Season 7

Season 7 Episode 1

Norika and George are on traffic duty. He failed to see the D.A.C. so didn’t salute him. Brownlow’s wife is giving grief about the roof of his summer cottage.

Season 7 Episode 2
The Chase

A man complains about his car being trashed. Norika goes to a service station which is being held-up by men with a machete. Steve and Dave give chase. During the chase Steve collides with a car.

Season 7 Episode 3
The Attack

W.P.C. Marshall is on the beat and notices two men acting strangely. When she tries to arrest them, she is attacked. A black youth not involved tells P.C. Garfield about it, who gives chase. Insp. Monroe takes an interest and wants it investigated as a sexual assualt. D.I. Burnside is watching a firm that could be done over by an ex-security guard. D.C. Lines is worried about the security guard. When the raid does go down, Lines can’t get through to the security guard.

Season 7 Episode 4
Crown v Cooper

Loxton is going to court with Garfield. One of the witnesses is giving them a hard time. Dashwood is also there griping about missing paperwork. Garfield is worried about his notes and Loxton is very confident the attacker will get charged. Loxton and the defendant tell 2 different versions of the attack.
The defendant gets off and he is last seen heading into a pub with a child left crying in the car.

Season 7 Episode 5
The Girl Can’t Help It

A girl is missing and Reg is moaning about his mealtime being curtailed. Dave finds an incriminating notebook that indicates the girl is on the game. When Dave goes to tell the family, he finds out the father already knows. Conway has an argument with Brownlow after he contacted a radio station about the missing girl. While Burnside is having lunch, he notices the girl lunching with a businessman.

Season 7 Episode 6

Roach and Carver are in court where they find their defendant has not appeared because he is waiting for a kidney machine. Roach talks to an ex-copper who uses the same kind of machine. Tosh asks Stringer and Hollis to help take evidence upstairs. The equipment was stolen from a shipment going to American bases on the continet. When Tosh finds the seller he finds an aladin’s cave.

Season 7 Episode 7

Brownlow gives Conway a hard time about sick figures. Young is not feeling well and June thinks it could be stress related. Loxton goes to investigate something suspicious in a scrapyard. CID helps uniform combat burglaries on an estate. Viv and Jim pay follow-up calls to the victims. Jim is told it is kids.

Season 7 Episode 8

Sgt. Maitland thinks there is a problem with a local pub landlord of the Overton Arms as well as drinking on duty. A prisoner makes allegations about being threatened with a shotgun. It is possible that Maitland is blowing a CID operation. When D.S. Roach is assaulted at the pub, Maitland gets the attacker. Ch. Supt. Brownlow has a bee in his bonnet about wearing hats.

Season 7 Episode 9

Stamp and Stringer come across a man and a woman struggling. Stamp grabs the woman who collapses. The man says he saw her wandering and went to help her and she attacked him with her nails. Initial reports from the hospital are that she was the victim of an attempted rape but the bruises were from an epileptic fit.

Season 7 Episode 10
Fear or Favour

Representatives from the Jasmine Allen Estate are visiting Sun Hill station. P.C. Stamp and W.P.C. French patrol the Estate and talk to one of the residents. They chase a drug dealer to a club but the men on the door won’t let them through. W.P.C. Ackland and P.C. Loxton arrest the dealer after he leaves the club but Ackland is attacked when the men from the club turn up. The man who assaulted her was one of the council representatives from the Estate.

Season 7 Episode 11
Start to Finish

Ch. Supt. Brownlow is having problems arranging transport to a meeting. He helps at an accident on the way. Ex-Sgt. Tom Penny, who is now working as a security guard, comes in to Sun Hill to check on an arrest that P.C. Quinnan made of a supposedly pregnant woman. Penny talks to D.S. Roach about the amount of stealing at the firm where he works.

Season 7 Episode 12
Night and Day

Tony and Barry are stopped in the street by a man who says his flat has been burgled and the burglars are still on the premises. They surprise a flat owner who is in the bathroom. Tosh finds out the lady was lying about her whereabouts because she was with a married man. Delia visits an old man who wanted to report a prowler to an Inspector. He rings again and Delia chases a man to a car park on the Jasmine Allen. Delia and the old man are hit by a car.

