DS Stuart Turner

Portrayed By: Doug Rao

First Appearance #400

Final Appearance #044 – Conviction – Judgement Day

Call Sign

When Stuart arrived at Sun Hill he hadn’t intended to stay, he was just there to assist DC Terry Perkins on a case and then go on his merry way. However, Stuart impressed DCI Jack Meadows and thus invited to stay at Sun Hill. Stuart also impressed DI Sam Nixon, soon falling into a short relationship with her. He didn’t however impress DS Phil Hunter, whom also cared for Sam and for a time CID turned into a children’s playground with the petty squabbling  between the two, on one occasion their squabbles turned into fisticuffs. On occasion Stuart acted like a spoilt child, sneaking into the office of his DI to read personnel files on fellow DS Max Carter. But other times he was a shining example to other detectives, his determination to catch a criminal was second to none unfortunately his arrogance was too. Somehow Stuart still managed to be a likeable character and when he was waiting for results of a HIV test after being attacked with a needle, viewers everywhere worried on his behalf for a good result.



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Where Can I See Now?

We are waiting to hear of Doug’s next role, please watch this space for more info.