when he spots new PC Gemma Osbourne. Called out to a residents’ dispute, Des and Reg discover that a local teenage tearaway, Andy Bennett, is running rings around the police and the local residents. But with Des on his case his luck might change. Acting DI Samantha Nixon is finding it hard to concentrate on her job as her mind is on the serial killer case. MIT receives a letter from the supposed killer saying he has struck again, and Samantha can’t hide her frustration at not being part of the team. Will her determination to prove Baxter’s guilt lead her too far out on a limb, or will her risky behaviour pay off? Insp. Gold visits Debbie McAllister in hospital to bring her Tom’s things, while back at the office, Jack Meadows and Mickey Webb make up, but Debbie is not about to forgive and forget. Luke Ashton is having an uncomfortable day. He can’t get to Kerry in time to explain why he told Sgt Gilmore they were engaged, and then while investigating a burglary, a gay couple come on to him, and he can’t get away quickly enough.

Season 18 Episode 67
Episode 056

Acting DI Nixon is convinced that Baxter is the Sun Hill serial killer, but DS Chiu is sceptical.

Season 18 Episode 68
Episode 057

The fourth victim of the serial killer is found on the banks of the Thames, just as Peter Baxter predicted. Despite Baxter’s confession and inside knowledge of the case, Acting DI Nixon begins to have serious doubts about his guilt. Tormented with guilt of his own, Des Taviner discharges himself from hospital and pens a lengthy confession of his role in the Sun Hill fire. He tracks down Reg Hollis who is investigating an assault on a schoolboy. The pair track down the attacker, a young man who threatens to jump off a building. Taviner saves him, but is on the verge of killing himself when Hollis convinces him he’s suffered enough. Talking to Baxter’s prison warden, Nixon confirms that he is not the killer, and DCI Ross is furious when she interrupts his press conference with the news.

Season 18 Episode 69
Episode 058

The day of Kerry Young and Luke Ashton’s engagement party dawns, with Gilmore still pining over the groom-to-be. Meanwhile, out on the streets of Sun Hill, there are rumours that a rogue prostitute is robbing her punters. A young woman is reported missing by her frantic husband, but DC Drummond suspects they are not being told the whole truth. When the woman turns out to be a young blonde, there is concern she may have fallen victim to the serial killer. The husband tells Robbie Cryer his wife beat him up, but when the sympathetic Cryer visits him, she finds the situation is the other way around. It’s a busy night all round at Luke Ashton and Kerry Young’s engagement party – Phil Hunter arrives with his new girlfriend; Simon Kitson starts acting strangely after a call from his wife; after a drunken Tony Stamp makes a pass at her, June Ackland goes public about her relationship with Jim; and Robbie Cryer’s efforts to ensnare Mickey Webb are successful.

Season 18 Episode 70
Episode 059

There’s trouble brewing on the Bronte estate, where drug dealers and gangs are running riot and two rival “crews” are fighting for power. Sgt. June Ackland investigates when a Bronte resident reports that a young boy is being used as a drug courier by gang leader Reload, but when TDC Brandon Kane and PC Cathy Bradford investigate further, they discover the boy is only trying to ease the pain of his ailing mother. DS Phil Hunter hopes to get some information on the Bronte situation from his new girlfriend, Linda, but later finds that her 16-year-old daughter Chloe is more than willing to be pumped for information. PC Nick Klein, PC Kerry Young and Sgt. Matt Boyden are all attacked on the estate and warned off by Reload, and Insp. Gina Gold has had enough – she declares the Bronte a no-go area for her officers.

Season 18 Episode 71
Episode 060

DS Phil Hunter uses PC Nick Klein to stop and search Reload and his pals on the Bronte Estate, and Reload is arrested when he threatens Klein with a machete, and a kilo of cocaine is found in the car. As DCI Meadows and Insp. Gold argue over how to handle the Bronte situation, the situation escalates when a kidnap attempt is made on Reload’s daughter at her school. The girl is only saved by the brave actions of another parent – who happens to be the new station commander, Supt Adam Okaro. When he arrives at Sun Hill, Okaro demands to know why the situation on the Bronte has been allowed to get out of hand. He calls a press conference as Reload’s young brother is kidnapped. DCI Jack Meadows feels sidelined, and decides to apply for a transfer.

Season 18 Episode 72
Episode 061

As new Superintendent Adam Okaro takes charge at Sun Hill station, one of his first orders is to declare the Bronte Estate a no-go zone for his officers – a decision which causes a media uproar. Okaro organises a meeting with borough officials to discuss long-term solutions, then demands DCI Jack Meadows compile useful intelligence on the main players on the Bronte. PC Nick Klein uses a contact on the estate and discovers who is behind all the trouble – the jailed husband of Linda Kendrick and father of Chloe, both of whom have been seeing DS Phil Hunter, and manipulating him into removing the warring Bronte crews. DCI Meadows and the other officers are sceptical when Okaro takes the risky step of releasing Reload from custody with a kilo of cocaine to secure the release of his young brother. A massive dawn raid by SO19 sees all the key players behind bars… but Linda Kendrick’s husband, newly released from prison, arrives to take charge of the estate… and he’s after DS Hunter’s blood.