Season 7 Episode 13

Dashwood and Roach investigate a burglary at a scrapyard. Dashwood recognises the name of an ex-copper who knows Roach and Dashwood thinks Roach is prejudiced and too helpful. The ex-copper turned security guard’s wife comes up with a possible suspect. Cathy investigates poison pen letters sent by the recipient’s husband. Bob says the police can’t do anything about them. the husband comes to the station and asks for protection.

Season 7 Episode 14
In Chambers

D.S. Greig gets the evidence for an arson case from the property officer and goes to a conference in chambers but parks in the wrong space. The suspect is not responsible for his actions, and, according to a psychiatric report, unfit to plead. Greig is not happy that the case he spent months on might be chucked out. W.P.C.s French and Ford are being given cheek by two black youths. French takes one home, leaving Ford to deal with an alleged shoplifting. Ford wants to let the shoplifter off with a caution but, on taking him home, finds a room full of goods stolen from supermarkets.

Season 7 Episode 15
Kids Don’t Cry Anymore

June sees a boy being bullied at a playground. On investigation she finds a lunch box with packets in it as well as a notebook with a list of names and some drawings. The list is of drugs but the prices are kids prices and the packets hold grass clippings and flour – almost like the children are playing shop. She goes to the local school to see if she can get some names. Dashwood’s transfer has been turned down. Burnside thinks Brownlow stopped it because Dashwood is dressed smarted than Brownlow. The retired head of the murder squad offers to help Dashwood. Roach’s ex senior officer comes into CID asking for help with a case. He is now head of a security firm and wants to impress the partners and wants Roach’s help because Ted is a good thief taker. Roach doesn’t want to help because he still hasn’t forgiven his boss for putting an innocent man in prison. He nicks a man at the pub with stolen watches.

Season 7 Episode 16
Too Many Chiefs

After dropping off a girl at a children’s home, Dave and Cathy get called back in for a potential suicide. The girl Dave brought back in the morning seems to be the last person to see the dead girl alive. The man in charge of the home resigns. The dead girl had a boyfriend who, according to her diary, took her to Spain and Wales as well as other places. There was an unreported break-in. This and some photographs the disappearing girl had seem to be connected to the suicide.

Season 7 Episode 17
Every Mother’s Son

June, Tony, Dave and Reg are doing an obbo. Dave and Reg are lost while the doctor is attacked. The doctor was called to a hoax emergency call. The lady who was supposed to have made the call is being harassed since her son was arrested for murder. Reg comes up with a Trojan Horse idea to protect the doctor. The mother of the murderer commits suicide. Barry and Steve are called to a burglary at a chemists. One of the suspects collapses. Steve is getting cocky about his arrest.

Season 7 Episode 18

A man is murdered by a shotgun after talking to Dashwood. A man who has escaped from prison turns up in Dashwood’s flat after he has put the safety chain on the door. A gunshot has been reported at Dashwood’s because the escapee’s girlfriend was shot. He turns the gun on himself after making Dashwood look like a prat.

Season 7 Episode 19
Closing the Net

Sun Hill gets a call about a man approaching young girls in a park. D.I. Burnside protests that the police cannot do anything until a crime is committed. D.C. Lines profiles recent incidents, and notices that the target is getting bolder. P.C. Smollett has also noticed a pattern. A girl goes missing from a playground. A shopkeeper sounds the alarm when he is spat at by some children.

Season 7 Episode 20
The Public Interest

A man comes in to talk to someone in authority because an ex-employee is having sex with a 15 year old. CPS has thrown out June’s assault case. She is thinking of taking a private prosecution and ends her shift feeling very cynical.

