Season 14

Season 14 Episode 1
Square Peg, Round Hole

When a raid on a known drug addict goes awry, D.S. Boulton is spiked by the desperate criminal’s needle, leaving Sun Hill’s tough guy frightened and angry – and in need of an HIV test.

Season 14 Episode 2
You Pays Your Money

A family are strangely silent about the death of their landlord.

Season 14 Episode 3
Hard Cash

Beech and Carver go in search of a haul of £30,000 in banknotes, missing from a six-year-old robbery.

Season 14 Episode 4
Taking It Easy

When an old man loses his life savings in a mugging, Boyden and Stamp suspect it was no coincidence.

Season 14 Episode 5

Sgt. Boyden deals with a frail old man brought into custody accused of attempted murder.

Season 14 Episode 6
Forgive and Forget

A father wants revenge for his murdered son.

Season 14 Episode 7
Girl Power

W.P.C. Keane and P.C. Stamp deal with a young girl who fels she has to carry a knife to defend herself at school.

Season 14 Episode 8
Puppy Walk

P.C.s Ashton and Stamp expose a blackmail scam.

Season 14 Episode 9

P.C. Ashton ignores scepticism from P.C. Stamp and W.P.C. Page to single-handedly solve a mystery break-in.

Season 14 Episode 10
Out on a Limb

It’s a life or death situation for Skase and Proctor when an assassin comes looking for his money.

Season 14 Episode 11
Way out West

P.C.s Quinnan and Stamp decide to play a prank on P.C. Jarvis, who is on diplomatic duties.

Season 14 Episode 12

New P.C. Eddie Santini causes a stir when he joins the relief at Sun Hill.

Season 14 Episode 13
For Your Love

W.D.C. Rawton and D.C. Skase assist a woman receiving anonymous threats.

Season 14 Episode 14
Soft in the Head

Ashton goes missing from the scene of an accident.

Season 14 Episode 15
Friends in High Places

A car belonging to a rival Chief Superintendent’s wife is stolen right from under Santini and Quinnan’s noses.

Season 14 Episode 16
Love’s Labours Lost

D.C.s Proctor and Skase investigate the stalking of Proctor’s ex-girlfriend.

Season 14 Episode 17

A series of muggings on a local estate lead Proctor and Carver to the house of a rather unusual couple.

Season 14 Episode 18

Meadows and Skase discover a modern-day Robin Hood who appears to be alive and well and robbing the rich in Sun Hill.

Season 14 Episode 19
A Rainy Night in Sun Hill

P.C. Santini is irritated at being paired with P.C. Hollis on a cold, wet night in Canley.

Season 14 Episode 20

While in a rush to catch a crook, Ashton trips and falls foul of the law

Season 14 Episode 21
A Bit of Respect

Sgt. Ackland sets out to trap a man who wants to take the law into his own hands.

Season 14 Episode 22
The Parent Trap

Croft is puzzled by a couple who want their daughter arrested.

Season 14 Episode 23
Sudden Death

Ackland and Quinnan are on the case when a man falls from his bedroom window. But was it an accident or office politics?

Season 14 Episode 24

D.C. Carver is let down by an unreliable snout, and needs D.S. Beech to get him out of a tricky situation.

Season 14 Episode 25
A Little Help

Rawton and Skase realise they may be onto a serial attacker.

Season 14 Episode 26
Guiding Hand

W.P.C. Page and P.C. McCann investigate what appears to be a straightforward case of attempted child abduction.

Season 14 Episode 27
Good Faith

A clever lawyer runs rings around Beech in court in a case involving a notorious robber.

Season 14 Episode 28
Good Faith 2

The tit-for-tat violence escalates between rival gangs in Sun Hill.

Season 14 Episode 29
Good Faith 3

Beech’s involvement with rival racketeers becomes more complicated.

Season 14 Episode 30
No Doubt about It


Season 14 Episode 31
One of the Gang

Meadows and Daly get a tip-off about a gang of young muggers, but their information comes from an unlikely source…

Season 14 Episode 32
Without a Prayer

P.C. Garfield and W.P.C. Keane try to discover the cause of death of a woman found dead in a church hall.

Season 14 Episode 33
Lucky Find

When a girl goes missing by the river, Deakin sees an opportunity to nail an old adversary.

Season 14 Episode 34
A Little Bit of Paradise

McCann is sent in search of a valuable exotic bird.

Season 14 Episode 35
Daydream Believer

W.D.C. Rawton and D.S. Daly investigate an assault on a resident of an old people’s home.

