DS Don Beech

Portrayed By: Billy Murray

First Appearance Expert Witness 3/2/95

Final Appearance All Fall Down, Part Two

Additional Appearance Episode 216 20/05/04

Call Sign

Don Beech made an impact on Sun Hill CID unlike any other officer. On the whole Beech was a good thief catcher who got his best results working on his own. He took the popular phrase ‘it takes a thief to catch a thief’ to a whole new level. Beech was greedy and liked to line his pockets.  As Don became greedier CIB took a closer interest in his activities and placed DS Clare Stanton into Sun Hill to keep a closer eye on Don. Don spiralled out of control resulting in him murdering his colleague John Bolton. Unfortunately for Don the killing of his fellow officer had complications, John’s girlfriend happened to be Clare Stanton; she went above and beyond to catch Don Beech, including chasing him all the way to Australia. Don was a slippery fish.   He was finally caught and jailed for life and Sun Hill’s CID saw major personnel changes in the wake of his activities.  This was not the end of the Don Beech storyline however.  He returned to Sun Hill as a disgraced prisoner who was willing to exchange information for a more comfortable jail.  However, on his way back to prison Don convinced Neil to allow him some alone time with his girlfriend.  Don escaped and is currently on the run, leaving an embarrassed Neil Manson to face the music.



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Where Can I See Billy Now?

Billy has recently been in a plethora of movies, a collection of the ‘Rise of The Footsoilder’ movies is now available to buy on DVD.