Season 7 Episode 21
Photo Finish

W.P.C. Datta is watching a pub when a youth is seen leaving with drugs. Looking through a Playboy magazine in the boy’s room, Garfield finds over £200 hidden inside. An acquaintance of the boy is seen going into the pub and then arrested on suspicion of possession. Garfield thinks that the boy, whose room they are using for the obbo, is a dealer. W.P.C. Ford gets a hot tip for a double but P.C. Loxton failed to placed the bet for her. Her first horse won and the second horse had a photo finish before being confirmed as coming second by a nose.

Season 7 Episode 22
Just Deserts

Burnside and Lines go for a lunchtime drink. Tony and George go to a building site where a self-employed tiler fell off the top floor. An eye witness says he was pushed. The victim had killed a woman about five years before in a drink driving accident.

Season 7 Episode 23
832 Receiving

June and Delia catch a girl who has stolen a purse. June suspects the mother of fraud. Delia goes back out and watches 3 youths interfere with a car before she is told to investigate reports of screaming coming from a flat. The lady’s baby has died. Delia is badly affected by the death.

Season 7 Episode 24
The Better Part of Valour

D.I. Burnside and D.C.I. Reid attend an accident involving a security van. D.S. Roach thinks it is an inside job. He finds a job application for a man with form. D.C. Lines talks to the guard. W.D.C. Martella talks to a witness who is worried about the wrong people finding out. She is supposed to be in Scotland.

Season 7 Episode 25
Double or Quits

W.P.C. French and W.D.C. Martella talk about a career criminal before going to court. Martella’s witness is having second thoughts. D.C.I. Reid gets a ‘phone call about Martella referring to previous charges in court. D.C. Carver and D.S. Roach watch three men enter a house. A girl, who is known to Roach, is hastily let out. Carver watches three youths enter the house. Carver gets punched in the nose.

Season 7 Episode 26
We Could Be Heroes

Tony and Dave rush an injured woman to hospital when the ambulance is delayed after an accident. They go to see the driver of the other car. He is a sales rep who hopes to be banned from driving. A man complains to Monroe about obstruction by Tony and Dave.

Season 7 Episode 27
Cold Turkey 1

P.C.s Stamp and Quinnan attend to a sudden death. The deceased was a locum G.P., and Insp. Monroe thinks the death was suspicious. W.P.C. Ackland takes a mother to a pharmacist’s. A customer becomes abusive when his prescription is not filled. Stamp and Quinnan are called to a disturbance at a flat, where a drug addict is holding a child, and possibly an injured woman, hostage. D.S. Greig thinks the hostage-taker may have killed once already. P.C. Hollis talks to a G.P. about a break-in at her surgery and the theft of prescription pads. Ch. Insp. Conway arrives at the flat to negotiate with the hostage taker.

Season 7 Episode 28
Cold Turkey 2

A drug addict is sealed off in a block of flats and holding two hostages. D.C. Dashwood talks to one of his snouts to find out the name of the man. P.C. Garfield leaves a mobile phone outside the flat for the hostage taker, and W.P.C. Ackland calls it to try to negotiate with him. Ch. Insp. Conway negotiates for permission to shoot the man should all other options fail.

Season 7 Episode 29
Now We’re Motoring

P.C. Hollis helps a man to tow away a car, but he is not the owner. The car owner comes in to complain. Hollis comes across another towing. D.C. Lines getting grief from D.C.I. Reid. He talks to a man about welding his car to pass its MOT. He seems to be setting up a deal where he delivers a car across the channel.

Season 7 Episode 30
Dead Man’s Boots

Sgt. Cryer tries to stop an elderly woman from being victimised on an estate. Ch. Supt. Brownlow offers the post of duty sergeant to Sgt. Peters, who declines the job, but Cryer accepts it.

Season 7 Episode 31
Caught Napping

The Metropolitan Police Serious Crimes Squad sweep into Sun Hill and commandeer the station’s briefing room, setting a few noses out of joint in the process. They are there to investigate the murder of a police informant, who at the time of his death was under the protection of Sun Hill CID. DI Burnside and DS Roach come to blows when Roach refuses to share the blame for withdrawing officers from the safe house, and accuses Burnside of corruption.

