DC Mike Dashwood

Portrayed by: Jon Iles

First Appearance A Friend In Need

Final Appearance Part of The Furniture Going For A Song

Call Sign

Sun Hill CID was a small affair when Mike arrived at Sun Hill in the 1980s. He worked well alongside his fellow colleagues getting results and spending the odd afternoon in the pub.  Mike was clever and on the whole a good thief catcher and even managed to detect a black pantha kept in a suburban home.
Mike Dashwood was the most good looking police officer who ever set foot into Sun Hill and he knew it! His suits were most probably hand crafted by the best tailors in Saville Row and cost three times his wages, but for Mike money was not a problem, he was loaded. It was Mike’s love of the finer things in life that brought him a step up the career ladder, when in 1992 he transferred to the Scotland Yards Fine art Squad – never was there a job more well suited. Mike returned to Sun Hill years later as a Detective Sergeant to assist DC Jim Carver in a case involving antique theft.



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IMDb https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0407626/?ref_=nv_sr_2

Where Can I See Jon Now?

You can hear Jon in a The Bill podcast and on The Bill Podcast Patreon channel.  He has also voiced an audio book ‘Once Upon A Time There Was A Piece Of Wood which can be bought here:  http://www.pinocchio-cd.com/