DC Juliet Becker

Portrayed By: Rae Baker

First Appearance Episode 119

Final Appearance Episode 162 (live episode)

Call Sign


Juliet Becker’s stay at Sun Hill may have been a short one, but for viewers and colleagues alike she remained a memorable favourite. Maybe it was because she was true to herself, an honest cop who didn’t intentionally upset anyone but never allowed herself to be a walk-over either. She was often seen zooming around Canley on her motorbike, which proved helpful on more than one case. In her short time at Sun Hill Juliet seemed to make every minute count and managed to pack in a relationship with a victim of crime and two officers. Unfortunately for Juliet her choices were questionable, her relationship with a crime victim lead to Juliet being kidnapped by one very angry husband. Her affairs with Debbie McAlistair and then Phil Hunter… well they were never going to end well were they? Poor Juliet, her luck didn’t get any better. out on a call with Cathy Bradford they arrested a drunk. Cathy forgot to search him properly, her head too full of ‘stitching up’ Polly Page in court that day. On returning to the station the prisoner held Juliet hostage dragging her off into a police van. By the time other officers had come to her rescue, Juliet had already been fatally stabbed.



Rae originally screentested for the role of Honey Harmen


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Where Can I See Rae Now?

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