Season 7 Episode 32
Hammer to Fall

In an attempt to end the rift between D.I. Burnside and D.S. Roach, D.C.I. Reid partners them together on a joint operation with the drugs squad.

Season 7 Episode 33
Cry Havoc

Sgt. Peters is stabbed, and P.C. Stringer unwittingly finds the culprit.

Season 7 Episode 34
Rules of Engagement

W.D.C. Martella is undercover at a club to investigate a series of armed robberies of musical equipment. She goes outside to call in D.I. Burnside, but a bouncer hits her over the back of the head. Martella worries that her boyfriend may be involved in the robberies.

Season 7 Episode 35
Delivery on Time

P.C. Stringer and W.P.C. Marshall are walking the beat when they are called to a burglary. They are making follow up calls when they are told the van is back. D.C. Carver is hung over and goes with D.C. Lines to investigate the burglary. The burglar is conning his way into houses by claiming to have a parcel for delivery. Lines catches sight of the delivery man when he is called back to court. D.S. Greig, W.D.C. Martella and D.C. Dashwood investigate stolen motorcycles at a bike shop.

Season 7 Episode 36
Black Monday

D.C. Lines’s car gets towed away. He catches a bus and sees a man who is supposed to have died five years before. D.I. Burnside thinks it is a wind up. After being spotted by W.P.C. Datta, the man falls into the river, for real this time. D.C. Carver brings in a “cut-and-shut” car that is made from three condemned vehicles.

Season 7 Episode 37
Jobs for the Boys

D.I. Burnside investigates a break-in at a cash-and-carry, involving the theft of cash and some meat. D.C. Carver suspects the security guard of involvement. P.C. Hollis sees an old man trying to take a packet of meat out of a car. Sgt. Maitland is having a bad day in custody. W.P.C. Datta and P.C. Stamp bring in a man for the burglary of a second-hand shop who turns out to have robbed the cash-and-carry.

Season 7 Episode 38
Without Consent

A prostitute comes into the station to report a rape. Loxton tells her it is classed as non-payment of goods. June has problems making people treat it as a rape.

Season 7 Episode 39
Saints and Martyrs

W.P.C. Ackland investigates a break-in and theft of a pension book. She is told that the C.P.S. won’t be taking up her assault case so she brings a private summons. Surprisingly, Ch. Supt. Brownlow defends Ackland at a senior management meeting. P.C. Hollis goes to talk to Mr Brownlow about the air conditioner in the custody suite. D.C. Lines goes to talk to the theft victim and is told that one of the two men was caught dropping maggots from a tin into the sink. A witness recognises one of the men.

Season 7 Episode 40

D.C.I. Reid takes over a joint surveillance operation. D.I. Burnside and W.D.C. Martella are asked to leave the flat they are observing from by the drunken tenant, who then beats his wife. When he comes into the street after her, Burnside arrests him.

Season 7 Episode 41
The Greater Good

Tosh and Jim are watching a wrecking yard. A car is seen driven into the yard stolen from a man who runs a youth centre. Tosh thinks it is an insurance fraud involving cars disappearing and claimed as stolen.

Season 7 Episode 42
The Best You Can Buy

W.P.C. Ackland’s private prosecution of Everton Warwick comes to court. She gives evidence as do P.C.s Stamp and Quinnan, who are challenged over possible prejudice against the defendant. The rest of the relief arrive in time to hear a not guilty verdict. Stamp is even angrier than June.

Season 7 Episode 43

Quinnan arrests 2 men in the underground because 1 has a knife. Sgt. Peters’ wife gives him a ride to work. Brownlow, Conway and Reid have a meeting with publicans.

Season 7 Episode 44
Black Mark

Dashwood talks to one of his snouts, who has been charged with stealing, on the way to court. The prisoner makes a complaint against him. Brownlow thinks it is serious enough to bring in MS15. Roach is worried it is him. The snout later withdraws the complaint after Dashwood has been interviewed. Loxton brings in a joyrider who bursts into tears. Garfield is made to go back to a burglary to get full details of the stolen items.

