Season 25

Season 25 Episode 1
The Morning After

PCs Stamp and Brown come across a woman who has been subjected to a serious assault after a girls’ night out. DI Nixon and DCs Banks and Perkins investigate.

Season 25 Episode 2
Little Girl Lost — Part 1

PCs Valentine, Roberts and Taylor attend the reported abduction of a baby girl left in the charge of her nanny. DI Nixon leads the subsequent investigation, and PC Stamp takes on the role of Family Liason Officer.

Season 25 Episode 3
Little Girl Lost — Part 2

DI Nixon and DC Banks investigate the murder of a baby girl. The child’s nanny admits her involvement in burying the body, but the investigation reveals another suspect.

Season 25 Episode 4
Teenage Kicks — Part 1

PCs Armstrong and Stamp attend a house party following noise complaints, and find one of the guests is incapacitated by drugs. PCs Ryder and Brown respond to the reported disappearance of a seventeen-year-old athlete, who is later found with severe head injuries. DC Webb inbvestigates.

Season 25 Episode 5
Teenage Kicks — Part 2

DCI Jack Meadows head an investigation into the killing of a seventeen-year-old athlete. Supt Heaton convenes a press conference in an attempt to apply pressure to the two prime suspects in the absence of clear evidence of guilt.

Season 25 Episode 6
Feet of Clay — Part 1

PCs Ryder and Valentine attend the site of recently uncovered human remains. These are found to belong to a woman who was murdered twenty years before. DCs Banks and Walker investigate. Supt Heaton is struck by parallels with a murder he investigated at that time.

Season 25 Episode 7
Feet of Clay — Part 2

Supt Heaton, investigating a twenty-year-old murder, interviews a man he helped convict of a similar murder at that time. When a third disappearance is reported, it becomes clear that the incidents are linked, and Heaton begins to doubt the safety of the original conviction.

Season 25 Episode 8
Feet of Clay — Part 3

Supt Heaton and DCI Meadows reopen a twenty-year-old murder case when evidence links three murders, and suggests that an innocent man has been convicted.

Season 25 Episode 9
One Year On

Sgt Smith and DC Walker investigate a serious assault on a cab driver. An Oyster card found at the scene leads Smith back to the Jasmine Allen estate, where he was heavily involved in a murder investigation a year before.

Season 25 Episode 10
Bleeding Hearts

PCs Roberts and Gayle respond to a report of an attempted break-in, and uncover an unauthorised house-party that got seriously out of hand. Roberts is smitten by a nurse with a personal interest in an assault case.

Season 25 Episode 11
Broken Hearts

PCs Gayle and Roberts, called to attend to a woman found unconscious in a park, are soon searching for the victim of a stabbing. TDC Fletcher and DC Masters investigate. Roberts and girlfriend Maria clash over her failure to report a notifiable incident.

Season 25 Episode 12
Righteous Kill — Part 1

PCs Brown and Ryder break up a gang of Polish teenagers found intimidating the owner of a burger van. DI Nixon and DS Carter uncover an extortion racket operating within the Polish community, and set up a sting operation, but events spiral out of control.

Season 25 Episode 13
Righteous Kill — Part 2

DS Carter and DI Nixon continue their investigation into a Polish protection racket, which has now resulted in a murder. Carter is determined to protect the son of a man he shot some years earlier.

Season 25 Episode 14
Bail Me Out

DS Carter, DCs Dasari and Banks observe a drug deal but one of the participants makes off in a waiting car before he can be identified. PCs Brown and Ryder set off in pursuit but lose the suspect vehicle which crashes, injuring the passenger. Carter and Banks track the suspect to a bail hostel, but cannot identify him among the residents there. DCI Meadows advises Carter as the team try to determine which of three suspects was involved.

Season 25 Episode 15
Matters of the Mind

PCs Armstrong and Gayle investigate the theft of a watch at a social club. The resident magician initially claims to have been sold the watch. DC Moss and DI Manson secure a ready confession, but Manson is unconvinced, and uncovers a case of blackmail.