Season 14 Episode 36
Powder My Nose

Ch. Insp. Conway is the target of a blackmail attempt following a drunken night out.

Season 14 Episode 37
Bad Feelings

D.S. Boulton is after a villain known to have an eye for the ladies.

Season 14 Episode 38
Like Family

P.C. Quinnan and W.P.C. Blake search for a missing French au pair who has been moonlighting as a stripper.

Season 14 Episode 39

Sgt. Cryer tries to save the life of a girl found dying on the common, and gets a complaint filed against him.

Season 14 Episode 40
Home Movie

Sgt. Boyden uncovers an illicit pornographic video operation.

Season 14 Episode 41

Ashton tries to help a reformed teenage joyrider.

Season 14 Episode 42
The Scent of Compassion

Ashton’s sense of compassion is crucial in solving a cruel assault case.

Season 14 Episode 43
Driving Me Crazy

Quinnan and Ackland pursue a dangerous driver.

Season 14 Episode 44

D.I. Deakin and D.C. Carver investigate a case of male rape.

Season 14 Episode 45
Rebel without a Licence

A speeding Pontiac and three ageing James Deans give Stamp and McCann a headache.

Season 14 Episode 46
Sale or Return, Episode One

Boulton and Carver head for the river, chasing a particularly slippery customer.

Season 14 Episode 47
Sale or Return, Episode Two

Boulton and Carver continue their investigation into illegal immigration and find their case complicated by an attractive woman.

Season 14 Episode 48
Target Man

While football fever grips Sun Hill, Deakin hopes to get his man by following a tip-off. With Hollis to help him, how can he fail?

Season 14 Episode 49
Mixed Feelings

W.P.C. Page tries to trace the mother of an abandoned baby, while D.S. Boulton and W.D.C. Rawton investigate an apparently racially-motivated attack.

Season 14 Episode 50

D.C. Skase finds himself the object of the affections of a fourteen-year-old girl who leads him to some unusual drug dealers.

Season 14 Episode 51
One Small Step

P.C. Ashton, on his first solo outing, is distracted by a decoy while a nearby shop is burgled.

Season 14 Episode 52
Big Brother

W.P.C. Hagen arrives at Sun Hill to rumours that she had grassed on a colleague at a previous station.

Season 14 Episode 53

P.C. Jarvis and W.P.C. Hagen are put in the area car together, and almost come to blows.

Season 14 Episode 54
Money Talks

Sgt. Boyden gets friendly with P.C. Ashton’s mothe

Season 14 Episode 55
Brighton Rocks, Episode One

D.S. Beech wangles an expenses-paid trip to Brighton with D.C. Skase, but his night does not go as planned.

Season 14 Episode 56
Brighton Rocks, Episode Two

D.C. Skase persuades Brighton C.I.D. to help track down the missing D.S. Beech.

Season 14 Episode 57
The Hare and the Tortoise

P.C. Stamp and W.P.C. Hagen have different ideas about what makes a good area car driver.

Season 14 Episode 58
The Better Man

D.S. Daly and D.C. Carver try to get evidence against a young drug addict suspected of the brutal assault of a police officer.

Season 14 Episode 59
Red Herrings

D.C.s Carver and Proctor respond to a tip-off about the theft of some fish.

Season 14 Episode 60
Under the Grill

D.S. Boulton is less than thrilled to be placed on an interviewing course with P.C. Hollis, but gets the chance to exact revenge on an ex-colleague.


Season 14 Episode 61
The Stork

W.P.C. Keane and P.C. Garfield look into allegations that a New Age cult leader is encouraging underaged girls to engage in sexual activity.

Season 14 Episode 62
One of Us

D.C. Carver is shocked when a woman names his friend from a neighbouring station as a flasher.

Season 14 Episode 63
Room to Manoeuvre

D.S. Boulton and P.C. Hollis find themselves in pursuit of the same villain.

Season 14 Episode 64
Out of Hand

P.C. Santini and W.P.C. Keane investigate a mysterious assault.

Season 14 Episode 65
Watching the Detectives

W.D.C Rawton and D.I. Deakin investigate the mysterious disappearance of a woman who has been campaigning to free her husband from jail.

Season 14 Episode 66
A People Person

D.C. Lines and Sgt. Ackland investigate the death of an old acquaintance in the apartment of his mistress.

Season 14 Episode 67

P.C. Harker rushes to the aid of a woman in danger.

Season 14 Episode 68
Three Cheers

P.C. Hollis arrests a notorious cat burglar.