Season 7 Episode 45
The Right Thing to Do

Lines and Carver go to a club where they find drugs in the band’s jackets. The manager thinks it is very funny that a paper is interviewing the band 5 minutes before they are raided. Tosh now thinks they were fitted up not by an ex-manager but present one who is also their publicist. A man charged with drink driving and hitting a girl on a crossing is making a racket in the cells. Sgt. Peters arrests his solicitor for drunk driving.

Season 7 Episode 46
The Harder They Fall

P.C. Loxton is attacked after a break-in at a night club and helped by a cabbie who is a special constable. Loxton blacks out and can’t remember the incident. One of his attackers later dies. Most of his colleagues think Loxton is lying about the memory loss. Det. Supt. Meadows is back leading the murder squad.

Season 7 Episode 47
Something Personal

D.C.s Dashwood and Carver are driving along when they notice a man trying to break into a house. His girlfriend has overdosed. Dashwood spots a snout who tells him she took methamphetamine. Dashwood is very reluctant to hand the case over to the drugs squad. P.C. Stamp chases a burglar and pulls his trousers off trying to stop him climbing over a wall. W.P.C.s Datta and French spot the man jogging into a charity shop. The man denies they are his trousers when interviewed in custody.

Season 7 Episode 48

Burnside talks to the driver of a lorry who was hi-jacked. Martella raids the house of the snout who complained about Dashwood. Burnside wants Dashwood to use him again as his snout. The driver says that the man who threatened him with a gun gave him a beating 18 months previously.

Season 7 Episode 49
With Intent

D.C.s Lines and Carver are going to court about a burglary case. The Crown Prosecution Service is reducing the charges against two of the defendants. Carver discovers that documents needed in court are missing, and is not impressed during the afternoon training session with the C.P.S. Insp. Monroe organises a training session about treatment of prisoners in cells and a further session with the C.P.S.

Season 7 Episode 50

P.C.s Garfield and Young are talking to a woman about fireworks that had been put through her letterbox when they witness a purse snatching. CID are working on a murder that might have occurred during a street robbery. A man comes in after seeing a poster asking for information about the murder. His flat is subsequently torched.

Season 7 Episode 51
Careless Whispers

D.I. Burnside arrests a man on suspicion of robbery with violence. D.C. Lines and Carver get given wrong addresses. Burnside’s suspect is identified in an I.D. parade but it turns out he is not guilty. His mother brings in a vacuum cleaner with drugs hidden in the base. P.C. Hollis chases a mother who tried to buy a watch with a stolen credit card and recognises her as a habitual criminal.

Season 7 Episode 52
Minimum Force

Tony and George go to a burglary. The home owner caught the burglar and beat him up. The wife comes back and says the burglar was a work mate collecting some pills for her. Viv and Jim check on the husband and find out that a work mate, who had his nose broken by him, has form for burglary. A drunken lady gets violent with some of the relief after making a disturbance outside a newsagent. She causes a nuisance while locked in the cells until she knocks herself out.

Season 7 Episode 53

W.P.C. Ackland finds a man stabbed in his car, and D.C. Lines’s investigation into the incident is impeded by the victim’s unhelpful wife. P.C. Hollis and P.C. Stamp discover a number of human skeletons in a supposedly vacant flat. Hollis and D.I. Burnside think they have stumbled across a mass murderer on the manor, but upon arresting the flat’s resident, they discover he has legally imported the skeletons from the Philippines in the hope of selling them to medical laboratories.

Season 7 Episode 54

D.A.C. Hicks talks about reclaiming the streets. D.C.I. Reid talks about her pilot project on street robberies. P.C. Stamp is at a traffic depot by a cemetery and talks to a youth he suspects of criminal damage. The boy talks about being bullied, so carries a knife for self defence. D.C. Carver talks to P.C. Hollis about the bullies. Carver D.C. Lines get the go-ahead from D.I. Burnside to carry out surveillance on them.