Season 25 Episode 16
Leap of Faith — Part 1

PCs Roberts and Ryder come to the assistance of PCs Green and Stamp as they attend to a woman who is threatening suicide. DCs Perkins and Masters visit the boxing club where she works and uncover evidence of drug-dealing. Green clashes with Perkins over his handling of the suspect. Green has applied for a post with the witness protection team.

Season 25 Episode 17
Leap of Faith — Part 2

PCs Green and Roberts are called to a domestic disturbance, where they find a woman unconscious. The officers doubt her husband’s claims that she fell down the stairs. The daughter is later reported for stealing the takings from her father’s boxing club.

Season 25 Episode 18
Decision Time

PCs Ghir and Ryder and Sgt Smith attend to a truck driver found with serious head injuries after his vehicle was hijacked. Investigations reveal that he had been smuggling illegal immigrants into the country, prompting a race to find the trailer and the people trapped inside.

Season 25 Episode 19
On the Money

Sgt Stone and PC Taylor attend the scene of a burglary. The victim subsequently advises that the goods have been returned and provides a description of the burglar. Taylor and Stone discover that the thief has been beaten unconscious and, with DS Carter, set up a sting to trap the dealer they believe to be behind the attack

Season 25 Episode 20
Deal Me Out

PCs Armstrong and Brown are called to a domestic disturbance, where they find a man throwing out his girlfriend’s belongings following a row about her drug use. When the woman’s involvement in the drugs scene leads to the kidnapping of their daughter, Sgt Stone organises a sting operation.

Season 25 Episode 21
Got You Wrong

Sgt Stone, called to the scene of a reported theft, realises that the suspect is the victim of domestic violence. She alerts Stone to a meeting between her husband and his criminal associates, so TDC Fletcher and DS Carter mount a surveillance operation.

Season 25 Episode 22
Back to School

PC Roberts investigates a case of fire-aising at a school, then has to break up a fight between two schoolgirls. When he receives a tip-off about a rematch in a local park, he and Sgt Smith head off to stop it.

Season 25 Episode 23
Learning Curve

PC Roberts, newly appointed Safer Schools Officer, uncovers drug abuse at Deansgate School. When a huge bag of ecstasy is discovered, he and DC Masters investigate a connection with a local drug dealer.

Season 25 Episode 24
Peer Pressure

PC Roberts responds to a report of a break-in at the home of one of the pupils at Deansgate School. DC Masters discovers that a the house was broken into by a fellow pupil who sought revenge for the alleged rape of his younger sister.

Season 25 Episode 25
Growing Pains

PC Roberts breaks up a fight between two adults outside Deansgate School. DC Masters and TDC Fletcher investigate the subsequent assault of one of the adults, a parent of a pupil at the school, and discover that he is the victim of a slanderous campaign following accusations of rape.

Season 25 Episode 26
Class Action

PCs Roberts and Ryder investigate a break-in at Deansgate School, and are then called to the home of an art teacher, who has been seriously assaulted. Roberts and DC Banks uncover a connection to an ex-convict who is interested in a laptop belonging to the teacher.

Season 25 Episode 27
School’s Out

PC Roberts discovers that a school governor is behind the attempts to steal the art teacher’s laptop, and that the couple had a prior relationship. He and DC Banks investigate suggestions that the governor might be guilty of abusing his daughter.

Season 25 Episode 28
Old Habits

Newly-promoted Sgt Noble is called out to deal with a raucous party at a building site, and has to contend with a teenager suffering from a drugs overdose. PC Taylor goes undercover to entrap the dealer.

Season 25 Episode 29
Forensic Evidence

PCs Taylor and Valentine respond to the report of an aggravated burglary and find the householder suffering from a head trauma. The victim identifies his attacker and reports an attempted blackmail, but the investigation by DS Turner and DC Webb is compromised by tampering at the crime scene

Season 25 Episode 30
Smash and Grab — Part 1

DS Carter leads an investigation into an armed robbery at a toy shop. CCTV footage appears to show two known thieves casing the shop the day before. Carter suspects that a woman seen arguing with an employee moments before the robbery was acting as a decoy, but PC Brown is convinced of her innocence.