Season 14 Episode 69
Up for Trouble

P.C. Hollis is due to collect his commendation, but his colleagues know he doesn’t deserve one.

Season 14 Episode 70
The Bus Driver’s Prayer

W.P.C. Page is shocked by a caller who says that he has shot a man and left him to die.

Season 14 Episode 71
Loving Memory

Sgt. Cryer re-opens an unsolved case in response to an attempted suicide.

Season 14 Episode 72

D.S. Boulton suspects that P.C. Hollis is involved in a series of burglaries.

Season 14 Episode 73
Deep Secret

Garfield teams up with an attractive young journalist when the wreckage of a World War II Spitfire is discovered in Sun Hill.

Season 14 Episode 74
The Whip Hand

W.P.C. Datta and P.C. Quinnan deal with a case of domestic abuse and uncover a horrifying family secret.

Season 14 Episode 75

Sgt. Boyden faces a critical situation when P.C. Harker and W.P.C. Keane bring in a prisoner with a gun.

Season 14 Episode 76

D.C. Skase and W.D.C. Rawton investigate a woman’s claims that she is being harassed by a former lover.

Season 14 Episode 77
Vacant Possession

Sgt. Boyden and W.P.C. Page investigate a death from asphyxiation and try to establish whether the paving stone placed on his chimney was an act of murder.

Season 14 Episode 78
Sucking Eggs

D.S. Beech and D.C. Carver investigate the theft of a grandfather clock.

Season 14 Episode 79
Tainted Love, Episode One

W.P.C. Page moves into a new flat and gets a boyfriend, but does not tell him that she is a police officer. D.S. Boulton and D.C. Skase set up an observation on an old villain.

Season 14 Episode 80
Tainted Love, Episode Two

D.S. Boulton accuses W.P.C. Page of leaking information to her boyfriend, then asks her to spy on him.

Season 14 Episode 81
Tainted Love, Episode Three

W.P.C. Page is shocked to learn that her boyfriend is related to D.S. Boulton’s target.

Season 14 Episode 82

D.S. Greig and D.I. Deakin mount an operation against a crack dealer, and Greig learns that his appeal against tenure has failed.

Season 14 Episode 83
Fighting Chance

P.C.s Garfield and Quinnan fear for the safety of a boxer who has disappeared, abandoning his young son.

Season 14 Episode 84
King of the Road

P.C. Hollis suggests using an old caravan as a mobile police station.

Season 14 Episode 85
Wrong Place, Wrong Time

W.P.C. Hagen and P.C. Harker have to contend with an unreliable witness.

Season 14 Episode 86
One Man, Two Faces

P.C.s McCann and Santini fall out over a vicious assault on a black youth.

Season 14 Episode 87
Shoot the Messenger

D.S. Boulton is kidnapped by an aggrieved ex-con.

Season 14 Episode 88
Too Little, Too Late

D.C. Skase and D.S. Daly investigate an assault outside a gay club, but a key witness is reluctant to come forward.

Season 14 Episode 89
Deep End

New W.P.C. Rosie Fox is partnered with P.C. Eddie Santini to investigate when the body of a junkie is washed up on the banks of the Thames. Santini and Fox argue over their cases, and it seems their working relationship will not be a smooth one. Santini reckons graduate Fox will not be able to handle the pressure when she goes undercover as a prostitute in a CID operation, then nearly ruins the operation when he finds himself attracted to her. Celebrating a successful arrest, the two share a drunken snog back at the station, but moments later Santini forces himself on Fox in the locker room, leaving her confused and frightened.

Season 14 Episode 90
The Party’s Over

P.C. Santini tries to apologize to W.P.C. Fox for going too far against her wishes the night before but she tells him to stay away from her. Santini obtains Fox’s address from CAD and calls on her but she doesn’t want to speak to him. Fox tells a Federation representative from Stafford Row about the assault but can’t decide whether to make a formal complaint. The next day, the pair are assigned together. Santini loses a prisoner and blames it on Fox. Santini calls at Fox’s flat that evening. She refuses to let him in. He threatens that if she wants a war, she’s got a war.

Season 14 Episode 91
Bang Bang, You’re Dead

W.P.C. Fox takes the day off with a migraine but turns up for the relief’s paintball charity challenge, where Santini continues to bully and humiliate her. Her request not to be partnered with Santini is refused, and they are assigned together again the next day. Fox confides in W.D.C. Rawton. The relief are on the trail of a dangerous prisoner and Santini disregards the order not to separate from his partner. The man grabs Fox from behind and P.C.s Santini, Quinnan and Ashton run to the rescue when she screams for help. Fox manages to overpower the man. When challenged, Santini claims that he was with Fox when the prisoner appeared from nowhere.