Season 7 Episode 55
The Negotiator

P.C. Hollis chases a man with a shotgun into a shop. Hollis tries talking the gunman, who has just held held up a building society, into letting the assistant go. W.P.C. Ackland and P.C. Garfield check at the man’s house and find a body upstairs. The gunman talks to Hollis about terms. Hollis doesn’t think he has the bottle to shoot him.

Season 7 Episode 56

Carver talks to his snout about a security job and gets a name for a burglary instead. Tosh had made a bet with Burnside about the burglar staying straight. A bag is found in the man’s shed who claims to have been fitted up. Jim’s snout gives another name who is a psycho

Season 7 Episode 57
The Juggler and the Fortune Teller

A court case is adjourned. D.I. Burnside and the defence counsel have an argument in the corridor. D.C. Martella goes back to the station to warn witnesses. The rape victim is upset. Martella’s car is broken into while she is making a call and her briefcase, containing all the exhibits, is stolen. While checking a car park, D.C.s Lines and Carver catch a gang who turned over a post office.

Season 7 Episode 58

W.P.C. Ackland is watching a P.E. class at a school before talking to them about theft and robbery. P.C. Loxton chases a boy who has stolen a lady’s chain. The boy appears too frightened to tell his name.

Season 7 Episode 59
Your Shout

Ch. Supt. Brownlow speaks to W.P.C. Marshall about a promotion board. There is a possible child abduction and the mother is complaining that the police weren’t fast enough. Marshall feels guilty about not noticing the call at shift change. Sgt. Peters talks Monroe out of making an appearance at a pub where C relief is having a knees-up and trying to throw kegs over the wall.

Season 7 Episode 60

Martella drives to a car fire to find a lady was trapped in the car. A man who tried to get the lady out of the car saw a man watching as he arrived.

Season 7 Episode 61
A Corporal of Horse

Marshall is acting sergeant with C relief. She watches one of the relief drive away in an unmarked police car without wearing his tunic after P.C. Smollett points it out. She tries to sort out a problem without backup from C relief’s inspector, and puts Sgt. Locket’s career on the line. Sgt. Cryer shows Ch. Supt. Brownlow the arrest figures for C relief.

Season 7 Episode 62
Cause and Effect

Delia and Tony discuss the merits of follow up calls. They get a call out to research labs. Loxton finds a security guard on the floor.

Season 7 Episode 63
Getting Involved

Stamp talks to a man about paint stripper on his car – 2nd time in a month. Ron knows him. Reg and June are later called to an industrial estate where a man is damaging the car. The man damaging the car turns out to be the son of a man supposedly killed by the owner of the car. Carver and Greig investigate a fight in a pub at closing time. The victim is not talking but the girlfriend knows who he might have been drinking with. Ron helps Carver and Greig catch him. The girlfriend wanted her boyfriend to stop thieving.

Season 7 Episode 64
Benefit of the Doubt

A barrister is arrested for GBH on a prostitute. He uses his phone call to ring D.A.C. Hicks. Brownlow is concerned about wrongful arrest. Greig gives Mike some disturbing news about the witness who sticks to her story. After being informed the victim was HIV positive the man is let go because of circumstantial evidence.

Season 7 Episode 65

Reg is in a pawn brokers when a man wearing a hat, scarf, and glasses leaves carrying a bike helmet leaving behind a bag with a gun in it. The shopkeeper calls CID as he thought he was going to be held up. The gun is thought to be linked to the shooting of a P.C. Reg brings in a drunk for criminal damage but when asked to remember the man in the pawn brokers he can’t. After being told about how close he was to being gunned down he talks to Sgt. Cryer

Season 7 Episode 66
The Last Laugh

Quinnan and Garfield respond to an armed robbery. Turns out to be a wind-up. There was a struggle and the informant got injured. CID thinks he is very bent. Monroe thinks the informant has a case against Quinnan for assault. Quinnan thinks an earthmover is dodgy parked outside a transport cafe. A cafe owner comes in to see Inspector Monroe to try and become a snout. Reg investigates a noise complaint and finds out where the earthmover was resprayed.

