Inspector Dale Smith

Portrayed by Alex Walkinshaw

First appearance: Taxed (20.7.99)

Final appearance: Respect – Part 2

Call Sign: Sierra Oscar 1

Ex-squaddie Dale Smith originally joined Sun Hill as a PC but after a couple of years he took the advice of his sergeant, Bob Cryer, and applied to join SO19. Bob lived to regret his advice, when Dale accidentally shot his old Sergeant, it ended Cryers police career. Later, Smithy returned to Sun Hill  after the shooting of Sgt Matthew Boydon, he returned as a sergeant.  Smithy had a very close working relationship and friendship with Inspector Gina Gold and had admitted that he has little social life outside the station. His love life has been disastrous, falling first for PC Kerry Young who was fatally shot by the Sun Hill Sniper and then falling for Louise Larson, wife of a gangster, she was killed also. For a time Smithy was blamed for Louise’s murder and spent some time in Belmarsh prison during this time.  He was also wrongly branded a racist and homophobic but proved himself not to be either.  Always one of the lads Smithy struggled a little with the concept of being a more authoritative figure when promoted to Inspector but his relief and viewers will agree once settled into the role Smithy did a sterling job.



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What Can I See Alex In Now?
Alex can be now seen as a regular in BBC1’s Holby City.