Season 25 Episode 31
Smash and Grab — Part 2

PC Brown and the sister of a suspect in an armed robbery investigation are being held captive by armed drug addicts. DS Carter, convinced he knows who is behind both the robbery and the kidnapping, mounts an observation with PCs Armstrong and Gayle, but their operation is compromised when the kidnap victim’s ex-husband arrives at the scene.

Season 25 Episode 32
Full Throttle

DC Dasari and TDC Fletcher attend a jewellery shop, where a customer was shot during an armed robbery, and discover that the victim has been on the run from a murder charge. DI Manson tracks down the robber, while DS Carter and DC Moss try to find the murder suspect.

Season 25 Episode 33
Blame Game

DS Carter and DC Moss face an investigation following the serious injury of a murder suspect during a car chase. Their reinvestigation of the events leading to the murder four years before suggest that their suspect may be innocent.

Season 25 Episode 34
Down South

PCs Ryder and Taylor investigate the disappearance of a troubled schoolgirl.

Season 25 Episode 35
To Live For

DI Nixon mounts an observation of a restaurateur suspected of involvement in drugs. DC Perkins discovers that the man plans to import a large quantity of cocaine using a local air-freight company.

Season 25 Episode 36
To Die For

DI Nixon, preparing to leave Sun Hill for the Child Exploitation Unit, leads an investigation into the kidnapping of a drug-dealer’s daughter.

Season 25 Episode 37
Prodigal Son — Part 1

PC Taylor attends to the victim of an assault. DC Webb and DS Turner investigate and discover that she is the tenant of a flat being used in the manufacture of drugs, and is in a relationship with DCI Meadows’s estranged son, Ben.

Season 25 Episode 38
Prodigal Son — Part 2

DCI Meadows, DS Turner and DC Webb review the failed drugs bust and plan to recover both the drugs and the money.

Season 25 Episode 39
Conviction: Cover Up

Sgt Smith leads a deployment of officers as they break up a fight outside a bar, then discover a man badly beaten in a nearby alleyway. Sgt Stone investigates a domestic burglary. The officers discover that the victims are brothers.

Season 25 Episode 40
Conviction: To the Limit

DS Carter and DC Moss investigate an arson attack on a bar. A leading suspect is found beaten up, and Sgt Smith discovers that the bar owners are housing illegal aliens in appalling conditions.

Season 25 Episode 41
Conviction: Breaking Point

Sgt Smith and PC Gayle see a driver abandon a lorry containing illegal Afghani immigrants. In an attempt to win the trust of a suspicious community, Smith visits a refugee centre, but a riot breaks out on the local estate.

Season 25 Episode 42
Conviction: Walk the Line

Sgt Stone encourages Sgt Smith cover up his assault of the suspected people trafficker. DCI Meadows leads the investigation into the trafficking and the theft of their belongings.

Season 25 Episode 43
Riot City

Insp Weston leads her team on a public order training exercise, where Sgts Smith and Stone clash over recent events. DCI Meadows and DI Manson deal with the allegations against Sgt Smith. Supt Heaton reveals that he is to leave Sun Hill to lead a specialist unit dealing with human trafficking.

Season 25 Episode 44
Conviction: Judgement Day

A key witness in the people trafficking case goes missing, and Sgt Smith finds himself on trial.

Season 25 Episode 45
Live by the Sword

Sgt Stone and PC Gayle come across the teenaged victim of a serious assault. Stone sets off in pursuit of a suspect, who steps into the road and is killed. DI Manson and DC Dasari investigate the original assault, while DC Banks is assigned as FLO to the victim’s family.

Season 25 Episode 46
Die by the Sword

DI Manson’s investigation into a serious assault takes a new direction following the death of the victim. DC Banks, acting as FLO to the victim’s family, clashes with DS Carter over the handling of the case.

Season 25 Episode 47
Cry Wolf

DCs Webb and Banks investigate a rape allegation made by a teenaged girl, and discover that the incident occurred two years earlier than the victim suggested, and that the rapist was someone else entirely.

Season 25 Episode 48
Absolute Power

PCs Roberts and Gayle arrest a man who commits an apparently unprovoked assault on a stranger in a pub. DS Moss and Insp Smith discover that the suspect plans a still more serious attack on his wife’s lover.