Season 7 Episode 67

CID investigate a burglary of an O.A.P. who has an asthma attack. Stamp talks to a lady who turned away a man supposedly from the Gas Board. Stringer and Loxton finish dealing with a van and go to a domestic. The man later threatens his ex-wife’s boyfriend with a cleaver.

Season 7 Episode 68
Six of One

P.C. Stringer chases a girl, on foot, who has stolen goods from a jewellers but P.C. Stamp arrests her because she was in a car. Stamp gets bullied, as does Insp. Monroe, by the jeweller when he returns the jewellery. Stringer feels fingers pointing at him when a necklace is still missing. D.C. Dashwood investigates the theft of a hire car later used in a crime.

Season 7 Episode 69
Married to the Job

P.C. Stamp and W.P.C. Ackland attend a domestic. They also deal with a burglary at a pub. Stamp’s girlfriend has broken up with him after talking to other police wives. Sun Hill is getting ready for visitors from Area.

Season 7 Episode 70

Reid goes to see the CPS about a case. She is late for a meeting with Meadows from the Murder Squad. A rape victim says the allegation was false after CPS gave the go ahead for the case to go to court. Burnside doesn’t believe her. Barry and Norika are called to her flat after reports of a woman screaming but she dies of injuries. Burnside talks to the manager of a furniture shop after a cashier is mugged on the way to the bank.

Season 7 Episode 71
Stress Rules

Brownlow comes back from a conference and wants to start an anti-stress programme. A boy is stabbed and Young and Marshall investigate. Young finds the suspected stabber who says he had been done over with some bad gear. Cathy and Barry chase a gang of youths who snatch bags in a market.

Season 7 Episode 72
They Also Serve

The relief is reserve troops for a demonstration. It is very boring waiting on waste ground. At a meal break, Delia, Norika and June find a distressed probationer in the toilets. Tempers are getting strained. Young is starting to question why he is still on the job. On the way back to the station the van is attacked by youths with sticks and petrol bombs. All the windows are broken and someone’s arm catches fire.

Season 7 Episode 73
Inside Job

A shop assistant is attacked and robbed of the week’s takings by thieves on a motorcycle.

Season 7 Episode 74
Bones of Contention

Sgt. Cryer investigates when anonymous letters expose P.C. Stringer’s affair, in police time, with a prisoner’s wife. W.P.C. Datta and P.C. Stamp lie in wait for a blackmailer. Ch. Insp. Conway is frustrated at a lack of promotion.

Season 7 Episode 75
Wide of The Mark

A professional hired killer is active in Sun Hill. A dubious informant provides a tip-off that divides D.I. Burnside and D.S. Greig.

Season 7 Episode 76
Hitting the Mark

D.I. Burnside hunts for a hired killer to prevent him from making his next hit.

Season 7 Episode 77
Bending the Rules

A yob arrested for shoplifting turns out to be a respected police officer. D.I. Burnside unravels the story of the change in his behaviour.

Season 7 Episode 78

It’s P.C. Garfield’s birthday, but a party only adds to his money troubles.

Season 7 Episode 79
Friday… and Counting

D.I. Burnside is put in charge of a potential murder case but with no clues as to the victim or the attacker.

Season 7 Episode 80
Lest We Forget

Ch. Supt. Brownlow is questioned by Yorkshire Police about his involvement in a murder enquiry seventeen years before that led to a wrongful conviction.

Season 7 Episode 81

AMIP investigates the murder of a teenager at a night club.

Season 7 Episode 82

A suspected violent break-in begins to suggest more clues about the house’s occupants than anything else – especially as they are missing. One of the women was murdered by her lesbian lover when she ended their affair.

Season 7 Episode 83
Out of Order

P.C. Young reaches out to W.P.C. Datta and, when she rejects his advances, he sexually assaults her.

Season 7 Episode 84
Empire Building

Duty Sgt. Cryer sets up a major operation to arrest defaulters on fine payments. Sgt. Peters accuses him of empire building.

