DC Eva Sharpe

Portrayed by Diane Parish

First Appearance #012

Final Appearance #197

Call Sign

DC Eva Sharpe lived up to her name, she was as sharp as a knife. She was a popular member of CID, worked hard and was never afraid to stand up for what she believed in. Eva was well respected by both the public and (most of) her colleagues. As a working mum Eva had to occasionally juggle her work and family commitments. Once or twice her daughter Joanna appeared in the office when childcare issues arose and although DS Debbie McAlistair was disapproving of this arrangement, she actually benefited from Joanna’s appearance. On occasion Eva was also able to team up with her husband, Paul, who was an Environmental Health Officer. However, it was the day Eva’s family came to Sun Hill Police Station’s open day that will always be remembered. Joanna disappeared from the station, triggering a major police hunt over several days. Understandably Eva was inconsolable as all avenues were investigated. Jim Carver, her family liaison officer was able to support her to some extent, later she was able to repay his kindness and help him through difficult times. Joanna was found and quickly recovered from her physical scars. The mental scars that her mother suffered took much longer to recover from, Eva finally took some time off work for some family time to recover. Eva’s relationship with DS Debbie McAlistair was quite a turbulent one, at times there was mutual respect on other occasions things could become heated leading to a scrap in the toilets! She didn’t have any fisticuffs with the new Detective Inspector, however, soon after his arrival it became apparent after his arrival the pair had a personality clash. Neil Manson shipped Eva out at the earliest opportunity. Eva would now be found working in the suburbs if it wasn’t for Jack Meadows intervention, he ensured that if she must leave Sun Hill she would leave for a better place, MIT. Neil Manson was less than impressed.



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Where Can I See Diane Now?

Diane can currently be seen in the BBC1 soap Eastenders.