Front Desk Officer: Robbie Cryer

Portrayed By Moya Brady

First Appearance #033 8/8/02

Final Appearance #180 31/12/03

Call Sign N/A

When Robbie arrived at Sun Hill she was a bit of a mystery. She knew quite a lot about everyone, it was almost as if she had insider information, it was totally mystifying, until we met uncle Bob. Uncle Bob was better known to viewers as the much loved Sgt Bob Cryer who worked for many years at Sun Hill. Robbie was a very popular character at the station, definitely one of the girls, joining them in the pub or to sing along in Pop Idol. Robbie was also popular with DC Mickey Webb and being quite sweet on him she did on occasion put herself in danger to assist him with an enquiry. There was however one person who disliked Robbie: PC Cathy Bradford. Robbie was too clever and before anyone else Robbie could see Cathy’s lies. Unfortunately for Robbie Cathy told one lie too many so it was hard to decipher the truth so when she called CAD for urgent assistance and Robbie didn’t send help. For this Robbie lost her job at Sun Hill. But that wasn’t enough for Cathy, when the truth began to emerge, Robbie told Brandon Kane the truth about his colleague, which resulted in Robbie being badly beaten by the mad cop.



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Where Can I See Moya Now?

We are waiting to hear of Moya’s next project. Please watch this space for the latest info.