WDC Suzi Croft

Portrayed by:Kerry Peers

First Appearance If It Isn’t Hurting

Final Appearance The Parent Trap

Call Sign 401

Suzi was working in Sun Hill in an era where sexism was rife, the role of a WDC was seen by many detectives to make the tea and deal with women and child victims of crime. Suzi Croft had other ideas and she was not afraid to voice them. She was full of grit and determination, she worked hard and when finally allowed to work on a raid she did her job well. She worked the majority of her time on Operation Bumblebee under the supervision of DS Alistair Greig, whom she saw as something of a mentor. Suzi had the opportunity of a transfer to High Barnet CID and with only one day to make the decision, Suzi took up the offer, Sun Hill’s loss was High Barnet’s gain.


Suzi was the first trainee detective that Sun Hill ever had.


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Where Can I See Now?

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