Season 25 Episode 49
Psychiatric Help

PCs Valentine and Brown go to the aid of a young boy found abandoned in a busy market. DI Manson and DC Dasari discover that the boy has witnessed an assault on his nanny. Manson wonders whether the attack was as a result of mistaken identity.

Season 25 Episode 50
Reaching Out

DI Manson and DC Dasari try to protect a sceptical psychiatrist from a threat to her life, but discover that their principal suspect is innocent.

Season 25 Episode 51
Lost Soul

Sgt Stone and PC Gayle respond to an emergency call and find a newsagent beaten to death in his shop. Investigating, DCs Banks and Masters discover that the anonymous informant was the friend of a recent murder victim, and evidence suggests he committed the latest murder.

Season 25 Episode 52

PC Taylor chases a handbag thief into a warehouse and stumbles across the decomposing body of a 17-year-old girl who had been shot through the heart. DI Manson and DS Carter investigate, but clash over Carter’s attitude to the children at the dead girl’s foster home.

Season 25 Episode 53
Innocence Betrayed

DS Carter and DC Masters lead a raid on the home of a young married couple following the discovery of indecent images of a young girl on a laptop. Suspicion falls on a convicted paedophile known to the couple, but DC Banks becomes convinced of his innocence

Season 25 Episode 54
Trust Me

DCs Banks and Perkins mount an obbo on the home of a known drug dealer, but DS Carter is frustrated when the team fail to recover the bulk of the drugs in a subsequent raid. PCs Armstrong and Valentine respond to a call from a concerned mother whose son has unwittingly taken some Diazepam.

Season 25 Episode 55

DS Carter and DC Masters are called to an incident at the home of an informant and discover that she is suffering from serious head injuries. Carter is convinced that the drug dealer she helped set up is behind the attack.

Season 25 Episode 56
Long Gone

PC Ryder speaks to a 17-year-old youth who claims to have been imprisoned and abused over a five-year period. DSs Moss and Carter investigate, but the youth’s story soon falls apart.

Season 25 Episode 57
Fall Out

Officers attend a local primary school when an eight-year-old boy is reported missing. DS Moss and DC Perkins investigate, and discover that the boy’s parents are involved in a bitter custody battle.

Season 25 Episode 58
In the Know

PC Taylor disturbs an observation mounted by DS Carter and DC Perkins when he gets involved in an altercation with the target. The team uncover a plot to smuggle a mobile phone into prison, but Taylor’s relationship with a prison officer may compromise the operation.

Season 25 Episode 59
That’s Love for You

PCs Taylor and Roberts witness a car-jacking, and discover that there is a baby in the back seat. PCs Valentine and Ryder find the vehicle abandoned, but there is no sign of the thief or the baby.

Season 25 Episode 60
Show of Force

Supt Meadows and Insp Smith mount a raid on a problem housing estate, but fail to uncover a large quantity of cocaine known to have been delivered that morning. Smith is frustrated in his attempt to engage the local community.

Season 25 Episode 61
Rescue Me

PCs Roberts and Taylor respond to an emergency call and find an 18-month old girl with a serious head injury. The officers suspect that the mother’s partner may have hurt the girl. PC Stamp prepares to leave Sun Hill to take up a driving instructor post at Hendon

Season 25 Episode 62
Twist of Fate

DC Dasari is called to a brothel, where a woman has been working in an attempt to discover the whereabouts of her missing sister, and is now holding a punter at knife-point. Dasari and DC Masters reopen the missing person investigation.

Season 25 Episode 63

DCs Banks and Webb investigate the disappearance of a 15-year-old girl and discover that her boyfriend’s father was murdered by her father.

Season 25 Episode 64
Invisible Man

DCs Webb and Banks attend the scene when the body of a young solicitor is recovered from a river. DC Dasari becomes convinced that the man’s fiancée is hiding something. The deceased had been volunteering at a local shelter, and Webb goes undercover as a homeless person to pursue the investigation.

Season 25 Episode 65
On the Streets

DC Webb is attacked after spending a night sleeping rough but is rescued by a homeless woman he has befriended. DCs Banks and Masters investigate a rogue property developer.