Season 18 Episode 73
Episode 062

PC Kerry Young receives a series of mystery calls, warning her off marrying PC Luke Ashton. PC Ruby Buxton’s first day at work is spent showing PC Stamp around the Bronte Estate, where she grew up. Although the gang wars of the past week are all but over, when a prostitute is found badly beaten, it is almost certainly the work of Frank Magorian, newly-released from prison. DS Phil Hunter is running scared, as Magorian is after the blood of the copper he knows has slept with his wife and his daughter. When Hunter sees PC Nick Klein talking to Chloe Kendrick, he tells Magorian that Klein is “PC Hunter”, which results in a coked-up Klein receiving a brutal beating. Buxton and Stamp pursue a dangerous driver, Craig Gilmore’s boyfriend Carl, who crashes Gilmore’s car and end up badly injured in St Hugh’s. Carl admits to phoning Kerry and stealing her engagement ring, but he tells her that Luke is gay, a fact that a flustered Ashton is quick to deny.

Season 18 Episode 74
Episode 063

Acting DI Samantha Nixon is on a single-minded mission to find the Sun Hill serial killer when a young woman called Vicki Casson goes missing. The latest clue is a website found by Simon Kitson which shows photographs of the body of one of the previous victims, posted by an anonymous user calling himself “The Baptist”. When Nixon’s teenage daughter Abigail is brought into the station drunk, will Nixon recognise this cry for help from her desperately lonely daughter? When a newborn baby is abducted from St Hugh’s hospital, DS Debbie McAllister takes on the case, despite being on maternity leave. PC Kerry Young demands an answer from her fiance, PC Luke Ashton, about his true feelings.

Season 18 Episode 75
Episode 064

The police are on high alert when a nanny reports that her car has been stolen by carjackers with the kids she was minding still inside. When a bank manager turns up at St Hughs with mysterious injuries, an investigation leads to a sordid S&M dungeon in the basement of a tattoo parlour, and MIT’s new main suspect for the serial killings – Shane Pellow. DC Eva Sharpe manages to stop an ex-policeman from running ghoulish serial killer tours in Sun Hill, and she and Okaro go undercover to catch the carjackers who pull out a gun but are soon captured. The rivalry between PCs Des Taviner and Gemma Osborne reaches a new high when Osborne plays a recording of Taviner over the station loudspeakers – a trick Taviner himself had once played on Vicky Hagen. A distraught Acting DI Nixon finds her daughter has run away from home after an argument.

Season 18 Episode 76
Episode 065

A distraught Acting DI Samantha Nixon searches desperately for her missing daughter, Abi, fearing she may be the next victim of the serial killer. TDC Brandon Kane’s ex-wife leaves him with their two kids while she tends to her injured mother. Ordered by Supt Okaro to assist Nixon in the search for her daughter, Kane leaves his unruly children in the care of CSU’s Jim Carver and June Ackland. PC Reg Hollis searches for a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig stolen from a city farm. Abi Nixon turns up at Sun Hill, demanding to know who her father is. As PC Des Taviner and PC Gemma Osborne race their police cars across London to reach a call first, their radio traffic and then their cars are intercepted by a furious Supt Okaro and Insp Gina Gold, fresh from a meeting at New Scotland Yard.

Season 18 Episode 77
Episode 066

PCs Des Taviner and Gemma Osbourne complain about being taken off traffic duties, but Insp. Gina Gold assures them that after their dangerous car race, had they been civilians, they would now be serving time. But the Super has an even more humiliating plan in mind. TDC Kane and PC Cathy Bradford take over the investigation from Osbourne and Taviner when kids vandalise a local shop, but the old lady over the road who sees everything, takes them down an unexpected path – a path that may change her life. When Kane’s ex-wife Tanya makes another appearance at the station, Cathy Bradford does her best to make life difficult. On quizzing Tanya’s friend Ros, Cathy is surprised to find out about their relationship. Now that the manipulative Cathy sees Tanya as an easy target, will she let anything stand in her way? Debbie McAllister is feeling alone and unsupported, but DCI Jack Meadow’s visit to the hospital inspires her to make a big decision about her career. Bonding with her new baby however, is not so easy and the closest she gets is giving the child a name.