Season 7 Episode 85
Losing It

P.C. Young discovers a suicide, and is deeply affected. Later, he visits Datta in the section house and attacks her.

Season 7 Episode 86

Following his interview about a wrongful conviction and allegations of corruption against a former colleague, Ch. Supt. Brownlow meets up with him. Two boys are reported missing, and are believed to have been abducted.

Season 7 Episode 88
The Square Peg

P.C. Young goes missing on his beat. Insp. Monroe orders a search. P.C.s Quinnan and Loxton find Young’s body in his car. He has commited suicide by feeding exhaust fumes into the vehicle.

Season 7 Episode 89
A Question of Confidence

D.I. Burnside investigates a series of attacks on prostitutes. A prison escapee is suspected.

Season 7 Episode 90
Balls in the Air

On his first day at Sun Hill, Sgt. Matthew Boyden’s past life catches up with him. Boyden shows that he knows all the angles, and Insp. Monroe is not impressed with the his casual approach.

Season 7 Episode 91
The Taste

Smollett discovers he still has the taste for action.

Season 7 Episode 92
Turning Back the Clock

D.I. Burnside is determined to clear up a three-year-old case of robbery and murder when an old acquaintance is released from prison. D.C.s Carver and Lines begin to have their doubts when they learn their tailing operation is “unofficial”.

Season 7 Episode 93

On his first day as Home Beat Officer, P.C. Smollett investigates the mugging of an old lady and discovers a rather unusual high-rise supermarket. Meanwhile, P.C. Stringer deals with a boy found unconscious by the canal.

Season 7 Episode 94
Chapter and Verse

D.I. Burnside wants to question a man about a missing girl, but he is “drunk and incapable” in the custody suite and Sgt. Maitland is determined to uphold P.A.C.E.

Season 7 Episode 95
The Whole Truth

W.P.C. Datta is in court to testify in a drink-driving trial, but the case is complicated by a mouthwash that the defendant claims to have taken. P.C. Stringer arrests a car thief in a multi-storey car park but is set upon by his accomplices.

Season 7 Episode 96
Profit and Loss

Sun Hill C.I.D. investigate a suspicious death. The woman was an illegal Turkish immigrant coerced into prostitution to pay her boss’s debts, and committed suicide.

Season 7 Episode 97
Thicker Than Water

P.C.s Loxton and Stringer are called to a domestic disturbance. The man found beating his wife turns out to be a P.C. from Stafford Row.

Season 7 Episode 98
On the Take

D.S. Roach is investigating an armed robbery. A series of unexplained tip-offs reveals the possibility that a D.S. at Sun Hill is guilty of corruption. A team from MS15 is brought in to investigate. Det. Supt. Meadows gives D.S. Burnside grief over an ongoing murder enquiry.

Season 7 Episode 99

W.P.C. Ackland and P.C. Smollett deal with a possible case of wife battering. The alleged victim, the mother of a schizophrenic son, is unco-operative.

Season 7 Episode 100
The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

D.C.I. Reid tries to overcome the continuing clash of personalities with D.I. Burnside. D.S. Roach has problems when a juvenile prisoner lies about his age, then has an epileptic fit in his cell. D.C. Carver finds himself in a conflict of loyalties.

Season 7 Episode 101

Sgt. Maitland and Insp. Monroe investigate a pornography racket. W.P.C. Marshall and P.C. Stamp look for a beggar who seduced a mentally-retarded girl.

Season 7 Episode 102
A Woman Scorned

June and Ron call on a lady about her husband’s dog who has dug up a skeleton in the garden. There is a new D. Supt. of the Murder Squad replacing Meadows. Reid talks to Burnside about paperwork.

Season 7 Episode 103
Vital Statistics

A Relief is stung into action on discovering that their arrest rate is inferior to that of B Relief.

Season 7 Episode 104
Decent People

P.C. Quinnan works undercover on a building site to investigate the theft of kitchen units, but finds himself in a compromising situation.

Season 7 Episode 105

It’s New Year’s Eve. A learner driver backs into a prison van, allowing a dangerous prisoner to escape from custody.