DC Grace Dasari

Portrayed by Amita Dhiri

First Appearance: Better Off Dead #509 (14.6.07)

Final appearance: Respect: Part 2

Grace Dasari was an articulate and intelligent member of Sun Hill CID. She arrived straight from Special Projects where she had been working long term on Eastern European organized crime. Grace quickly became an integral respected member of the team and had shown no qualms in utilizing the strengths of other team members when necessary. Grace’s intelligence shines through in abundance she completed doctoral thesis on criminology at the University of Oxford Centre of Criminology and has an expertise in profiling.  She did, however, struggle with tact and diplomacy when dealing with the public.  Grace had a good close working relationship with DI Neil Manson who answered questions from Jack Meadows of favouring Grace above Jo Masters.  Grace and Neil’s relationship blossomed mostly away from the prying eyes of the office but it did not go totally unnoticed by their colleagues.



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Where Can I See Amita Now?
Not so much see but you can hear Amita read an audiobook here: https://www.audiobooks.co.uk/browse/narrator/213386/amita-dhiri