Season 18 Episode 78
Episode 067

Insp Gina Gold and PC Gemma Osbourne visit a local school to investigate reports of drug dealing. Osbourne runs into a teacher friend of hers, Caroline Cotton, who passes on a pornographic tape she confiscated from a pupil. Osbourne passes the tape on to CID, but when Caroline arrives at the station, Osbourne decides to take DS Phil Hunter down a peg or two by setting him up with her lesbian friend. Sgt. June Ackland investigates a possibly racial assault on pub landlady Aisha Danvers, and sends PCs Jim Carver and Cathy Bradford undercover in the pub, an assignment that raises a few eyebrows given Carver’s history of alcoholism. After a failed obbo on a possible gun buy at the pub, Bradford and Ackland suspect Carver has started drinking again. A furious Carver sets out to prove otherwise, and discovers that Danvers has actually set up her own drug and guns racket on the Larkmead. Osbourne’s plan backfires when DS Hunter turns up the next day like the cat that got the cream, and Robbie Cryer suggests a “Cop Idol” theme for the station Christmas party. Shane Pellow is brought in for questioning when he is recognised on the pornographic video, but is freed once again when his girlfriend says the video was filmed with her consent. PC Nick Klein is released from hospital, but his doctor seems concerned by Klein’s increasing need for strong medication. TDC Brandon Kane’s ex-wife is found guilty of drink-driving, and she vows to take sole custody of their children.

Season 18 Episode 79
Episode 068

DS Debbie McAllister’s post-natal depression clouds her judgement when a father tries to protect his schizophrenic son. Her attitude alarms DCI Jack Meadows who enlists Eva Sharpe to help him convince Debbie to keep her baby. PC Nick Klein, recently released from hospital, and PC Ruby Buxton are asked by a local shopkeeper to get a drug dealer away from his corner. But while Ruby talks to the shop owner, Nick takes the chance to swap his hospital medication for cocaine. Convinced their chief suspect Shane Pellow is the serial killer, DCs Duncan Lennox and Danny Glaze decide to check the victims’ phone records to see if there is any connection. They discover that at least two of the victims had placed “Lonely Hearts” ads in the local paper. Meanwhile Pellow’s girlfriend, having found a bracelet belonging to one of the murdered girls, tells Cass Rickman she also thinks Shane is the killer. Little does TDC Brandon Kane know that while his seemingly sympathetic partner PC Cathy Bradford gives him a shoulder to cry on, she is actually the one who put his ex-wife’s vindictive actions in motion. Simon Kitson loses his temper when front desk Robbie refuses to tell Cass Rickman he is waiting, but when he does corner Cass, she tells him it’s all over. Meanwhile Cass’s concern for Nick Klein’s increasingly worrying drug habit turns to jealousy when Ruby Buxton lets slip that he has asked her out for drink. But Cass’s worst fears are realised when she finds him doing a line of coke in the station car park

Season 18 Episode 80
Episode 069

PC Cathy Bradford discovers a case of child abuse involves the son of her partner TDC Brandon Kane, and uses blackmail to force a teacher to push the case forward. But her plan goes awry when Brandon and his ex-wife Tanya agree to call a truce. PC Kerry Young is handing out invites to her wedding, but her ex-fiancé doesn’t take it too well. Was he always this violent? Kerry, however, is distracted with plans for the staff Christmas party which Robbie Cryer seems to be organising single-handedly, and Supt Okaro offers a hundred pound prize for the best karaoke singer. Simon Kitson comes to Cass Rickman’s rescue when she gets into a tussle with suspected serial killer Shane Pellow, so as a thank you she invites him to the party. Later, after he sends a text message, she pulls out of the karaoke trio to meet him at a bar instead. PC Nick Klein finally decides he’s had enough of DS Phil Hunter riding roughshod over him and stumbles on a way to get him off his back. Along the way he comes to the realisation that he is in love with his best friend, PC Cass Rickman – but where is she?

Season 18 Episode 81
Episode 070

The “Cop Idol” Christmas party gets into full swing with everyone blissfully unaware Cass Rickman is lying unconscious in the boot of a car. PC Kerry Young, already distracted by Cass’s absence, makes a discovery about Craig Gilmore’s boyfriend Carl that will shake Craig’s world. PCs Tony Stamp and Gary Best find a man wandering the streets and take him home, only to find he is living alone and without electricity. They decide to delve into his financial situation, and discover that either his neighbour or the builder he employed, or both, have been ripping him off – and how come they know each other? A visit to DS Phil Hunter’s old station gives Nick Klein enough ammunition to get Hunter off his back, so a relieved Nick decides it’s time he told Cass how he feels about her. Meanwhile, terrified, blindfolded and strapped to a chair, Cass tries to engage her abductor in conversation, but to no avail. Her fear increases when she feels her hair being chopped off, but then her abductor leaves. At the party, everyone gets into the swing of things, with Kerry, Robbie and Gemma’s Atomic Kitten routine proving very popular. DC Webb is gutted when Robbie Cryer’s hunky date arrives, and Kerry’s concern about Cass increases when Simon Kitson turns up looking for her – they thought she had left to meet him. In a darkened warehouse, Cass hears her abductor return and then her blindfold is removed. Is she staring at the Sun Hill serial killer, and will her colleagues find her before it’s too late?

