Sgt Nikki Wright

Portrayed By: Gillian Taylforth

First Appearance #470

Final Appearance Seize The Day

Call Sign SO 87 (Sun Hill) SB 21 (Barton Street)

Nikki Wright’s time at Sun Hill wasn’t a long in comparison to some but it sure was memorable. Nikki arrived to take up a sergeants position that Yvonne Hemmingway had hoped to fill. The ever so dodgy DAC Georgia Hobbs had recommended Nikki for the role. Leaving her husband, Sgt Doug Wright, behind at Barton Street Nikki got stuck into her role straight away. She was a popular sergeant gaining respect from the relief and higher ranking officers.  Part of Nikki’s role was to puppy walk new recruits, her first two were PCs Emma Keane and Billy Rowan. During this first outing Billy Rowan was murdered and for a time Nikki blamed herself.  Although working in different stations Nikki and Doug’s paths crossed and Doug was on occasion seen around Sun Hill. Her home life was never far from her mind and Nikki was often seen on the phone to a Doug arranging childcare. And it was for her family that Nikki finally left Sun Hill, when she decided after a particularly difficult day caring for a dying man, that her work commitments were impacting too heavily upon her family life.



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