Final Episode Quiz

A quiz based on final episodes…



1. Who ensured PC Yorkie Smith had one of the most memerable of leaving parties?

2. As Sam Nixon left which character returned to escort her home?

3. Who tried to save June Ackland from an impending attack and was shot outside Sun Hill police station?

4. Dashing Mike Dashwood left Sun Hill CID in 1992 to work in which area of the police?

5. June Ackland retired to spend her days with her new love Rod Jessop but what was his profession?

6. DI Roy Galloway left back in 1987 but who arrived at Sun Hill as his replacement?

7. Who shot PC Honey Harmen?

8. DC Juliet Becker was killed on which special episode?

9. Crazed PCSO Colin Fairfax was responsible for Sun Hill loosing three of its finest, who were they?

10. Who left Sun Hill on the same day as Inspector Christine Frazer?

11. Name the officer who did not survive his first day at Sun Hill.

12. Which officer became the final victim of the Sun Hill Serial Killer?

13. The storyline of missing school girl Amy Tennant ran longer than most, it drew to a close when Amy was found in which town?

14. Name all 6 characters killed in the Sun Hill explosion in 2002.

15. Which officer was shot by his daughter’s drug dealer boyfriend?

16. Who left Sun Hill to work in the foreign office?

17. Inspector Dale Smith replaced which inspector?

18. Which officer was shot in the episode ‘Don’t Like Mondays?’

19. Who was transferred out of Sun Hill due to an affair with June Ackland?

20. Which officer jumped to his death from a high rise in his final episode?

Bonus Question:
In Sam Nixon’s final episode there was one scene filmed but never shown on the episode who was it she on the phone to arranging a date?




1. WPC Claire Brind

2. Her daughter Abigail

3. Jo Morgan

4. Scotland Yard’s Fine Antique Squad.

5. Headteacher

6. Frank Burnside

7. Kirsten Shaw

8. The first ever live episode of The Bill

9. His van that exploded in the front office killed: DC Ken Drummond, PC Andrea Dunbar, and SRO Marilyn Chambers just days afterwards

10. PC Francis ‘Taffy’ Edwards

11. PC Billy Rowan

12. PC Cass Rickman

13. Brighton

14. Insp. Andrew Monroe, DC Paul Riley, PC Di Worrell, and PC Ben Hayward. PC Sam Harker and DC Kate Spears

15. Sgt Matt Boyden

16. PC Leela Kapoor

17. Inspector Rachel Weston

18. PC Pete Ramsay

19. DCI Gordan Wray

20. PC Gabriel Kent


Phil Hunter