Season 18 Episode 82
Episode 071

When Cass Rickman’s handbag is found in the street, the high from last night’s party quickly dissipates. Now it’s not just Nick Klein who worries for her safety. Then a body is found in the Thames and everyone holds their breath – but it’s not Cass. Interviews with PCs Klein, Young and Best and Robbie Cryer, reveal to DCI Meadows and Insp Gold that three men have an axe to grind with Cass – Simon Kitson, Shane Pellow and Martin Porter. Beside himself with worry, Nick Klein is ordered home, but frantic to find Cass, he wanders the shoreline. Meanwhile PCs Hollis and Taviner find Kitson and Pellow fighting, Pellow saying he was attacked for no reason. Kitson says he was in love with Cass, and Pellow killed her because she had talked his girlfriend into leaving him. Both are taken back to the station for questioning. Tragically, Klein finds Cass’s body lying by the river – Sun Hill’s serial killer has taken one of their own. Nick is inconsolable, but when Cass’s mother arrives he gives her a shoulder to cry on, and tells her he was in love with her daughter. Forensics finds a strand of hair in the boot of Pat Kitson’s car – it belongs to Cass, so Simon Kitson is detained for questioning. Shane Pellow is subsequently released – but who is the killer?

Season 18 Episode 83
Episode 072

The station is still in shock after Cass’s murder. Simon Kitson is charged for the serial killing and forensics from his car make his future look grim. Simon commits suicide after pressure from Nick Klein and a visit from his obsessive sister. Nick looks satisfied as the alarm from custody rings through the building. Luke tells Craig that Carl is HIV-positive and advises him to go for a test. Ruby and Gary embark on an undercover operation at a department store to try and prevent a predicted armed robbery. Gary is furious to be placed as an elf in Santa’s grotto. Gina deals with a boy, Tommy, who has been accused of causing unnecessary injuries during a boxing match. Tommy turns out to be innocent and he asks Gina to find his real mum: he was adopted. His mother, Marilyn, turns out to be a cousin of one of Gina’s old friends. Marilyn says she wants nothing to do with her son, within earshot of a devastated Tommy. Gina obviously has bad conections with Marilyn, but what has happened in the past?

Season 18 Episode 84
Episode 073

Simon Kitson is found dead in his cell leaving PC Nick Klein with an attack of guilt, but when Simon’s distraught sister appears at Cass Rickman’s funeral, Nick sees red. The Sun Hill team attends the funeral, but Luke is worried when Kerry doesn’t want to go. Supt Gina Gold plants PCs Gary Best and Ruby Buxton undercover in a department store and PC Gemma Osbourne in a bar, in a determined effort to bring down her old adversary Marilyn Costello. What has her really riled, however, is Marilyn’s treatment of her son Tommy, who she adopted out years before. When Melanie, one of the hostesses at the bar, starts to look at Gemma more closely, she thinks her cover’s been blown, but it seems Melanie has other things on her mind. Meanwhile Craig Gilmore tells his HIV-positive partner Carl that the relationship is over. PC Kerry Young tries on a wedding dress while on duty at the department store with Buxton, and a chase with a shoplifter gets her into a nasty situation. Sensing that Gina Gold is feeling maternal towards him, Tommy takes her into his trust and tells her that Marilyn’s gang plans a raid on the department store in two days. When it takes place the next day and they are caught on the hop, Supt Okaro comes down hard on Gold.

Season 18 Episode 85
Episode 074

Insp Gina Gold is in Supt Adam Okaro’s bad books for ruining the operation at the department store. PC Gemma Osbourne sleeps with Melanie from Marilyn Costello’s club where she is working undercover, unaware that she is the insider at the store. Sgt Craig Gilmore steps in when the store wants PC Kerry Young to pay for the ruined wedding dress, and Young finally breaks down over Cass Rickman’s death. Under the pretence of helping her escape the country, Osbourne brings Melanie into Sun Hill, where Melanie makes a statement about Marilyn. The police raid the club, but SO19 are forced to take action when Marilyn takes her son Tommy hostage at gunpoint. PC Cathy Bradford assumes the worst when she is stabbed in the arm with a hypodermic needle. An HIV test proves negative, but she tells a sympathetic TDC Brandon Kane a different story.

Season 18 Episode 86
Episode 075

It is the countdown to PC Luke Ashton and PC Kerry Young’s big day, but all is not well. Sun Hill’s big-time villain Ron Gregory has DS Hunter exactly where he wants him. DC Duncan Lennox asks Acting DI Samantha Nixon for help with the Sun Hill serial killer. DC Drummond investigates how a young boy came to be in possession of a mobile phone.