Acting Superintendent Amanda Prosser

Portrayed by: Serena Gordon

First Appearance Episode 336

Final Appearance Episode 349

Call Sign Sierra Oscar 5-2

If there was an award for the ‘UK’s Most Useless Police Officer’ it would be sat on Amanda Prosser’s mantelpiece. Amanda arrived at Sun Hill in the wake of a tragedy, Adam Okaro had just lost his family in a car crash and quite understandably he had taken time out to re-evaluate his life. Sun Hill needed a leader; a leader was not quite what they were lumbered with. One catastrophe followed another, the blame was always laid at the foot of other officers – nothing was never Amanda Prossers fault. Of course if something had gone well Amanda was at the front of the queue waiting for praise. Things came to a head when Sun Hill was taken over in an armed siege, Amanda panicked and just about lost the plot, much to the frustration of other officers. Adam Okaro returned before the station could collapse into ruin. Amanda was transferred back to Manchester leaving everyone wondering how ever did she mange to tie her own shoelaces in the morning let alone rise to the position of Acting Superintendent.



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