Season 14 Episode 92
Team Spirit

W.P.C. Fox makes an official complaint about P.C. Santini.

Season 14 Episode 93
Urgent Assistance

P.C. Stamp is involved in a serious accident in which he kills a pedestrian while reversing the area car down a one-way street in response to a call for urgent assistance. Tensions are high as P.C.s Quinnan and Ashton offer differing accounts of the events leading up to the accident.

Season 14 Episode 94
Taking Sides

P.C. Stamp attends the funeral of the pedestrian he knocked over. He and P.C. Quinnan arrest the driver of a cut-and-shut limousine. Ashton is set upon by a gang of under-aged drinkers. Next day, Stamp and P.C. Ashton respond to a call at a children’s home. Sgt. Boyden monitors W.P.C. Page’s performance in court. Quinnan tells Stamp that he has been called as a witness for the prosecution.

Season 14 Episode 95
Deadly Impact

P.C. Quinnan is called as a prosecution witness. P.C. Ashton is the key defence witness, but suffers an attack of nerves.

Season 14 Episode 96
Big Day

P.C. Stamp faces a disciplinary hearing following the death of a pedestrian. D.S. Beech is anxious to get to the bottom of a C.I.B. investigation.

Season 14 Episode 97
Making Up

P.C. Stamp gets behind the wheel of the area car for the first time since the fatal accident, hoping to put recent events behind him, but the victim’s girlfriend isn’t about to let him forget the incident. W.P.C. Hagen goes under cover as a prostitute to trap a solicitor who has been selling forged passports to his clients.

Season 14 Episode 98
The Cross

New arrival W.D.C. Kerry Holmes is partnered with D.S. Boulton, and fails to prevent a pair of villains making a getaway.

Season 14 Episode 99
Cast No Shadow

Investigating an attempted abduction and protection racket, DS Boulton and DC Carver travel up to Manchester on the trail of a suspect. Getting into trouble with a local gang, they find themselves rescued by none other than Frank Burnside, who left Sun Hill in mysterious circumstances five years ago. Now working in a “security” firm with local gangster Phil Ryan, Burnside is less than pleased when Boulton discovers and reveals his affair with a rival’s wife, making him a marked man. At the request of the NCS, Boulton and Carver take Burnside back to London in handcuffs.

Season 14 Episode 100

D.S. Boulton and D.C. Carver return to Sun Hill with Frank Burnside in handcuffs. D.C.I. Meadows discovers that Burnside has been working under cover, and decides that they must work together to get a result.

Season 14 Episode 101
All For One

PC Santini is first on the scene of a serious car accident, and becomes a bit of a local hero when he bravely dives into the river to secure the car. Before the driver dies from his injuries, he begs Santini to “take care” of a present for his mistress: a box of cocaine! Santini duly disposes of the package, but finds himself in trouble when PC Harker hears about the missing drugs, and the accident victim’s mistress sets some thugs onto him to retrieve them.

Season 14 Episode 102
Trial Run

D.C. Skase calls in sick so he can moonlight as a bodyguard, but one of his teenage charges does a runner.

Season 14 Episode 103
Section F

When Meadows and Conway are both up for promotion against each other, there are both some comic and some life-threatening repercussions.

Season 14 Episode 104
Bad Chemistry

W.D.C. Holmes investigates a case of domestic violence and inadvertently jeopardises a major surveillance operation on a major drugs dealer.

Season 14 Episode 105
Dog Eat Dog

P.C. Santini mishandles the stabbing of a prostitute.

Season 14 Episode 106

W.D.C. Rawton investigates a sinister trade in video tapes of child sex abuse victims giving evidence, all copied from originals made by the police.

Season 14 Episode 107
The Rate for the Job

D.S. Beech is offered £3,000 by an old flame to reveal details of an investigation into her current boyfriend by D.S. Daly.

Season 14 Episode 108
For Interest Only

Ch. Supt. Brownlow attempts to solve a an old jewellery robbery with the help of a criminal on his deathbed and D.C.I. Meadows, although Ch. Insp. Conway doesn’t prove much assistance.

Season 14 Episode 109
The Fat Lady Sings

PC Quinnan and DC Kerry Holmes try to track down a mysterious opera singer connected with a shady criminal.

Season 14 Episode 110
Too Many Cooks

Inspector Monroe heads an investigation into an abduction which leads him into conflict within the Chinese community as well as drugs, vice and violence.