The Bill Drinking Game

Rules of the game,

1. Invite your friends around and put on an episode of The Bill on the television.
2. Then drink the quantities are listed below:
3. The last person to pass out is the winner.
4. If you are not rendered unconscious, let us know how you got on & how many episodes you survived. :2 beers:

Shot every time a rank abbreviation is used – EG Guv or Sarge

Shot everytime a PC is seen putting on or taking off their hat

Shot everytime a phone is heard…mobile or landline (there is always a phone ringing down at Sun Hill)

Shot everytime a Police car is seen in the frame

Shot everytime an arrest is made, a door is kicked in or Jack Meadows shouts “Go, go, go.”

Shot everytime Gina Gold lights up when in uniform.

Two shots each time Jo Masters takes a sip of her coffee.

Two drinks for an argument at the front desk

Two shots when a high speed pursuit begins, this must include sirens, lights, the lot.

Three shots when inner-station romances occur.

One shot of the cheapest alcoholic beverage available when trouble occurs on a dodgey council estate

Down a pint everytime an officer from Sun Hill is killed.

Whenever an officer drinks, so must you.
One shot for a non-alcoholic drink
Two shots for an alcoholic bevy – eg when down the pub.

One shot when a reference to DS Stuart Turner’s TV fame is made or he admires himself in a mirror.

All drinks must be constantly consumed when Reg Hollis is in the scene.

Each time Eddie makes a quip stand on the table and tell the room your best joke.

Toilet breaks only permitted when an officer gets out of breath on foot pursuit, or the ad break.

Each time you make it to the end of an episode put the television on mute and sing the theme tune. :tea1:

Disclaimer: The Billaton cannot be held responsible for the outcome of this game. Kids there is nothing stopping you playing this with chocolates or other treats that will make your teeth fall out.  Adults please don’t blame us if you are daft enough to drink until you are sick or end up sending silly text messages to your secret crush, its entirely your own fault!