Superintendent Tom Chandler

Portrayed by Steven Hartley

First Appearance On The Hook, Part 1

Final Appearance Episode 053

Call Sign Sierra Oscar 5-2

When Tom Chandler arrived at Sun Hill he was welcomed as a refreshing change after the Charles Brownlow years. However, sometimes in police dramas it is better the Superintendent you know… and Chandler soon began to show his true colours. He had his favourites and those officers whom he disliked and he did his upmost to remove those from Sun Hill. Sgt Bob Cryer was deemed to be too old for the job and so was the first to succumb to Tom Chandler’s boot. As soon as Bob was accidentally shot by Dale Smith he was retired out of the service. Without a word of thanks to Dale he then shipped him off to SO19, it may have been a promotion for Smithy but for Tom it was a good excuse to get rid of an officer whom he disliked. He also had DC Mickey Webb set in his sights and for a time he was able to transfer him to Barton Street. However, Mickey had something Tom didn’t, the support of DCI Jack Meadows and so he wasn’t away for long. Tom Chandler was also lacking in something else: self control, especially when it came to the ladies. His secret liaisons with DC Kate Spears lead to him take time out of the office, he sent Derek Conway to a community leaders meeting under false pretences, Derek was killed. After Kate Spear’s untimely death in the petrol bombing of Sun Hill, Tom Chandler set his sights on DS Debbie McAlister. Debbie became pregnant, disobeyed Tom’s wishes and refused to terminate the pregnancy. Tom and Debbie had a quickie marriage to stop the station gossips. Before they could drive off into the sunset Tom Chandler’s past came back to haunt him. Mickey Webb and Jack Meadows had been slyly investigating Tom’s past, tipped off by PC Des Taviner who trained with him at Hendon, they investigated the rape of Louise Marsden. With the help of Ann Merrick and Tom’s brother, James, Tom Chandler had no place to turn. He took his wife hostage in his office before shooting himself.



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Where Can I See Steven Now?
Steven can be seen in numerous video games, so take notice when you pick up that console.  He can also be heard in The Bill Podcast.