PC Yvonne Hemmingway

Portrayed by Michele Austin

First Appearance Episode 156

Final Appearance Episode 459

Call Sign

If you were a victim of crime, you would want an officer like Yvonne Hemmingway to come to your aide. Yvonne was many things, amiable, dependable, wise, funny, kind hearted, but not one of the worlds great athletes. It was Yvonne other officers went to for helpful advice and for the occasional gossip. Yvonne had a dry wit and was not afraid to laugh at them when things went awry but she could also laugh at herself too. She was good at her job and didn’t take fools gladly. The youth of Canley knew where they stood with Yvonne, her only downfall a teenager Shirley Moss. Yvonne saw her younger self in Shirley and tried to help the girl as much as she could. Shirley’s upbringing had been turbulent, which reflected in the young girls attitude toward Yvonne. But Yvonne did what she could for the troubled teen, helping her give birth, homing her, even against police rules. Sadly for Yvonne she couldn’t save Shirley. Yvonne’s career took a bit of a hiccup in 2005 when she whacked her attacker on the head with her asp, however her career survived and Yvonne went on to cover Dale Smith as Acting Sargent before taking up a the full time position at Barton Street.



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Where Can I See Michele Now?

According to IMDb Michele has been working on a TV mini series called Boat Story. We will be sure to share news of this series when we hear more.