DI Sally Johnson

Portrayed By Jaye Griffiths

First Appearance Second Sight

Final Appearance Done Is Done

Call Sign

DI Sally Johnson fast tracked her way through the ranks in police force until she arrived at Sun Hill. Unfortunately all of her fast tracking highlighted her lack of experience of on-the-ground-real policing and made her not the most popular officer at the station. She under estimated the value of experienced officers such as Sergeant June Ackland instead favouring relative newcomers to the job such as DS Danny Pearce. Sally’s over confidence and lack of experience finally brought her a cropper during a disastrous raid of a crack dealers house. It lead to Sally standing a private prosecution trial for manslaughter. The prosecution knocked Sally’s confidence in herself and also the MET’s confidence in Sally’s abilities. A close eye was kept on her every move until her role as DI at Sun Hill became untenable. Sally was given little choice but to transfer to Scotland Yard to sit at a desk monitoring officers overtime. Oh how the mighty had fallen. Unsurprisingly Sally did not stay in that role, leaving the force to become a private investigator. She returned to Sun Hill in this role one final time on behalf of Simpson who had been fitted up for arson/mass murder by PC Des Taviner.



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IMDb https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0341694/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

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