40 Questions

  1. Who was WPC 227?
  2. Name the final ever episode.
  3. Who did PC Tony Stamp and PC Dave Quinnan surprise with water pistols?
  4. What was Tosh Lines’ first name
  5. What is the name of PC Cameron Tait’s daughter?
  6. Where was Amy Tenant found?
  7. Which officer arrested the Canley Fields murderer?
  8. Who is the father of Abigail Nixon?
  9. What happened to Mike Dashwood’s leaving present?
  10. What was the name of DC Terry Perkins brother?
  11. Who was shot in ‘Don’t Like Mondays’
  12. Name the Sergeant in Woodentop.
  13. Who played PC Ben Gayle
  14. What was the profession of Claire Brind’s father?
  15. Which officer discovered Cass Rickman on the shore of the Thames?
  16. Which Sun Hill officer played the clarinet?
  17. Lisa Kennedy had what role?
  18. Which officer did Seeta Indrani play?
  19. Which young officer did Roger Valentine take under his wing?
  20. Who was Kerry and Luke’s best man?
  21. Which officer didn’t survive his first shift?
  22. Taffy Edwards’ first name was what?
  23. Roxanne was played by two actors, who were they?
  24. Who arrested a bus?
  25. Which officer joined CID in ‘One of the Boys’?
  26. Who started at Sun Hill on the same day as WPC Debbie Keane?
  27. What was DC Jacob Banks previous profession?
  28. Scott Burnett married which officer?
  29. Who returned to Sun Hill to interview Jim Carver when he was investigated for murder?
  30. When Jo Masters was kidnapped, which fellow officer realised something was wrong and raised the alarm?
  31. Which two officers had a fight during riot training?
  32. What year did Suzi Croft arrive?
  33. Which Inspector was sent to the river to collect samples of mud due to a suspected radioactive leak?
  34. What role did Adam Okaro take on, after leaving Sun Hill?
  35. Name the actress who played Phil & Steve Hunters mother.
  36. Who applied to become the Community Liaison Officer without telling Superintendent Brownlow?
  37. What song did Tony Stamp sing on Karaoke to Amber Johannsen?
  38. Which officer partnered DCI Frank Burnside in Thug on the Tyne?
  39. Which officer had to deal with a FAT’AC in 1989?
  40. What were the first words ever spoken by PC Jim Carver?

40 Answers


  1. WPC Viv Martella
  2. Respect Part 2
  3. PC Mike Jarvis
  4. Alfred
  5. Emily
  6. Brighton beach
  7. Sgt Tom Penny
  8. Glen Weston/Ian McCarthy
  9. It was smashed when hit by a door.
  10. Ben Perkins
  11. Pete Ramsay
  12. Sgt Jack Wilding
  13. Micah Balfour
  14. Police officer, he was a Detective Inspector
  15. Nick Klein
  16. DS Alistair Greig
  17. She was Borough Commander
  18. WPC Norika Datta
  19. PC Lewis Hardy
  20. PC Tony Stamp
  21. PC Billy Rowan
  22. Francis
  23. Paul O’Grady and  George Costigan
  24. Chief Superintendent Charles Brownlow
  25. DC Viv Martella
  26. PC Nick Slater
  27. Teacher
  28. PC Honey Harmen
  29. DCI Frank Burnside
  30. DS Stuart Turner
  31. Callum Stone & Dale Smith
  32. 1993
  33. Inspector Brian Kite
  34. He became borough Commander
  35. Anita Dobson
  36. Chief Inspector Derek Conway
  37. You’re So Vain
  38. DS Liz Rawton
  39. PC Yorkie Smith
  40. Okay Carver, Lets do it!